Nitro Circus Live

Nitro Circus Live (also known as Nitro Circus Live: World Tour in the final three seasons) is a reality television show. It follows Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew as they perform live on tour around the world.[1]

Nitro Circus Live
Also known as'Nitro Circus Live: World Tour'
Created byGregg Godfrey
Jeremy Rawle
Jeff Tremaine
Travis Pastrana
Johnny Knoxville
Trip Taylor
StarringTravis Pastrana
Andy Bell
Jolene Van Vugt
Greg Powell
Jim DeChamp
Erik Roner
Tommy Passemante
Opening theme"The State of Massachusetts" by Dropkick Murphys
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes32
Executive producer(s)Gregg Godfrey
Jeremy Rawle
Jeff Tremaine
Travis Pastrana
Johnny Knoxville
Trip Taylor
Running time22–23 minutes
30 minutes (including commercials)
Production company(s)Dickhouse Productions
Original networkMTV2
Original releaseMarch 27, 2012 –
November 19, 2014
Followed byNitro Circus: The Movie
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Travis Pastrana
Title: "Pro action sports athlete"
Pastrana is the Ringleader of the Nitro Circus Crew, is a pro FMX rider, rallycar driver, and NASCAR driver, and is usually the first to attempt any stunt involving dirt bikes or BMX bikes.
Andy Bell
Title: "Washed-up motorcycle rider"
Former FMX rider. Bell holds a rivalry with Pastrana involving Big Wheel tricycles stemming from the first episode of the series.
Jolene Van Vugt
Title: "Pro motocross racer"
Canadian Female Motocross Champion. She joins Pastrana in many stunts involving dirt bikes. Van Vugt took on more of a cheerleading role in the second season after breaking her arm and can be seen wearing a pink cast throughout the season.
Jim DeChamp
Title: "Pro mountain biker"
Pro mountain bike downhill racer and freestyle rider. He has been friends with Pastrana since childhood. They collaborate on many stunts together on the show. Became the first person to land a front-flip on a motorbike to dirt, as seen in the 7th episode of the first season.
Erik Roner
Title: "Pro skier/base jumper"
Pro extreme skier and base jumper. Roner is usually the first to attempt any stunt involving snow. He died in 2015 caused by a failed basejump.
Tommy Passemante
Title: "Construction Worker"
Known by his nickname "Street Bike Tommy", given for a failed stunt in which he attempted to jump his Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle into the foam pit but overshot, breaking both his legs. He functions as the comic relief member of the crew, and is commonly employed for stunts that are the most dangerous and require the least amount of talent, known as "zero skill stunts".
Greg Powell
Title: "Travis' cousin"
Pastrana's Cousin. Going by the nickname "Special Greg", Powell is the all-around member of the team, and generally attempts any stunt on the show. He was the first person to land a "Special Flip" on a BMX bike. He was a wide receiver on the University of Maryland football team from 2003–06 and is currently an over-the-wall crewman for Pastrana in NASCAR.[2]


Season 1: (2012)

Season 1 premiered on MTV2 on March 27, 2012 with back-to-back episodes and ended on May 16, 2012.[3] The first season covers the crew's first ever tour and it begins with dates Down Under.

No. # Title Original air date
11"The Tour Begins"March 27, 2012
The cast and show stunts are worked out in California, then the crew travels to Australia to rehearse for the first show.
22"Showing Off in Sydney"March 27, 2012
Injuries mount in Sydney and jeopardize the success of the tour and Wheelz lands the first wheel chair backflip. Also, the cast races V-8 Supercars and play rugby on their day off.
33"Travis Does it Again"April 3, 2012
The tour moves on to Perth for show number six. Travis lands the first ever TP roll (720 flip) and adds it to the show and the dangers of tricycle jumping are explained. Also, the cast plays in the desert with motorcycles and off-road race machines.
44"You Can't Keep a Good Team Down"April 17, 2012
In this episode, challenges of tour life are examined and the crew does some camel racing before performing in Adelaide. More injuries threaten the show and the cast visits Bilko's house for a BBQ.
55"Pushing the Limits"April 24, 2012
In this episode, the cast performs their final Australian show in Melbourne at Rod Laver Arena. Travis attempts a motorcycle double back flip for the first time in four years and the whole crew pushes the limits.
66"Hello New Zealand"May 1, 2012
In this episode, the crew faces the challenges of performing in outdoor stadiums, new cast members join the show, and they perform in Auckland for the first time. The crew does promotional work and races jet boats on their day off.
77"Nitro Makes History"May 8, 2012
The crew travels to Wellington and the tour grind wears on the cast but they continue to push the limits. Wheelz lands the first front flip in a wheel chair. Day off activities include visiting Palm Beach and sky diving.
88"Time Flies"May 16, 2012
The cast finishes their tour of New Zealand in Christchurch in front of the biggest crowd yet. New tricks are landed for the first time, Gregg Godfrey adds family members to the show, and everyone reflects on the tour's success. The crew rafts on their day off.

Season 2: (2013)

Season 2 covers the first European tour. It premiered on MTV2 April 9, 2013 and ended on May 28, 2013.

No. # Title Original air date
91"We Finally Made It"April 9, 2013
Four riders end up in the hospital as Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew head to Sweden to kick off their European tour.
102"Sweden & Hamburg: Chilling Out"April 16, 2013
After such a hectic start to the tour, the cast take a few days off to indulge in all things arctic. From a bar and hotel made out of ice, to racing reindeer and dog sleds, to the first annual Nitro Circus Ice Sculpting Competition the crew take some time to "Chill Out" in Sweden.
113"Berlin & Dusseldorf"April 23, 2013
Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew face their toughest challenge yet, 3 shows in 3 nights in front of sold out crowds in Germany.
124"Vienna: Red Bull Wings and Things"April 30, 2013
Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew are broken but not beat as they head to Austria, home of Red Bull and one of the most action sports crazy countries in the world.
135"Just a Couple of Tourists"May 7, 2013
Midway through their European tour, Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew go sightseeing in Prague, hit the go kart track, and pull off their best show in history for a sold-out crowd in Belgium.
146"The Big One"May 14, 2013
Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew head to the Netherlands to perform in front of a massive crowd of 27,000, their largest show ever. But first, they hold an eating competition that leaves one of them bleeding.
157"London Calling"May 21, 2013
Travis Pastrana and the Nitro crew head to London for a tension-filled show with the future of the tour at stake. But the injury bug strikes once again, leaving producers to scramble mid-show to rewrite the second half.
168"The End of the Road"May 28, 2013
As Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Crew wrap up their first ever European tour with 2 shows in England, the tour's most inspirational performer suffers a serious injury, leaving unsung heroes to step up in his absence.

Season 3: (2013–14)

Season 3 premiered November 27, 2013 with back-to-back episodes and ended on January 7, 2014 on MTV2 with back-to-back episodes. The first two episodes covers moments from the first two seasons. Except for "Pastranaland", Season 3's episodes cover the crew's Asia tour as well as a couple stops in New Zealand.

No. # Title Original air date
171"Epic Fails"November 26, 2013
Countdown of the top 10 "epic fails".
182"Epic Wins"November 26, 2013
Travis and the crew count down the top 10 moments in the show and on tour.
193"Hong Kong"December 3, 2013
Dragon Boat racing; Kung Fu; handling king cobras; a typhoon hits as the guys are about to board a ferry
204"Macau"December 3, 2013
The crew arrives on Macau, and is surrounded by distractions in the world's largest hotel.
215"New Zealand"December 10, 2013
The crew does a few shows in New Zealand.
226"Pastranaland"December 17, 2013
Travis hosts an event in the middle of the world tour.
237"Moscow"January 7, 2014
The cast must do something that the production team promised would not happen again; Russia.
248"St. Petersburg"January 7, 2014
The guys take on Chess Boxing, search for love and try local cuisine.

Season 4: (2014)

Season 4 premiered on October 8, 2014 with back-to-back episodes. The fourth season will cover the crew's first ever North American tour along in addition to several stops in Europe. The first episode debuted on the MTV2 app a week before the premiere aired.

No. # Title Original air date
251"Boston; New York"October 8, 2014
The tour performs for a crowd in the United States for the first time ever.
262"Philadelphia; Pastranaland"October 8, 2014
While in Philadelphia, Crum and Sheeny receive boxing lessons and remake the iconic scene from Rocky
273"Canada; Detroit"October 15, 2014
The Circus travels to Canada for the first time ever. Jolene performs for her audience in Ontario.
284"Cleveland; Salt Lake City"October 22, 2014
Travis suffers a surious injury during the tour's stop in Cleveland.
295"Las Vegas; California; Arizona"October 29, 2014
The crew hits the West Coast. "Streetbike" Tommy strips down for the "Thunder Down Under."
306"Scandinavia"November 5, 2014
The tour arrives in Scandinavia, immersing themselves in Nordic culture. Extreme sports not found in the U.S..
317"England"November 12, 2014
The tour invades Britain and performs six shows in six nights.
328"Scotland; Amsterdam"November 19, 2014
A surprise performance from Danny MacAskill, the Scottish mountain biker.


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Aaron Fotheringham

Aaron Fotheringham (born November 8, 1991) is an extreme wheelchair athlete who performs tricks adapted from skateboarding and BMX.

Although he used crutches early on, he has been a wheelchair user full-time since the age of eight. He would watch his brother riding his BMX at the skate park, and one day his brother told him that he should try riding his chair in the park. Aaron later noted that “I did, and I was hooked”.Fotheringham uses a customized WCMX wheelchair designed by Box Wheelchairs, which is both lightweight and features four-wheel suspension. This enables him to perform the same sorts of tricks that skateboarders and BMXers can do, as the suspension cushions his landings. Fotheringham has worked with Box Designs Wheelchairs to help refine the design in real-world situations, resulting in a custom-made chair that is in his words "pretty much indestructible".He competes in the Vegas Am Jam series in skate park competitions, usually against BMX riders. He placed fourth in the intermediate BMX division in a competition held at Sunny Springs Skate Park on August 26, 2006.Fotheringham advises others attempting to try these tricks to wear a helmet; he has suffered several injuries performing these tricks, including a broken elbow. He tries out new tricks by performing them first into a foam pit. Then he graduates to a ‘resi’, a harder plastic sheet over the cushions, before attempting the new trick on a regular skateboard ramp.When asked about having to practice, Fotheringham responded "I don’t think of it as practice, I think of it as a fun way to live my life".Fotheringham has also performed his backflip on the nitro circus live tour over a 50-foot megaramp and jumped the ramp going straight.In 2008 he appeared in an episode of the reality series The Secret Millionaire and received a donation of US$20,000 from Century Software founder Gregory Haerr. In 2009, Fotheringham worked as a stunt double for Kevin McHale's character, Artie Abrams, in the TV series Glee.

Artist Collection

Artist Collection is a music video show on MTV2.

Blake Williams

Blake "Bilko" Williams (born 4 April 1985, in Baxter, Victoria, Australia) is a motorsports competitor who has won championships and X Games medals in several events, including motocross and freestyle motocross. He was awarded the FMX rider of the year in 2009.

Cazaly's Stadium

Cazaly's Stadium is a sports stadium in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It is situated in the suburb of Westcourt. The stadium is named after Australian rules footballer Roy Cazaly.

With a capacity of approximately 13,500 people, Cazaly's Stadium is the largest oval stadium in Cairns and features a main grandstand relocated from the Brisbane Cricket Ground in the late 1990s. It is used by the Queensland Cricket Association, Queensland Rugby League, and AFL Cairns. The stadium has hosted matches in the Australian Football League, National Rugby League, and A-League, as well as Test and One Day International cricket.

Chris Haffey

Chris Haffey (born January 7, 1985 in Whately, Massachusetts) is an American aggressive inline skater.

Definitive (TV series)

The Definitive is a show on MTV2.

Episode list:

Episode 2: Animation

Tupac - "Do For Love"

Pearl Jam - "Do the Evolution"

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Californication"

Episode 43: Drag

Aerosmith - "Dude (Looks like a Lady)"

The Donnas - "Take It Off"

Eminem - "Without Me"

Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly"

Jane's Addiction - "Been Caught Stealing"

Madonna - "Express Yourself"

Marilyn Manson - "The Dope Show"

Nirvana - "In Bloom"

No Doubt - "Ex-Girlfriend"

Queens of the Stone Age - "Monsters in the Parasol"

U2 - "One" (drag version)

Episode 44: Winona

Beck - "Devil's Haircut"

Bright Eyes - "Bowl of Oranges"

Counting Crows - "Mr. Jones"

Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly"

Helmet - "Unsung"

Pete Yorn - "Life on a Chain"

The Replacements - "I'll Be You"

Ryan Adams - "New York, New York"

Soul Asylum - "Runaway Train"

Tom Petty - "Into the Great Wide Open"

The Wallflowers - "6th Avenue Heartache"

Ex's and Oh's (Atreyu song)

"Ex's and Oh's" is the lead single from American metalcore band Atreyu's third album, A Death-Grip On Yesterday, released in 2006. It is Atreyu's second single from 2006, but first from the album, as "Her Portrait In Black" was also released, which created for the soundtrack to Underworld: Evolution. The lyrics deal with the former alcohol addiction of vocalist Alex Varkatzas. This song is included on the video game Madden NFL 07 (however, it is edited). It is also a master recording playable on Guitar Hero II as an Xbox 360 downloadable track. A part of the song was played on an episode of Parental Control.

The song charted on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, peaking at number 24. It is one of Atreyu's most famous songs, and is a staple of their live set. Varkatzas often uses audience participation when performing the song.

An instrumental version was heard in the Universal Technical Institute vignette that aired during Nitro Circus Live on MTV2.

The song was featured in the beginning of the eighth episode of the first season of Jersey Shore (TV series), "One Shot."

Gregg Godfrey

Gregg Godfrey (born May 26, 1969) is an American writer, producer and director. His first short film was Children of a Metal God, and he is most noted for his work on Nitro Circus, a video series he created in his garage with motocross racer Travis Pastrana in 2003. The show also inspired Nitro Circus: The Movie and Nitro Circus Live, a live show and reality television program.

List of programs broadcast by MTV2

MTV2, a music video channel in the United States and the sister channel to MTV, has produced many television series and special events since its 1996 founding. This is a list of MTV2 shows that have made the channel notable over the years. Television shows are listed by the first letter in the title of the film or broadcast (not including the words "a", "an", or "the").

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Madhouse (song)

"Madhouse" is a song by the American thrash metal band Anthrax. It was released in 1985 on Megaforce/Island Records.

Moses Mabhida Stadium

The Moses Mabhida Stadium is a stadium in Durban, South Africa, named after Moses Mabhida, a former General Secretary of the South African Communist Party. It is a multi-use stadium. The stadium became a venue for several events, like bungee jumping, concerts, cricket, football, golf practice, motorsports and rugby union.It was one of the host stadiums for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The stadium has a capacity of 56,000. The stadium is adjacent to the Kings Park Stadium, in the Kings Park Sporting Precinct, and the Durban street circuit used for the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport.

It includes a sports institute, and a transmodal transport station.

Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus is an "action sport collective" led by Travis Pastrana, featuring his friends and him traveling around the world riding dirtbikes, BASE jumping, and performing stunts. Co-founded in 2003 by Pastrana, Nitro Circus has become a media company that produces television programming, documentaries and the Nitro Circus Live tour. In 2016, the company introduced the Nitro World Games, an action sports competition designed around pushing progression in core action sports disciplines like FMX, BMX, skate and scooter. In 2018, Nitro World Games featured the first iteration of Nitro Rallycross, with the goal of bringing that progression to four-wheel motorsports.

Sucker Free

Sucker Free, known as Sucker Free Daily on weekdays and then Sucker Free Countdown on Sundays, was MTV2's sole hip-hop video block. Previously, Sucker Free aired weekdays for one hour, then eventually sporadically until the week leading to February 28, 2010. Sucker Free Countdown, its 2-hour top 15 countdown, aired Sundays at 11AM ET/PT and 11PM ET/PT. Sucker Free originated from a block branding of hip-hop videos on MTV2 Sundays called Sucker Free Sundays in 2002, and eventually became the branding of MTV's main hip-hop program weekdays from 2006 until 2008. In October 2012, the show was relaunched as The Week in Jams.

The Andy Milonakis Show

The Andy Milonakis Show is an American sketch comedy television show starring Andy Milonakis, which aired on MTV2, the first season having aired on MTV. The program premiered on June 26, 2005 and ended with its three-season run when it was cancelled on May 1, 2007.

The Week in Jams

The Week in Jams (a re branded version of Sucker Free Countdown), is MTV2's sole hip-hop video block. It's a 2-hour top 15 countdown, it aired on Sundays at 11AM ET/PT and 11PM ET/PT. Hosted by DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Sofi Green. The series was canceled on May 26, 2013.

Zayed Sports City Stadium

Zayed Sports City Stadium (Arabic: ستاد مدينة زايد الرياضية‎) is a multi-purpose stadium located in Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

It is the largest stadium in the UAE with 45,000 seats. It has developed a great history and heritage and has cemented its place in the country's history by being featured on the AED 200 banknote.

The stadium was opened in 1979 and was renovated in 2009, with many of the facilities and amenities upgraded to ensure that it complies with international standards and can be used for a wide range of events.

The stadium hosted the 1996 AFC Asian Cup including the final, where the United Arab Emirates lost against Saudi Arabia in penalty shoot-outs. The stadium also hosted the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship and the 2007 Gulf Cup of Nations. The semifinals and finals of 2009 and 2010 FIFA Club World Cups were also held at the stadium. The stadium again hosted the Club World Cup in 2017 and 2018. It also held the 2019 AFC Asian Cup. It staged the opening and final matches.


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