National Gridiron League (United States)

The National Gridiron League (NGL) is a proposed indoor football league based out of Jacksonville, Florida. It that plans to start play in spring 2019 with 12 teams aligned in two divisions. [1] The season was announced to start on March 30, 2019, and conclude with the inaugural Gridiron Bowl game on August 10, 2019, in Biloxi, Mississippi.[2] However, the league has pushed back the announced start of the inaugural season to May 2019 amid reports the league has not had finalized leases for many of its teams.[3][4][5]

National Gridiron League
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2019 National Gridiron League season
National Gridiron League
SportIndoor football
FounderJoe E. McClendon, III
Inaugural season2019
PresidentJoe E. McClendon, III
No. of teams12
CountryUnited States


As of February 21, 2019. Cities in italics are locations identified by the league website, but no leases for an arena are confirmed to have been signed in the listed location.[6]

Team Location Arena Capacity Head coach Founded Joined
Eastern Conference
Georgia Wildcats Albany, Georgia Albany Civic Center ~9,000 Santo Stephens 2018 2019
Indiana Blue Bombers Fort Wayne, Indiana Allen County War Memorial Coliseum[7] 10,480 Kelvin Kinney 2018 2019
Indiana Firebirds Evansville, Indiana Ford Center 9,000 Nick Hart 2018 2019
Pennsylvania Pioneers Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza 8,300 Ryan Lingenfelder 2018 2019
Virginia Destroyers Hampton, Virginia Hampton Coliseum 9,800 Durwood Roquemore 2018 2019
Virginia Iron Horses Roanoke, Virginia Berglund Center 10,500 Jermaine Hampton 2018 2019
Western Conference
Arkansas Twisters Little Rock, Arkansas Verizon Arena[8] 16,000 Matt Diniak 2018 2019
Kansas Kapitals[9] Topeka, Kansas Kansas Expocentre 7,777 Carlos Cavanaugh 2018 2019
Louisiana Red Sticks Baton Rouge, Louisiana Raising Cane's River Center 8,900 Damon Mason 2018 2019
Mississippi Mudcats Jackson, Mississippi Mississippi Coliseum 6,500 B. J. Cohen 2018 2019
Saint Louis Stampede St. Charles, Missouri Family Arena 9,755 Pat Pimmell 2018 2019
Texas Bighorns Beaumont, Texas Ford Arena[10] 8,500[11] Josh Bush 2018 2019

Map of teams

National Gridiron League (United States) is located in the United States
Blue Bombers
Blue Bombers
Iron Horses
Iron Horses
NGL team locations with announced arenas for 2019.


  • Chairman and president: Joe E. McClendon, III
  • Chief operating officer: Larry Barlow
  • Director of football development: Eddie Brown


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Gridiron football, also known as North American football or, in North America, simply football, is a football sport primarily played in the United States and Canada. American football, which uses 11-player teams, is the form played in the United States and the best known form of gridiron football worldwide, while Canadian football, featuring 12-player teams, predominates in Canada. Other derivative varieties include indoor football, football for smaller teams (most commonly eight players), and informal games such as touch and flag football. Football is played at professional, collegiate, semi-professional, and amateur levels.

The sport originated in the 19th century out of older games related to modern rugby football and soccer (association football). American and Canadian football developed alongside each other and were originally more distinct before Canadian teams adopted features of the American game. Both varieties are distinguished from other football sports by their use of hard plastic helmets and shoulder pads, the forward pass, the system of downs, a number of unique rules and positions, measurement in customary units of yards (even in Canada, which mostly metricated in the 1970s, yards are still used), and a distinctive brown leather ball in the shape of a prolate spheroid with pointed ends.

The international governing body for the sport is the International Federation of American Football (IFAF); although the organization plays all of its international competitions under American rules, it uses a definition of the game that is broad enough that it includes Canadian football under its umbrella, and Football Canada (the governing body for Canadian football) is an IFAF member.

National Gridiron League

National Gridiron League may refer to:

National Gridiron League (Australia), a proposed American football league

National Gridiron League (United States), a proposed indoor American football league

High school
Professional gridiron football leagues in North America

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