Noteridae is a family of water beetles closely related to the Dytiscidae, and formerly classified with them. They are mainly distinguished by the presence of a distinctive "noterid platform" underneath, in the form of a plate between the second and third pair of legs. The family consists of about 230 species in 14 genera, and is found worldwide, more commonly in the tropics. They are sometimes referred to as burrowing water beetles.

These beetles are relatively small, ranging from 1 to 5 mm, with smooth oval bodies ranging from light brown to a darker reddish brown. The head is short and somewhat covered by the prothorax.

Both adults and larvae are aquatic, and are commonly found around plants. They have a habit of burrowing through pond and marsh substrate, thus the common name, and are primarily carnivorous, with some scavenging observed.

Noterus clavicornis
Noterus clavicornis
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Noteridae contains the following genera:


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Canthydrus is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Canthydrus alluaudi Régimbart, 1906

Canthydrus andobonensis Guignot, 1960

Canthydrus angustus Guignot, 1957

Canthydrus antonellae Toledo, 2003

Canthydrus apicicornis Régimbart, 1895

Canthydrus arabicus Sharp, 1882

Canthydrus bakeri Peschet, 1921

Canthydrus bellus Régimbart, 1895

Canthydrus birmanicus Guignot, 1956

Canthydrus bisignatus Wehncke, 1883

Canthydrus blanditus Guignot, 1959

Canthydrus bovillae Blackburn, 1890

Canthydrus buqueti (Laporte, 1835)

Canthydrus concolor Sharp, 1882

Canthydrus diophthalmus (Reiche & Saulcy, 1855)

Canthydrus edanus Guignot, 1953

Canthydrus ephemeralis Watts, 2001

Canthydrus festivus Régimbart, 1888

Canthydrus flammulatus Sharp, 1882

Canthydrus flavomaculatus Gschwendtner, 1930

Canthydrus flavosignatus Régimbart, 1903

Canthydrus flavus (Motschulsky, 1855)

Canthydrus gibberosus Guignot, 1951

Canthydrus gracilis Bilardo & Rocchi, 1990

Canthydrus guttula (Aubé, 1838)

Canthydrus haagi (Wehncke, 1876)

Canthydrus imitator Guignot, 1942

Canthydrus irenicus Guignot, 1955

Canthydrus koppi Wehncke, 1883

Canthydrus laccophiloides Gschwendtner, 1930

Canthydrus laetabilis (Walker, 1858)

Canthydrus luctuosus (Aubé, 1838)

Canthydrus maculatus Wehncke, 1883

Canthydrus minutus Régimbart, 1895

Canthydrus moneres Guignot, 1955

Canthydrus morsbachi (Wehncke, 1876)

Canthydrus morulus Omer-Cooper, 1931

Canthydrus natalensis J.Balfour-Browne, 1939

Canthydrus nigerrimus Omer-Cooper, 1957

Canthydrus nitidulus Sharp, 1882

Canthydrus notula (Erichson, 1843)

Canthydrus octoguttatus Zimmermann, 1921

Canthydrus politus (Sharp, 1873)

Canthydrus procurvus Guignot, 1942

Canthydrus proximus Sharp, 1882

Canthydrus pseudomorsbachi Vazirani, 1969

Canthydrus quadriguttatus Guignot, 1955

Canthydrus quadrivittatus (Boheman, 1848)

Canthydrus rasilis Guignot, 1942

Canthydrus ritsemae (Régimbart, 1880)

Canthydrus rocchii Wewalka, 1992

Canthydrus rossanae Bilardo & Rocchi, 1987

Canthydrus rubropictus Régimbart, 1895

Canthydrus ruficollis Régimbart, 1895

Canthydrus sedilloti Régimbart, 1895

Canthydrus semperi (Wehncke, 1876)

Canthydrus sepulcralis Guignot, 1956

Canthydrus serialis Fauvel, 1883

Canthydrus testaceus (Boheman, 1858)

Canthydrus ugandae J.Balfour-Browne, 1939

Canthydrus uniformis Zimmermann, 1921

Canthydrus verbekei Guignot, 1959

Canthydrus weisei (Wehncke, 1876)

Canthydrus xanthinus Régimbart, 1895


Hydrocanthus is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

‡Hydrocanthus acrobeles Guignot, 1953

‡Hydrocanthus adrasus Guignot, 1950

Hydrocanthus advena Sharp, 1882

‡Hydrocanthus alter Guignot, 1959

Hydrocanthus ancus Guignot, 1942

Hydrocanthus atripennis Say, 1830

‡Hydrocanthus australasiae Wehncke, 1876

‡Hydrocanthus balkei Toledo & Hendrich 2006

‡Hydrocanthus carbonarius Guignot, 1936 - This species was not included in Nilsson's revised catalogue of 2011.

‡Hydrocanthus colini Zimmermann, 1926

‡Hydrocanthus congoanus Gschwendtner, 1930

‡Hydrocanthus congrex Guignot, 1959

‡Hydrocanthus consimilis Gschwendtner, 1938

‡Hydrocanthus constrictus Régimbart, 1895

Hydrocanthus debilis Sharp, 1882

‡Hydrocanthus delphinus Guignot, 1942

‡Hydrocanthus fabiennae Bameul, 1994

Hydrocanthus fasciatus Steinheil, 1869

‡Hydrocanthus ferruginicollis Régimbart, 1895

‡Hydrocanthus funebris Fairmaire, 1869

‡Hydrocanthus gracilis H.J.Kolbe, 1883

‡Hydrocanthus grandis (Laporte, 1835)

Hydrocanthus guignoti Young, 1985

‡Hydrocanthus impunctatus Gschwendtner, 1932

‡Hydrocanthus indicus Wehncke, 1876

‡Hydrocanthus insolitus Bilardo & Rocchi, 1987

Hydrocanthus iricolor Say, 1823

‡Hydrocanthus klarae Gschwendtner, 1930

‡Hydrocanthus leleupi Guignot, 1955

Hydrocanthus levigatus (Brullé, 1837)

Hydrocanthus marmoratus Sharp, 1882

‡Hydrocanthus micans Wehncke, 1883

‡Hydrocanthus mocquerysi Régimbart, 1895

Hydrocanthus oblongus Sharp, 1882

Hydrocanthus occidentalis Young, 1985

Hydrocanthus pallisteri Young, 1985

‡Hydrocanthus paludicola Guignot, 1951

Hydrocanthus paludimonstrus K.B.Miller, 2001

Hydrocanthus paraguayensis Zimmermann, 1928

‡Hydrocanthus parvulus Gschwendtner, 1930

‡Hydrocanthus pederzanii Toledo & Hendrich, 2006

‡Hydrocanthus prolixus Sharp, 1904

Hydrocanthus regius Young, 1953

Hydrocanthus rubiginosus Guignot, 1942

‡Hydrocanthus secutor Guignot, 1955

Hydrocanthus sharpi Zimmermann, 1928

‡Hydrocanthus sicarius Guignot, 1947

Hydrocanthus socius R.F.Sahlberg, 1844

‡Hydrocanthus subplanatus Gschwendtner, 1933

‡Hydrocanthus upembicus Guignot, 1954

‡Hydrocanthus vadoni Guignot, 1936

‡Hydrocanthus waterhousei Blackburn, 1888

‡Hydrocanthus wittei Gschwendtner, 1930In 2016, Baca et al split this genus into two, reviving the subgeneric name Sternocanthus Guignot, 1948 and elevating it to the rank of genus. The species which were transferred to that genus are indicated with the symbol ‡.

Hydrocanthus oblongus

Hydrocanthus oblongus is a species of burrowing water beetle in the family Noteridae. It is found in the Caribbean and North America.


Hygrobia is a genus of aquatic beetles native to Europe, North Africa, China and Australia. It is the only genus in the family Hygrobiidae, also known as the Paelobiidae. These are known commonly as squeak beetles or screech-beetles.There are six known living species, with a highly disjunct distribution, and one extinct species, Hygrobia cretzschmari.


Mesonoterus is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Mesonoterus addendus (Blatchley, 1920)

Mesonoterus crassicornis (Régimbart, 1889)

Mesonoterus grandicornis (Régimbart, 1899)

Mesonoterus laevicollis Sharp, 1882


Noterus is a genus of beetle native to the Palearctic (including Europe), the Near East and North Africa. It contains the following species:

Noterus angustulus Zaitzev, 1953

Noterus clavicornis (De Geer, 1774)

Noterus crassicornis (O.F.Müller, 1776)

Noterus granulatus Régimbart, 1883

Noterus japonicus Sharp, 1873

Noterus laevis Sturm, 1834

Noterus ponticus Sharp, 1882

Noterus clavicornis

Noterus clavicornis is a species of beetle belonging to the family Noteridae.

Noterus crassicornis

Noterus crassicornis is a genus of beetle native to the Palearctic (including Europe) and the Near East. In Europe, it is only found in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, mainland Denmark, Estonia, European Turkey, Finland, mainland France, Germany, Great Britain including the Isle of Man, Hungary, the Republic of Ireland, mainland Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Northern Ireland, North Macedonia, mainland Norway, Poland, Russia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Yugoslavia.


Notomicrus is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Notomicrus brevicornis Sharp, 1882

Notomicrus chailliei Manuel, 2015

Notomicrus femineus Manuel, 2015

Notomicrus gracilipes Sharp, 1882

Notomicrus huttoni Young, 1978

Notomicrus josiahi Miller, 2013

Notomicrus malkini Young, 1978

Notomicrus nanulus (LeConte, 1863)

Notomicrus reticulatus Zimmermann, 1921

Notomicrus sabrouxi Manuel, 2015

Notomicrus sharpi J.Balfour-Browne, 1939

Notomicrus tenellus (Clark, 1863)

Notomicrus traili Sharp, 1882


Phreatodytes is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Phreatodytes archaeicus Uéno, 1996

Phreatodytes elongatus Uéno, 1996

Phreatodytes latiusculus Uéno, 1996

Phreatodytes mohrii Uéno, 1996

Phreatodytes relictus Uéno, 1957

Phreatodytes sublimbatus Uéno, 1996


Pronoterus is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Pronoterus obscuripennis Fleutiaux & Sallé, 1890

Pronoterus punctipennis Sharp, 1882

Pronoterus semipunctatus (LeConte, 1878)

Pronoterus semipunctatus

Pronoterus semipunctatus is a species of burrowing water beetle in the family Noteridae. It is found in North America.


Renotus deyrollei is a species of beetle in the family Noteridae, the only species in the genus Renotus.


Scirtidae is a family of beetles (Coleoptera). These beetles are commonly referred to as marsh beetles, as the larvae are typically associated with stagnant water, but can be found in flowing water. Adults prefer decomposing plant material near the water's edge. More than an estimated 600 species are known worldwide, distributed among at least 60 genera.


Siolius is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Siolius amazonicus J.Balfour-Browne, 1969

Siolius bicolor J.Balfour-Browne, 1969

Siolius clayae J.Balfour-Browne, 1969


Speonoterus bedosae is a species of beetle in the family Noteridae, the only species in the genus Speonoterus.


Suphis is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Suphis cimicoides Aubé, 1837

Suphis fluviatilis Guignot, 1948

Suphis freudei Mouchamps, 1955

Suphis globiformis Zimmermann, 1919

Suphis inflatus (LeConte, 1863)

Suphis insculpturatus Zimmermann, 1921

Suphis intermedius Régimbart, 1903

Suphis minutus Régimbart, 1903

Suphis notaticollis Zimmermann, 1921

Suphis ticky Grosso, 1993

Suphis werneri Guignot, 1940


Suphisellus is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Suphisellus anticicollis Guignot, 1950:153

Suphisellus balzani (Régimbart, 1889a:259) (Canthydrus balzani)

Suphisellus bicolor (Say, 1830:33) (Noterus bicolor)

Suphisellus binotatus (Fleutiaux & Sallé, 1890:370) (Canthydrus binotatus)

Suphisellus brevicornis (Sharp, 1882a:273) (Canthydrus brevicornis)

Suphisellus bruchi (Zimmermann, 1919:115) (Canthydrus bruchi)

Suphisellus brunneus Guignot, 1950:152

Suphisellus canthydroides Guignot, 1940:9

Suphisellus cribrosus (Régimbart, 1903:59) (Canthydrus cribrosus)

Suphisellus curtus (Sharp, 1882a:272) (Canthydrus curtus)

Suphisellus dilutus (Sharp, 1882a:272) (Canthydrus dilutus)

Suphisellus epleri Arce-Pérez & Baca, 2017:278

Suphisellus flavolineatus (Régimbart, 1889a:262) (Canthydrus flavolineatus)

Suphisellus flavopictus (Régimbart, 1889a:260) (Canthydrus flavopictus)

Suphisellus gibbulus (Aubé, 1838:414) (Suphis gibbulus)

Suphisellus globosus (Régimbart, 1903:62) (Canthydrus globosus)

Suphisellus grammicus (Sharp, 1882a:274) (Canthydrus grammicus)

Suphisellus grammopterus (Régimbart, 1889c:390) (Canthydrus grammopterus)

Suphisellus grossus (Sharp, 1882a:270) (Canthydrus grossus)

Suphisellus hieroglyphicus Zimmermann, 1921:187

Suphisellus insularis (Sharp, 1882a:270) (Canthydrus insularis)

Suphisellus levis (Fall, 1909:99) (Canthydrus levis)

Suphisellus lineatus (Horn, 1871:329) (Suphis lineatus)

Suphisellus majusculus (Sharp, 1882b:6) (Canthydrus majusculus)

Suphisellus melzeri Zimmermann, 1925:254

Suphisellus minimus Gschwendtner, 1922:135

Suphisellus neglectus Young, 1979:419

Suphisellus nigrinus (Aubé, 1838:411) (Hydrocanthus nigrinus)

Suphisellus obesus (Régimbart, 1903:59) (Canthydrus obesus)

Suphisellus obscuripennis (Régimbart, 1889a:257) (Canthydrus obscuripennis)

Suphisellus ovatus (Sharp, 1882a:270) (Canthydrus ovatus)

Suphisellus parsonsi Young, 1952:157

Suphisellus penthimus Guignot, 1957:41

Suphisellus pereirai Guignot, 1958:37

Suphisellus phenax Guignot, 1954:198

Suphisellus pinguiculus (Régimbart, 1903:62) (Canthydrus pinguiculus)

Suphisellus puncticollis (Crotch, 1873:397) (Suphis puncticollis)

Suphisellus remator (Sharp, 1882a: 272) (Canthydrus remator)

Suphisellus rotundatus (Sharp, 1882a:270) (Canthydrus rotundatus)

Suphisellus rubripes (Boheman, 1858:19) (Hydrocanthus rubripes)

Suphisellus rufulus (Zimmermann, 1921:188)

Suphisellus sculpturatus (Sharp, 1882a:269) (Canthydrus sculpturatus)

Suphisellus sexnotatus (Régimbart, 1889a:259) (Canthydrus sexnotatus)

Suphisellus similis Zimmermann, 1921:188

Suphisellus simoni (Régimbart, 1889b:383) (Canthydrus simoni)

Suphisellus subsignatus (Sharp, 1882a:271) (Canthydrus subsignatus)

Suphisellus tenuicornis (Chevrolat, 1863:199) (Hydrocanthus tenuicornis)

Suphisellus transversus (Régimbart, 1903:61) (Canthydrus transversus)

Suphisellus vacuifer Guignot, 1958:37

Suphisellus varians (Sharp, 1882b:5) (Canthydrus varians)

Suphisellus variicollis Zimmermann, 1921:187

Suphisellus vicinus (Sharp, 1882a:2699) (Canthydrus vicinus)


Synchortus is a genus of beetles in the family Noteridae, containing the following species:

Synchortus abditus Guignot, 1959

Synchortus asperatus (Fairmaire, 1869)

Synchortus dabbenei Régimbart, 1895

Synchortus desaegeri Gschwendtner, 1935

Synchortus imbricatus (Klug, 1853)

Synchortus leleupi Guignot, 1956

Synchortus rugosopunctatus (Wehncke, 1876)

Synchortus separatus Omer-Cooper, 1972

Synchortus simplex Sharp, 1882

Extant Coleoptera families


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