NGC 5929

NGC 5929 is a Seyfert galaxy in the constellation Boötes.[6][7] The pair of galaxies, NGC 5929 and NGC 5930, are interacting.

NGC 5929
NGC 5929 (right) with NGC 5930 (left)
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 15h 26m 07.987s[1]
Declination+41° 40′ 33.92″[1]
Distance133 Mly (40.8 Mpc)[3]
Apparent magnitude (V)14.0[4]
Apparent size (V)1.830′ × 0.915′[1] (IR)
Notable featuresNGC 5930 is a companion with NGC 2929
Other designations
1RXP J152607.0+414016, Arp 90, CASG 710, CGCG 222-007w, I Zw 112, IRAS F15243+4150, KPG 466b, LEDA 55076, LGG 399-004, MCG +07-32-006, NPM1G +41.0399, PGC 55076, QDOT B1524206+415057, SP82 45, UGC 09851, UZC J152606.1+414013, VV 823


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NGC 5930

NGC 5930 is a starburst galaxy in the constellation Boötes that is interacting with the nearby Seyfert galaxy NGC 5929. 5930 has a morphological classification of SAB(rs)b pec, indicating that it is a weakly-barred spiral galaxy with a poorly defined nuclear ring structure. It is inclined at an angle of 46° to the line of sight from the Earth.

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