Nasos (Ancient Greek: Νᾶσος) was a town and polis (city-state) of ancient Aeolis.[1] The place-name "Nesos Pordoselene" (Νεσος Πορδοσελήνε) appears in the list of tributes to ancient Athens of the year 422/1 BCE but there are different opinions on whether Nesos (or Nasos) and Pordoselene were a single city or if they are two different cities. On the other hand, the nickname "nasiotas" (Νασιώτας) appears in an inscription of Adramyttium dated to 319-317 BCE.[1]

Silver and bronze coins dating from the 4th century BCE are preserved. It has been assumed that Nasos was located on the island of Alibey Adası located between Lesbos and Asia Minor.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 39°20′12″N 26°39′17″E / 39.336684°N 26.654808°E

Athanasios Gerolymos

Nasos Gerolymos (Greek: Νάσος Γερόλυμος; born 13 December 1995) is a Greek footballer, who as of 2018 plays for Diagoras in the Football League 2 as a left back.

Athanasios Ktorides Foundation

Athanasios Ktorides Foundation a is non-profit philanthropic organisation founded in 2008 by Nasos Ktorides, the first Cyprus Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. The Foundation promotes sport and culture with humanitarian work. It is organizer of the Quantum Nicosia Marathon in 2010, 2012 and 2018. It collects and publishes books, academic research and studies. The Foundation supports Cypriot and Greek cultural heritage. It also sponsors charity activities that benefit families and children with special needs, as well as orphans and children's shelters, and all other activities aimed at the protection and well-being of children. The Foundation grants 10 full scholarships for studies in leading European and American universities for 2018—2019.

Christiana Kalogirou

Christiana Kalogirou (Greek: Χριστιάνα Καλογήρου; born 1964 in Athens) is a Greek economist and politician of Nea Dimokratia. Since October 2014, she has been serving as Regional Governor of the North Aegean.

Dancing with the Stars (Greece season 2)

Dancing with the Stars was a Greek reality show airing on ANT1 and filmed live in Athens. The show was based on the United Kingdom BBC Television series Strictly Come Dancing and was part of BBC Worldwide's Dancing with the Stars franchise. The theme song was "It's personal" performed by Swedish indie pop band The Radio Dept. The second season of the show started on 20 March 2011. Season's 1 winner Errika Prezarakou joined the judging panel, replacing Galena Velikova. ANT1 launched a daily spin off titled "Dancing with the Stars Daily" on March 21, hosted by former contestant Eugenia Manolidou. The show was canceled on April due to low ratings.

EuroAfrica Interconnector

EuroAfrica Interconnector is an interconnector between Greek, Cypriot, and Egypt power grids via submarine power cable. The Interconnector is an energy highway bridging Africa and Europe. It will have a capacity to transmit 2,000 megawatts of electricity in either direction. Annual transmission capacity is 17.5 TWh, much more than annual production of Aswan Dam power stations. President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades and the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras met in Nicosia on November 21, 2017 and showed their full support for the EuroAfrica Interconnector pointing out its importance for energy security of three countries.

EuroAsia Interconnector

The EuroAsia Interconnector is an interconnector between Greek, Cypriot, and Israeli power grids via the world's longest submarine power cable.

It is a leading Project of Common Interest of the European Union and also priority Electricity Highway Interconnector Project. The Interconnector is an energy highway bridging Asia and Europe. Regulatory approval of electricity interconnection and cost allocation between Cyprus and Greece on October 10, 2017. and March 21, 2018 is historic decision for Cyprus, ending electricity isolation of the last EU member state.According to ENTSO-E analysis, Interconnector will contribute to social and economic welfare between €580m and €1.12 billion in each year. Also ENTSO-E calculated that expected reduction of CO2 is between 1.3 million tone to 6.8 million tone each year or between 21% and 110% of total Cyprus emission.On May 12, 2017 Beijing meeting the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras the State Grid Corporation of China Chairman Shu Yinbiao, and CEO Euroasia Interconnector Nasos Ktorides supported the timely implementation of EuroAsia Interconnector. On December 12, 2017 Elia, transmission system operator, announced conclusion of strategic alliance agreement for the development and implementation of the 2,000 MW interconnector.Former Cyprus Foreign Minister (1997—2003, 2013—1 March 2018) and head of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Working group, Ioannis Kasoulides, has joined the EuroAsia Interconnector on March 30, 2018 as Chairman of the Strategic Council.Call for four tenders for construction of Stage 1 with estimated budget €3.27 billion was published on April 17, 2018 in the Official Journal of the European Union.

On January 10, 2019 EuroAsia Interconnector Ltd, project promoter, has issued tender documents for contracts worth €3.5bn, for the design and construction of the EuroAsia Interconnector.Energy-sector technical engineering recruitment firm Fircroft included the EuroAsia Interconnector as the fourth biggest among 10 major transmission and distribution projects in the world for 2019 and beyond.On July 3, 2019 EuroAsia Interconnector Ltd, project promoter, annonced final stage of tenders for construction of the Euroasia Interconnector.

Five Orders of Periwigs

The Five Orders of Periwigs (The Five Orders of Perriwigs as they were Worn at the Late Coronation Measured Architectonically) is a 1761 engraving by William Hogarth. It contains several levels of satire. First, and most clearly, it lampoons the fashion for outlandish wigs in the mid to late 18th century. Second, in classifying the wigs into "orders", it satirises the formulation of canons of beauty from the analysis of surviving pieces of classical architecture and sculpture from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, particularly the precise drawings of James "Athenian" Stuart (published in the Antiquities of Athens, the first volume of which appeared in 1762). To the lower right, the engraving gives its publication date as 15 October 1761.

Of the engraving, Hogarth himself commented in his book of anecdotes:

There is no great difficulty in measuring the length, breadth, or height of any figures, where the parts are made up of plain lines. It requires no more skill to take the dimensions of a pillar or cornice, than to measure a square box, and yet the man who does the latter is neglected, and he who accomplishes the former, is considered as a miracle of genius; but I suppose he receives his honours for the distance he has travelled to do his business.As a parallel to the five orders of classical architecture identified by Palladio (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite and Tuscan), the engraving postulates five "orders" of periwig, from the relatively simple "Episcopal" (for the clergy), through the "Old Peerian or Aldermanic" (for lords and council officials) and "Lexonic" (for lawyers) to the more ornate "Composite or Half Natural", and finally the effete "Queerinthian or Queue de Reynard" (a pun on the French for "foxtail").

A scale shows the "Athenian Measure" by which the dimensions of each wig are annotated, with one "nodule" comprising 3 "nasos" (noses) and each "naso" of 3 "minutes". The component parts of each wig are labelled with letters A to I, each denoting a mock architectural terms, from A: the "Corona or Lermier or Foretop" and B: the "Architrave or Archivolt or Caul" to H: "Fillet or Ribbon" and I: "Helices or Volute or Spiral or Curl".

Several of the faces depicted have been identified. Those in the Episcopal line are intended to resemble Doctor William Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester (left) and Doctor Samuel Squire, Bishop of St David's (right). In the "Old Peerian or Aldermanic" row are Lord Melcombe (left) and another. The wig depicted to the far right is a "remarkable winged periwig" worn by Sir Samuel Fludyer, 1st Baronet when he became Lord Mayor of London earlier in 1761.

At the bottom of the engraving is an inscription stating that a series of six folio volumes published over 17 years will set out the measurements of the periwigs of the ancients. This satirises Stuart's Antiquities of Athens. Above, a line of female profiles shows, from left to right, the face of Queen Charlotte and five others, each wearing a triple necklace and bearing a coronet: a duchess, a marchioness, a countess, a viscountess, and a baroness. They have been alternatively identified as the Ladies of the Bedchamber in 1761 - the Duchess of Ancaster, Duchess of Hamilton, Countess of Effingham, Countess of Northumberland, Viscountess Weymouth, and Viscountess Bolingbroke.

Hogarth created the engraving a few weeks after the coronation of George III and Queen Charlotte, inspired by the elaborate costume worn by those who attended. Horace Walpole wrote: "Some of the peeresses were dressed over night, slept in armchairs, and were waked if they tumbled their heads".

A number of spelling mistakes were noted in the first state of the engraving ("advertisement", "volumns"). A second state of the engraving corrects a typographical error by inserting the letter "e" in "advertisement", and relabels the "Episcopal" order of periwigs as "Episcopal and Parsonic".

Life Looks Better in Spring

"Life Looks Better in Spring" is a song composed by Nasos Lambrianides and Melis Konstantinou. The song, produced by Jon Gregory and performed by Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders, represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, competing in the second semi-final on 27 May, and qualifying Cyprus to the final for the first time since 2005. In the final, the song was performed fifth in the draw, and ended 21st with 27 points.

"Life Looks Better in Spring" has two unusual features for a Eurovision entry: The title of the song doesn't appear in the lyrics (Although "life will be better in spring" does), and it doesn't have a bridge.

The song was the outright winner in the Cypriot National Final, held on 7 February 2010 at CyBC studios in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Nasos Galakteros

Athanasios "Nasos" Galakteros (Greek: Αθανάσιος "Νάσος" Γαλακτερός; born June 15, 1969 in Kavala, Greece) is a retired Greek professional basketball player. Galakteros played professionally in the Greek Basket League, winning several titles, and represented the senior Greek national basketball team in major tournaments.

Nasos Ktorides

Athanasios "Nasos" Ktorides (Greek: Αθανάσιος "Νάσος" Κτωρίδης; born 10 November 1968) is a Cypriot entrepreneur and philanthropist, founding Chairman and CEO of the EuroAsia Interconnector electricity cable, Quantum Corporation, Quantum Energy, Quantum Cable and EuroAfrica Interconnector. He is first Cyprus Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

Nasos Vagenas

Nasos Vagenas, also transliterated Vayenas (Greek: Νάσος Βαγενάς; born 8 March 1945, Drama, Greece) is a Greek poet and translator.

Vagenas studied philology at the University of Athens. He has taught at the universities of Athens (1963–1968), Rome (1970–1972), Essex (1972–1973) and Cambridge (1974–1978), where he wrote his doctorate thesis on the poetry of George Seferis.

Nassos Kedrakas

Athanasios (Nassos) Kedrakas (Greek: Νάσος Κεδράκας; November 21, 1915 – August 25, 1981) was a Greek actor.

Naval Aviation Supply Corps insignia

The Naval Aviation Supply Corps insignia is a military badge of the United States Navy which is awarded to Naval Aviation Supply Officers (NASOs) of the Navy Supply Corps who have qualified for duties as a Supply Officer in support of naval aviation and are also qualified to serve in duty assignments onboard aircraft carriers. The Aviation Supply Corps insignia is one of four warfare badges issued to Supply Corps officers by the U.S. Navy. The others are the Navy Expeditionary Supply Corps Officer Badge Surface Warfare Supply Badge and the Submarine Supply Corps Badge.To be issued the insignia, a service member must complete a standard qualification program which includes supply procedures of a naval aviation unit, qualifications in certain aviation related watch stations, as well as an abbreviated amount of aviation knowledge which would normally be required for flight deck personnel.

Junior supply officers, assigned to aircraft carriers, Naval Air Stations or aviation squadrons, are granted between 18–24 months to qualify for the Aviation Supply Corps insignia. Reserve officers may take up to 36 months to qualify for their insignia, if assigned to a qualifying billet.

The Aviation Supply Corps insignia appears as a Naval Aviator Badge, in the center of which is positioned the Navy Supply Corps three oak leaf emblem. The insignia is also only authorized for officers, while enlisted supply personnel (such as those in the rate Storekeeper) are eligible to receive the Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist Badge.


Nesus or Nasus or Nesos or Nasos (Ancient Greek: Νῆσος) was a town in ancient Acarnania.Its site is located near modern Portes on Skoupas.

Nomads (season 2)

Nomads: Madagascar is the second season of the Greek reality competition television show Nomads which aired from 11 October 2018 until 23 December 2018 on ANT1.

It takes place in Nosy Be, Madagascar, for 12 weeks. The winner wins €150.000.

It features 20 players divided into two nomad tribes: Crocodiles and Lemurians.

After the fourth week, a new tribe of former eight Survivor players entered the game as a team called Invaders. Stelios Hantapakis was the winner of this season.


Pordoselene (Ancient Greek: Πορδοσελήνη) or Poroselene (Ποροσελήνη) was a town and polis (city-state) of ancient Aeolis. It was located on the chief island of the Hecatonnesi, a group of small islands lying between Lesbos and the coast of Asia Minor, which was also called Prodoselene. Strabo says that some, in order to avoid the dirty allusion presented by this name, called it Poroselene, which is the form employed by Ptolemy, Pliny the Elder, and Aelian. At a still later time the name was changed into Proselene, under which form the town appears as a bishop's see. Aristotle mentions the town in his History of Animals where it was on the extremity of a road that formed the border between an area of the island that contained weasels and another area that did not have them.The place-name "Nesos Pordoselene" (Νεσος Πορδοσελήνε) appears in the list of tributes to ancient Athens of the year 422/1 BCE but there are different opinions on whether Nesos (or Nasos in the Aeolic dialect) and [Pordoselen were a single city or if they are two different cities.Silver and bronze coins dating from the 5th and 4th centuries BCE are preserved. It is proposed that the small island of Maden Adası or the island of Alibey Adası located between Lesbos and Asia Minor may be the location of Pordoselene, although the second possibility seems to prevail since the archeology and the low fertility of Maden Adası does not show that there has been an old settlement there. The editors of the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World equate Nasos and Pordoselene.

Quantum Cable

The Quantum Cable is a planned 7,700 km submarine communications cable system connecting Asia with Europe through the Mediterranean sea. It connects Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, France and Spain. The Quantum Cable will be laid simultaneously and at same time with the 2,000 MW EuroAsia Interconnector. Cable is owned and funded by Quantum Cable.

Survivor Greece (2018)

Survivor 2018 is the sixth season of Survivor Greece, the Greek version of the popular reality show. The Game started airing on Skai TV on January 21, 2018 in Greece and in Cyprus started airing the same day on Sigma TV. It is hosted by Sakis Tanimanidis & Giorgos Lianos. The show is produced by the company Acun Medya, which is owned and directed by Acun Ilıcalı. It is also being broadcast abroad via SKAI's international stations. Twelve players and twelve celebrities have been known in Greece through their work are invited to survive on a deserted island, the exotic Dominican Republic, for 6 months, having their luggage, the necessary clothes and basic food supply. Two players, one on each tribe joined them at second week. After 9 weeks from the beginning of the game, 6 new players, three on each team, joined the tribes. On episode 101, the last team match took place and on episode 102, individual matches started. The Finals were held on 11, 12 & 13 July live in the open theatre of Alsos Veikou, Galatsi, Athens. The winner of fifth season was Ilias Gotsis from the team "Warriors" (Μαχητές).

On January 15, 2018 the team of Celebrities travelled from Greece to Dominican Republic and the team Warriors and Sakis Tanimanidis also travelled from Athens the next day to Dominican Republic.

From Greece, Doretta Papadimitriou is hosting the sister show (spin-off show) of Survivor, named Edo Survivor and premiered the same day with Survivor at 19:00 on Skai TV and aired on weekdays at 17:00 on Skai TV. After 3 weeks this show named Survivor Panorama and kept Doretta as the host but the show aired at 17:30 on Skai TV. Also, among Doretta two players from the previous season Evridiki Valavani from Diasimoi (Celebrities) team and Konstantinos Vasalos from Machites (Warriors) team are present in the program's panel among occasional guests.

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