November 9th Society

The November 9th Society (also known as the British First Party or N9S) is a British neo-Nazi group, formed in 1977 by Terry Flynn.[1] The 9th of November has been a pivotal date in German history on several occasions: the execution of the liberal leader Robert Blum which effectively ended the German revolutions in 1848; the abdication of Wilhelm II, German Emperor and the end of the German Empire in 1918; the failed Nazi Beer Hall Putsch in 1923; and the beginning of Kristallnacht in 1938.

November 9th Society
LeaderKevin Quinn
FounderTerry Flynn
White nationalism
White supremacy
Political positionFar-right
International affiliationWorld Union of National Socialists
ColoursRed, white and blue
Party flag
Flag of the November 9th Society


Under Flynn's leadership, N9S functioned as a pressure group, but under the leadership of Kevin Quinn, the group has taken a more active role in British politics. Under the name British First Party, the group ran two candidates in the May 2007 UK local elections in Sunderland.[2] In St Anne's ward, the BFP candidate received 257 votes of 2,293 votes in total, finishing ahead of the Liberal Democrats and three votes behind the British National Party (BNP). In Redhill ward, the BFP candidate received 78 out of 2,540 votes cast.[3]

N9S has had sporadic activity since inception, and Searchlight magazine claims the group had 120 members although the numbers are deemed far lower due to the forming of the British First Party causing a split between members. They produce the magazine Britain Awake, and previously had a blog on their website. On 17 December 2005 and 20 March 2006, they were involved demonstrations outside the Austrian embassy in support of David Irving, who was awaiting trial in Austria for Holocaust denial and was subsequently jailed for three years. They took part in a similar demonstration on 20 December 2006, the day of Irving's early release.[1] At one point, N9S had a youth leader (an ex-football hooligan) and regional leaders who operated in groups to distribute leaflets.

The group prided itself on strong security, and members were encouraged not to reveal their real identities online. However, the anonymity of several members was compromised in February 2006 when the group became the subject of an undercover investigation by a reporter from British tabloid newspaper Sunday Mirror. The paper reported that a reporter had infiltrated the group and filmed several members, including Quinn, verbally abusing Jewish people in the street, boasting of having committed violent attacks, and making overtly racist jokes. Quinn claimed that these were outright lies. In November 2006, the Jewish Chronicle published an exposé of the society, alleging among other things, that the members wear Nazi regalia in private, and are attempting to recruit youths.

The party formed a political party under the name British First Party. The N9S's slogan of "We will never change to flirt with public opinion" came to an end when the BFP was introduced, and many other right wing parties turned their back on the N9S/BFP ever being a serious contender in British politics. Its UK core members wear an identifying silver 'fraternity' ring among their regalia. It was renamed back to November 9th Society in November 2007.[4][5]


The society campaigns against non-white immigration, abortion, communism, foreign aid and homosexuality. It promotes a hierarchical system of leadership, repatriation, Holocaust denial and British ownership of industry; with all banking controlled by a central government bank and all media outlets becoming nationalised. N9S members are critical of the BNP, whom they view as too moderate, even dubbing them 'Conservatives on steroids'.[6]

The party states that its name comes from the date in 1923 when 16 Nazis lost their lives at Feldherrnhalle as part of the Beer Hall Putsch.[7] Opponents have argued that the name is actually based on the Kristallnacht in 1938, and that N9S is merely a force for anti-Semitism.[8] Party members deny such criticism but do cite Israel as the cause of Islamic violence in Britain whilst also condemning 'Jewish bankers'.[9] In 2004 the Electoral Commission refused to register the party under the name 'November 9th Society National Socialist Party' on the basis that the juxtaposition of the date with the words 'national socialist' rendered the name offensive.[10]


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August Kreis

August Byron Kreis III (born November 2, 1954) is an American former neo-Nazi leader and a convicted child molester. Kreis has been a member of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the Posse Comitatus, and the Aryan Nations.

Black Order (Satanist group)

The Black Order or The Black Order of Pan Europa are a Satanist group formerly based in New Zealand. Political scientists Jeffrey Kaplan and Leonard Weinberg characterised the Black Order as a "National Socialist-oriented Satanist mail order ministry". However, in 1995, the anti-fascist Searchlight organization, following an investigation, described it as part of a functioning international Occult-Fascist Axis.

Frank Collin

Francis Joseph Collin (born November 3, 1944) is an American former political activist and Midwest coordinator with the National Socialist White People's Party, later known as the American Nazi Party. After being ousted for being partly Jewish (which he denied), in 1970, Collin founded the National Socialist Party of America. In the late 1970s, its plan to march in the predominantly Jewish suburb of Skokie, Illinois was challenged; however, the American Civil Liberties Union defended its freedom of speech and assembly in a case that reached the United States Supreme Court. The court in National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie (1979), a major decision, ruled that the party had a right to march and to display a swastika, despite local opposition, due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. After Collin was convicted and sentenced in 1979 for child molestation, he lost his position in the party.After being released early on parole from prison, Collin created a new career as a writer, publishing numerous books under the pen name Frank Joseph. He wrote New Age and "hyperdiffusionist" works supporting the pseudoarchaeological idea that Old World peoples had migrated to North America in ancient times and created its complex societies of indigenous peoples. This thesis is rejected by mainstream scholars.

H. Keith Thompson

Harold Keith Thompson (September 17, 1922 – March 3, 2002) was a New York City-based corporate executive and a figure within American far right and fascist circles. Thompson was a graduate of Yale University.

International Third Position

For another party by the name "England First", see England First Party.International Third Position (ITP) was a neo-fascist organisation formed by the breakaway faction of the British National Front, led by Roberto Fiore, an ex-member of the Italian far-right movement Third Position.

James H. Madole

James Hartung Madole (July 7, 1927 – May 6, 1979) was a prominent fascist and leader of the National Renaissance Party in the United States. He is now recognized as a pivotal figure in the development of post-war occult-fascism.

Joseph Tommasi

Joseph Charles Tommasi (April 15, 1951 – August 15, 1975) was an American Neo-Nazi who founded the National Socialist Liberation Front. He advocated extremism and armed guerrilla warfare against the U.S. government and what he called its "Jewish power structure". Tommasi wanted anarchy and lawlessness so that the "system" could be attacked without protection.Tommasi was derisively nicknamed "Tomato Joe" by rival neo-Nazis because of his Italian heritage and Nordic complexion.

Kevin Quinn

Kevin Quinn may refer to:

Kevin Quinn (Jesuit) (born 1955), American Jesuit, lawyer and president of the University of Scranton

Kevin Quinn (sportscaster) (born 1958), Canadian sportscaster for Rogers Sportsnet

Kevin Quinn (neo-Nazi) (born 1965), British neo-Nazi and leader of the November 9th Society

Kevin Quinn (actor) (born 1997), actor on the American television series Bunk'd

Kevin B. Quinn, American CEO and administrator of the Maryland Transit Administration

Kevin M. Quinn, U.S. Navy admiral

Kevin Quinn (rugby union and cricket) (1923-2002), Irish sportsman

Kevin Quinn (neo-Nazi)

Kevin Quinn (born 1965) is a British neo-Nazi and the current leader of the November 9th Society (N9S).

Quinn was born in Northampton. He served as an officer in the Territorial Army and later worked as a psychiatric nurse.According to the former website of the November 9th Society Quinn initially served as Director of Security and personal bodyguard to Terry Flynn, the founder of the movement, until he became leader himself, taking the title of National Director, in 2000. According to the Electoral Commission's register of political parties, from August 2004, he was Party Leader, Nominating officer and Treasurer of the British First Party until it was "voluntarily deregistered" on 28 July 2010.In 2005, a member of Combat 18, Quinn was charged with distributing copies of The Longest Hatred: an examination of anti-gentilism, a book effectively banned when Lady Jane Birdwood was convicted for distributing it. He pleaded guilty to possession of racist material and was given a suspended sentence, although attempts to prove links to the Racial Volunteer Force were not pursued.In September 2008, Quinn appeared before St Albans Crown Court on a charge of racially aggravated public disorder. The charge related to an incident in South Oxhey on 1 December 2007 when it was claimed that he abused ethnic minority passers-by from a British First Party table that he had set up in the area. The jury failed to agree on a verdict, but he was convicted and given a six-month suspended prison sentence at a retrial in St Albans Crown Court in April 2009.

List of fascist movements by country U–Z

A list of political parties, organizations, and movements adhering to various forms of fascist ideology, part of the list of fascist movements by country.

Matthias Koehl

Matthias Koehl Jr. (January 22, 1935 – October 9/10, 2014) was an American Marine, a neo-Nazi politician and writer. He succeeded George Lincoln Rockwell as the longest serving leader of the American Nazi Party from 1967 to 2014.

Like the Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano, Koehl was influenced by the occultism of the Greek-French writer Savitri Devi. He was also a close friend of the Dutch World War II Nazi collaborator Florentine Rost van Tonningen.

NSDAP/AO (1972)

The NSDAP/AO is an American neo-Nazi organization. It was founded in 1972 by United States citizen Gary Rex Lauck (born in 1953) in Lincoln, Nebraska. The organization stands for "NSDAP Aufbau- und Auslandsorganisation" (English: NSDAP Development and Foreign Organization). Lauck's organization claims to be a continuation of the original NSDAP and supplies neo-Nazis worldwide with propaganda material. Since 1973 this new NSDAP/AO publishes Nazi magazines ("NS-Kampfruf", for example) - by his own account in ten languages. As one of its political aims it declares the readmission of NSDAP as an eligible party in Germany and Austria. The group has also been active in a number of countries across Europe, both co-ordinating with local movements and distributing propaganda individually.

National Socialist Liberation Front

The National Socialist Liberation Front was originally established as a youth wing of the National Socialist White People's Party in 1969. In 1974 it was reconstituted as a separate neo-Nazi organization after its leader Joseph Tommasi had been expelled by NSWPP leader Matt Koehl.

National Socialist Party of America

The National Socialist Party of America was a Chicago-based organization founded in 1970 by Frank Collin shortly after he left the National Socialist White People's Party. The NSWPP had been the American Nazi Party until shortly after the assassination of leader George Lincoln Rockwell in 1967. Collin, a follower of Rockwell, developed differences with his successor Matt Koehl.

The party's headquarters were in Chicago's Marquette Park, and its main activity in the early 1970s was organizing loud demonstrations against blacks moving into previously all-white neighborhoods. The marches and community reaction led the city of Chicago to ban all demonstrations in Marquette Park unless they paid an insurance fee of $250,000. While challenging the city's actions in the courts, the party decided to redirect its attention to Chicago's suburbs, which had no such restrictions.

Nationalist Front (United States)

Nationalist Front was a loose coalition of United States-based neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white nationalist/white supremacist, Southern Nationalist/neo-Confederate, and alt-right groups.

Racial Volunteer Force

The Racial Volunteer Force (RVF) is a violent neo-Nazi splinter group of the British neo-Nazi group Combat 18 (C18) with close ties to the far right paramilitary group, British Freedom Fighters. Although originating as a breakaway group the RVF has since re-established links to C18 whilst maintaining a distinct identity.

Vanguard America

Vanguard America is an American white supremacist, neo-Nazi, neo-fascist organization. The organization is also a member of the Nationalist Front. The group gained significant attention after it was revealed that James Alex Fields had marched with them at the Unite the Right rally before being arrested on murder charges. The group has its roots in the alt-right movement.

White power skinhead

White power skinheads (derogatorily known as boneheads) are members of a neo-nazi, white supremacist and antisemitic offshoot of the skinhead subculture. Many of them are affiliated with white nationalist organizations and sometimes prison gangs.

In the United States, the majority of white power skinhead groups are organized at either the state, county, city or neighborhood level. The Hammerskin Nation (HSN) is one of the few exceptions, due to its international presence.

World Union of National Socialists

The World Union of National Socialists (WUNS) is an organisation founded in 1962 as an umbrella group for neo-Nazi organisations across the globe.

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