NGC 3259

NGC 3259 is a barred spiral galaxy located approximately 90[2] million light-years from Earth, in the Ursa Major constellation. It has the morphological classification SAB(rs)bc,[3] which indicates that it is a spiral galaxy with a weak bar across the nucleus (SAB), an incomplete inner ring structure circling the bar (rs), and moderate to loosely wound spiral arms (bc).[4] This galaxy is a known source of X-ray emission and it has an active galactic nucleus of the Seyfert 2 type.[2]

NGC 3259
NGC 3259 by Hubble
NGC 3259 is a bright barred spiral galaxy located approximately 110 million light-years from Earth.
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
ConstellationUrsa Major
Right ascension10h 32m 34.816s[1]
Declination+65° 02′ 27.79″[1]
Helio radial velocity+1,677[2] km/s
Distance89.7 Mly (27.5 Mpc)[2]
Mass1.26 × 1010[2] M
Other designations
UGC 5717


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Coordinates: Sky map 10h 32m 34.816s, +65° 02′ 27.79″

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