Nash Put' (newspaper)

Nash Put (Russian: Наш Путь, Our Way) was a daily newspaper founded by Konstantin Rodzaevsky on 3 October 1933, that was issued in Harbin[1] (1933–41) and Shanghai (1941-1943). The newspaper was the official organ of the Russian Fascist Party. Nash Put' was published until July 1943.[2] The newspaper promoted Christian Orthodoxy, Russian ultranationalism and fascism. Estimated circulation was 4,000. The paper was edited by Konstantin Rodzaevsky from 1933 to 1943.[3] There was also a publishing house, "Izdatel'stvo gazety Nash Put'" (Russian: «Издательство газеты „Наш Путь“», "Publisher of the newspaper Our Way").[4] In 1936 it published Vladimir Kislitsin's memoirs In the fires of the Civil War: Memoires.

Nash Put'
Nash Put newspaper
The November 7, 1935, front page of
Nash Put'
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherV.N. Vasilenko,
G.A. Khoven
EditorKonstantin Rodzaevsky
FoundedOctober 3, 1933
Political alignmentFascist
LanguageRussian language
Ceased publicationJuly 1, 1943
HeadquartersHarbin (Manchukuo),
Shanghai (China)


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