Nanchang County

Nanchang (南昌县; pinyin: Nánchāng Xiàn) is a county of the province of Jiangxi in the People's Republic of China. It lies in the prefecture of Nanchang.

The population in 1999 was 986,031 1999.[1]

Location of Nanchang Prefecture within Jiangxi (China)
Location of Nanchang Prefecture (yellow) within Jiangxi Province of China


There are nine towns and seven townships.


  • Liantang (莲塘镇)
  • Xiangtang (向塘镇)
  • Sanjiang (三江镇)
  • Jiangxiang (蒋巷镇)
  • Youlan (幽兰镇)
  • Tangnan (塘南镇)
  • Gangshang (冈上镇)
  • Wuyang (武阳镇)
  • Guangfu (广福镇)


  • Nanxin (南新乡)
  • Tacheng (塔城乡)
  • Jingkou (泾口乡)
  • Bayi (八一乡)
  • Huangma (黄马乡)
  • Fushan (富山乡)
  • Dongxin (东新乡)


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