Nagor or Nagher is a village in Bhuj Taluka of Kutch at a distance of about 8 km from Bhuj town, the capital of Kachchh District of Gujarat in India.[1]

Nagor is located in Gujarat
Location in Gujarat, India
Nagor is located in India
Nagor (India)
Coordinates: 23°17′35″N 69°43′26″E / 23.293°N 69.724°ECoordinates: 23°17′35″N 69°43′26″E / 23.293°N 69.724°E
Country India
 • Bodygram panchayat
 • OfficialGujarati, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationGJ-12


Nagor it is one of the 18 villages founded by the Mistri community of Kutch in late 12th century. These group of warriors were also skilled architects and have contributed to the erection of many historical monuments of Kutch.[2][3][4][5]

During the years of laying of Railway lines in British India around 1850-1930 many members of Mistris moved out and made themselves into big Railway contractors throughout British India. Some of them entered into Coal mines business as well.The Mistris of these villages have built and developed the old infrastructure around the villages in late 1890 from their earnings during those time.[2][3][4][6][5] However, majority of old houses of Mistris with unique architect were destroyed in the earthquake of 26 January 2001.

Notable people

The most noted person to hail from this village was Rai Bahadur Jagmal Raja Chauhan(1887–1974), a railway contractor who built Bally Bridge, an Industrialist and also founder of Ambica Airlines, who was also served as ADC to Sir Khengarji, Maharao of Cutch. Prof. Arvind Hadiya is professor in Gec & Bhuj. Vasantlal Maraj was famous kathakar are also from nagor.

Present status

In present times Nagor is famous for Ahir Embroidery and one of the main centers for this Kutchi hand embroidery. Sorathiya Ahirs live in Nagor. It is one of five main center for Sorathiya ahir in kutch. It is said that Ahirs were shepherds who originated from Gokul-Mathura region and are associated with Lord Krishna. They migrated to Kutch and Saurashtra in Gujarat from there. The other communities are mistri, muslim, Rabari, prathaliya Ahirs, vaghari, koli, harijan, goswami.

After, the devastating earthquake in 2001, many of the 100 years old house were damaged.

The Bhuj-Nagor Road that connects the village has Industrial Area on both essar petrol pump is established in nagor for petrol distribution.there are nearly 10 company in GIDC,nagor including Mira packaging,disha tyers ITI is also established by prakhsal academy with help of Government of election of 2017 vijyaben katriya (sorathiya) is selected as surpanch and pravin gosai as vice sarpanch. 'panchvati bag' is also set up by gram panchayat for playing porpuse.notable place in nagor is temples of god like Rama,Shiva,hanumanji,khodiyar mataji,Randal ma,brahmani ma,parmeswar Dada primary school of nagor nearly 350 students while in rushey mead school which is for secondary education 100 students are studying.


In 2004, the Rushey Mead Foundation, a UK based charity opened a School in Nagor, which has now become a famous landmark of Nagor. The Co-founder of Foundation is Bhasker Solanki of BBC, London.


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