National Socialist Movement (UK, 1962)

The National Socialist Movement was a British neo-Nazi group formed on 20 April, Adolf Hitler's birthday, in 1962, by Colin Jordan, with John Tyndall as his deputy[1] as a splinter group from the original British National Party of the 1960s.

National Socialist Movement
LeaderColin Jordan
FounderColin Jordan
Preceded byBritish National Party
Succeeded byBritish Movement
HeadquartersArnold Leese House, Notting Hill, London
Student wingNational Student Front
International affiliationWorld Union of National Socialists


The 1960s BNP, which had been formed by a merger of Colin Jordan's White Defence League and John Bean's National Labour Party, soon became defined by clashes between the two rival leaders. Impetus for the formation of the NSM had initially came from a 1961 letter to Jordan from George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party. Rockwell stated that he agreed with the BNP, except over their lack of openness about Nazism.[2]

Bean however felt that Jordan and his ally Tyndall were too open about Nazism and argued that this damaged the chances of the BNP making any political headway, an issue which came to a head in February 1962 when Bean presented a resolution condemning Jordan's open Nazism at a meeting of the party's national council.[3] The resolution was passed 7 votes to 5 and, after a struggle, the party split with around 80% of the membership backing Bean and the rest leaving with Jordan.[4] Jordan managed to secure the support of both Tyndall and Denis Pirie, whilst also gaining control of the BNP's Notting Hill headquarters and the paramilitary Spearhead group, and on 20 April 1962 the new group was inaugurated at a party to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday.[4] As well as Tyndall and Pirie, Roland Kerr-Ritchie and Peter Ling both resigned from the BNP National Council to support Jordan.[5] The new group's membership was largely made up of young, working class activists.[6]


With displays proclaiming "Free Britain From Jewish Control",[7] Jordan spoke at a meeting held in Trafalgar Square on 1 July 1962 which led to a riot. The riot had been sparked after Jordan had made pro-Hitler comments and Tyndall had compared the Jews to "a poisonous maggot" (both comments earning their speakers short prison sentences) leading to nearby crowds of Jewish demonstrators, Communist Party of Great Britain members and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament supporters attacking the NSM supporters.[8] Jordan however believed that a majority of the British people would agree with his opinions, and that, from a British point of view, the Second World War had been a mistake.[9]

The NSM also endeavoured to keep Spearhead running and to increase its efficacy but Special Branch had already been aware of the group since it was part of the BNP and monitored its activities closely. Indeed, as early as July 1961 two police officers, David Pemble and David Corder, had taken pictures of Tyndall and Kerr-Ritchie directing Spearhead operations in Kent whilst the following year Jordan were regularly watched performing military drills at weekends near Dorking.[8] The group also faced opposition from the 62 Group, a movement formed by veterans of the 43 Group specifically to combat the NSM but which later expanded operations to oppose all far-right groups. Led by Harry Bidney, a nightclub owner with links to organised crime in London, the 62 Group had paid informers within the NSM ranks from Jordan's foundation of the group.[10]


In the aftermath of the Trafalgar riot the Sunday People ran a story exposing Spearhead and this, along with pressure from Jewish leaders, led to the government denying travel permits to a number of neo-Nazi leaders due to attend a NSM-sponsored conference in August 1962.[11] Despite this George Lincoln Rockwell was smuggled into Britain via the Republic of Ireland and was hidden in Cheltenham to await the start of the conference. However, before long his whereabouts became known and his hideout was besieged by both journalists and angry locals leading to Rockwell going to London in order to give himself up, although not before he sold his story to the Daily Mail.[12] Although the camp did not take place as planned its aim, the establishment of the World Union of National Socialists, was completed anyway with Jordan named as "World Fuehrer" and Rockwell as his successor.[13] Savitri Devi also attended this event and was a close ally of the NSM from her base in France.[14]

Soon afterwards both Jordan's home in Coventry and the party's London headquarters were raided by police with a wealth of evidence seized, ranging from guns and knives to Nazi insignia and memorabilia and even cans of weedkiller on which the labels had been changed to "Jewkiller".[12] Jordan, Tyndall, Kerr-Ritchie and Pirie were all arrested on 16 August.[12] All four were found guilty of being involved in the formation of Spearhead, an offence under the Public Order Act of 1936, and sentenced to nine months (Jordan), six months (Tyndall) and three months (Pirie and Kerr-Ritchie) in prison with Pirie giving the Nazi salute to the court as they were led out.[15] During their time in prison the NSM was left in the hands of Martin Webster, a youthful member who had come to the NSM from the Young Conservatives where he had also been linked with the League of Empire Loyalists.[16]


French heiress Françoise Dior had been linked to the NSM from 1962 and had become romantically involved with Jordan, before also taking up with Tyndall following the latter's release from prison. However following Jordan's own release the two were back on and they were married on 5 October 1963 in a ceremony that involved each allowing a drop of blood to fall onto a copy of Mein Kampf.[17][18][19] Although the couple separated only three months later and were divorced, following a failed attempt at reconciliation, in 1967 the marriage drove a rift between Tyndall and Jordan which was complicated further by increasing ideological differences between the two men and a growing power base for the London-based Tyndall against the Coventry-based Jordan.[17] Tyndall had increasingly echoed Bean's earlier criticisms of Jordan's open Nazism and at the April 1964 NSM conference Tyndall demanded that control of the movement be handed over to him.[17] Tyndall was expelled on 11 May 1964 and the following day Tyndall claimed that he had expelled Jordan and assumed control of the movement. However ultimately Tyndall broke from the NSM, taking most of the HQ staff with him, and his followers would later emerge as the Greater Britain Movement.[20] Before long the National Student Front, small group led by James McIntyre that worked for the NSM in universities, had also departed to offer support to Tyndall instead.[21]

Final years

During the 1964 general election the NSM was active in Smethwick where they campaigned for Conservative candidate Peter Griffiths against Foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon Walker, a hate figure for the far right for his perceived role in allowing high levels of immigration.[22] During the campaign a number of publicity grabbing stunts were attempted, including an NSM member dressing up as a monkey and another attempting to register for election as Gordon-Walker the "race-mixing" candidate whilst dressed as a character from The Black and White Minstrel Show.[23]

The campaign against Walker intensified in 1965 when Colin Jordan took to the stage of a public meeting addressed by Denis Healey, who punched Jordan.[24] Membership of the group fell to almost nothing overnight, after the arrest of several members accused of burning synagogues and convictions for such incidents in Clapton, Ilford, Bayswater and Kilburn.[25] Even Dior was imprisoned for such an attack in 1968[25] and in all during the 1960s, NSM supporters organised 34 arsons attacks against Jewish owned buildings.[7] By this time Dior's marriage to Jordan had ended and as a result her funding of the NSM had ended.

The movement was affected by new race relations legislation. Jordan was arrested under the new laws and gaoled for eighteen months in January 1967 for distributing a leaflet entitled The Coloured Invasion which was described as "a vituperative attack on black and Asian immigrants" in Jordan's 2009 obituary in The Times.[2] Regardless of Jordan's status as imprisoned or otherwise there had been no intention of including the NSM in negotiations going on at the time between the BNP, LEL, GBM and Racial Preservation Society as one of LEL leader A. K. Chesterton's stipulations for the formation of any new party was that neo-Nazis should have to be excluded, a condition that ensured that the GBM as a group were excluded and even initially kept Bean out of the leading positions in the new National Front.[26] Following Jordan's release from prison in 1968 he held a secret meeting with Tyndall and Webster at Denis Pirie's house and informed those present that the NSM was no longer in existence.[27]


Following the collapse of the NSM Jordan used elements of it to establish a new group, the British Movement, in May 1968. This group has continued to exist in various forms to date. Not all members joined the British Movement with other turning up in more "respectable" groups on the far right that avowedly eschewed Nazism such as the NF.[28] Not least among these was Andrew Brons, who served as MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber from 2009 to 2014, who was an early member of the NSM in the 1960s.[29]

Another group bearing the NSM name was set up in the late 1990s by David Myatt and other Combat 18 dissidents but it is not directly related to either the original NSM or the British Movement.

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Nobuaki "Warren" Iwatake

Nobuo Fujita

Nobutaka Shiōden

Nobutake Kondō

Nobuyoshi Mutō

Nobuyuki Abe

Nobuzo Tohmatsu


Noel Agazarian

Noel Beresford-Peirse

Noel Gayler

Noel Irwin

Noel Mason-Macfarlane

Noel Purcell (water polo player)

Nogi Maresuke

Noisy-le-Sec (Paris RER)

Nomasu Nakaguma

Non-British personnel in the RAF during the Battle of Britain

Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League

None but the Brave

None Shall Escape

Noor Inayat Khan

Nora Levin

Norbert Čapek

Norbert Barlicki

Norbert Brainin

Norbert Eschmann

Norbert Jokl

Norbert Rillieux

Norbert Wollheim

Norberto Ceresole

Nordahl Grieg

Norden bombsight

Nordic race

Nordic Reich Party

Nordin Jbari

Nordstrom Sisters

Norfolk County Division

Norihiro Yasue

Norm Van Brocklin

Norman Augustus Finch

Norman Baillie-Stewart

Norman Bethune

Norman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett

Norman Bottomley

Norman C. Skogstad

Norman Cleaveland

Norman Cohn

Norman Cota

Norman Cyril Jackson

Norman Dike

Norman Fell

Norman Foster Ramsey, Jr.

Norman Francis Vandivier

Norman Harvey

Norman Howard Cliff

Norman Igo

Norman Jewison

Norman Jones (politician)

Norman Lear

Norman Lowell

Norman Mailer

Norman Mineta

Norman Miscampbell

Norman Pritchard

Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms paintings

Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr.

Norman Scott

Norman Slater

Norman Smith (record producer)

Norman Sylla

Norman Taylor

Norman Wisdom

Norman Wodehouse

Norman Wylie

Norman Yardley


Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

Normandy Landings

Norodom Sihanouk

Norris Bradbury

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North African Campaign

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North American B-25 Survivors

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North Caucasian Front

North Chahar Incident

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North Karelian Group

North Point Camp

North Sea Fleet

North Weald Airfield

North West Europe Campaign

Northeast Anti-Japanese National Salvation Army

Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army

Northeast Indian Railways during World War II

Northeast People's Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army

Northeastern Army

Northeastern Loyal and Brave Army

Northeastern People's Revolutionary Army

Northeastern Volunteer Righteous & Brave Fighters

Northern Combat Area Command

Northern District Army (Japan)

Northern Expedition (1926–1927)

Northern Front (Soviet Union)

Northern League (neo-Nazi)

Northern Pursuit

Northern Territory Force

Northern Transylvania

Northover projector

Northumberland County Division

Northwest Staging Route

Northwest Territorial Imperative

Northwestern Front

Norton Air Force Base

Norton Fitzwarren

Norton Knatchbull, 6th Baron Brabourne


Norway Debate

Norwegian Campaign order of battle

Norwegian Campaign

Norwegian Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities

Norwegian heavy water sabotage

Norwegian Independent Company 1

Norwegian POW Museum

Norwegian Resistance Movement

Norwegian resistance movement

Norwegian Righteous Among the Nations

Norwood Russell Hanson

Notable real and alleged Ku Klux Klan members in national politics

Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (Paris Métro)

Notre-Dame-des-Champs (Paris Métro)

Notre Dame de Paris

Noua Dreaptă

Nourdin Boukhari

Noureddine Naybet

Nouvelle Athènes

November 9th Society

Novgorod Army Operational Group

Nowogródzka Cavalry Brigade

Nowy Kurier Warszawski

Nozu Michitsura

Noël Bas

Noël Coward

Noël Delberghe

Noël Hallé

Noël Lee

Noëlle Cordier


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Nur für Deutsche

Nuremberg and Vietnam: An American Tragedy

Nuremberg Code

Nuremberg Diary

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Nuremberg Principles

Nuremberg Rally

Nuremberg Trials (film)

Nuremberg Trials

Nurken Abdirov

Nyoko-dō Hermitage

Nyssa Raatko

Népomucène Lemercier

Néstor Fabbri

Néstor Guillén

National Socialism (disambiguation)

National Socialism most often refers to Nazism, the ideology of the Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers' Party, NSDAP) which existed in Germany between 1920 and 1945 and ruled the country from 1933 to 1945. The term "National Socialism" was used by a number of unrelated groups before the Nazis, but since their rise to prominence it has become associated almost exclusively with their ideas.

National Socialism may also refer to:

Ethnic German movements related to Nazism:

Austrian National Socialism, an early influence on the NSDAP

German National Socialist Workers' Party (Czechoslovakia) (Sudeten German, anti-Semitic)

Sudeten German Party (Sudeten German, pro-annexation-by-Germany, successor of the above)

Strasserism, a breakaway movement from German Nazism

Non-German groups drawing inspiration from Nazism and existing in the same historical period:

Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party

Canadian National Socialist Unity Party (pro-Anglo-Canadian/French-Canadian)

National Socialist Movement of Chile (1930s)

National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark (German-style Nazi, anti-Semitic)

Greek National Socialist Party (Italian-style fascist, pro-Hitler)

Hungarian National Socialist Party (German-style Nazi, anti-Semitic)

National Socialist Dutch Workers Party (1920s–1930s; favoured German annexation of the Netherlands)

National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands (1930s–1940s; unlike the above, it nominally supported an independent Netherlands)

National Socialist Workers' Party of Norway (German-style Nazi, anti-Semitic)

Nasjonal Samling (Norway) (German-style Nazi, anti-Semitic, anti-Masonic)

National Socialist Party (Romania) (German-style Nazi)

Swedish National Socialist Freedom League (pro-Hitler, founded in 1924)

Swedish National Socialist Party (founded in 1930 through a merger of Nazi and fascist groups)

National Socialist Workers' Party (Sweden) (split from the above in 1933, became more Strasserite and independently Swedish before declining during World War II)

South African Gentile National Socialist Movement (1930s–1940s; pro-apartheid, white, anti-Semitic)

Neo-Nazism, a label for groups and ideologies after 1945 that are considered to be based on Nazism:

National Socialist Movement of Denmark (contemporary)

Iranian National Socialist Party, created in 1952 (pro-Hitler, anti-Semitic, anti-Arab, anti-Turk)

National Socialist Party of New Zealand (German-style Nazi, anti-Semitic)

National Socialist Movement of Norway (contemporary)

Russian National Socialist Party (Russian nationalist, fascist, anti-immigrant, promoting Orthodox Christian theocracy)

Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement (UK, 1962) of the United Kingdom

National Socialist Action Party (British, founded in 1982)

National Socialist Movement (United Kingdom) (contemporary)

National Socialist League (United States) (gay, "Aryan", pro-Hitler)

National Socialist Party of America (white, anti-Semitic, anti-black)

National Socialist Movement (United States) (contemporary)

Other unrelated ideologies and organizations, some of which were founded before the NSDAP and thus before "National Socialism" became associated with Nazism, while others exist in non-European contexts where Nazism is not widely known:

Ba'ath Party, an Arab national-socialist party in Iraq and Syria

Czech National Social Party, founded in Austria-Hungary in 1898 as a center-left party advocating Czech independence

National-Social Association, a small center-left Christian liberal party in Germany, founded by Friedrich Naumann in 1896

National Socialist Party (UK), a breakaway group from the British Socialist Party formed in 1916; historically Marxist, it reverted to a previous name as the Social Democratic Federation in 1919 and then merged with the Labour Party

Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (National Socialist Party), a small socialist party in Bangladesh

National Socialist Council of Nagaland, a Maoist insurgent group in India

National Socialist Party of Tripura, a party advocating Tripuri self-determination in India

National Socialist Movement

National Socialist Movement may refer to:

National Socialist Movement (UK, 1962), a British neo-Nazi group

National Socialist Movement (United Kingdom), a British neo-Nazi group active during the late 1990s

National Socialist Movement (United States), a neo-Nazi organization based in Detroit, Michigan

National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands, a Dutch fascist and later national socialist political party

National Socialist Movement of Chile, a political movement in Chile

National Socialist Movement of Denmark, a neo-Nazi political party in Denmark

National Socialist Movement of Norway, a Norwegian neo-Nazi group

National Socialist Movement (United Kingdom)

This article is about the current British group - for information about the earlier British group, see National Socialist Movement (UK, 1962). For other groups with this name, see National Socialist Movement.The National Socialist Movement (NSM) was a British neo-Nazi group active during the late 1990s. The group is not connected to the earlier National Socialist Movement of Colin Jordan.

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