NESFA Press is the publishing arm of the New England Science Fiction Association, Inc. The NESFA Press primarily produces three types of books:[1]

Parent companyNew England Science Fiction Association
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationFramingham, Massachusetts
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topicsReference
Fiction genresscience fiction

Works published by NESFA Press

This is a reverse chronological list of books published by NESFA Press.[2]



  • The Halcyon Fairy Book by T. Kingfisher
  • A Lit Fuse: The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison by Nat Segaloff


  • The Grimm Future edited by Erin Underwood
  • Call Me Joe by Poul Anderson


  • The Ides of Octember: A Pictorial Bibliography of Roger Zelazny by Christopher S. Kovacs













  • All Our Yesterdays, by Harry Warner, Jr.
  • Dancing Naked: The Unexpurgated William Tenn, by William Tenn
  • Falling Free, by Lois McMaster Bujold
  • With Stars in My Eyes: My Adventures in British Fandom, by Peter Weston
  • Fancestral Voices, by Jack Speer
  • Once More* With Footnotes, by Terry Pratchett
  • "Doc"—First Galactic Roamer: A complete Bibliography and Publishing Checklist of Book and Articles by and About E. E. "Doc" Smith, by Stephen C. Lucchetti
  • The Hunters of Pangaea, by Stephen Baxter
  • Powers of Two, by Tim Powers
  • Silverlock: Including the Silverlock Companion, by John Myers Myers (1949) and Fred Lerner, ed. (1988) OCLC 54884542











  • Ingathering: The Complete People Stories, by Zenna Henderson
  • Everard's Ride, by Diana Wynne Jones
  • Andre Norton, A Primary and Secondary Bibliography, 2nd Revised Edition, by Roger C. Schlobin & Irene R. Harrison
  • A Bookman's Fantasy: How Science Fiction Became Respectable, and Other Essays, by Fred Lerner
  • Norstrilia, by Cordwainer Smith






  • An Annotated Bibliography of Recursive Science Fiction, by Anthony R. Lewis
  • Sung in Blood, by Glen Cook













  • The NESFA Hymnal









  • Index to the Science Fiction Magazines 1966-1970, by Anthony Lewis

Authors published by NESFA Press


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External links

All Our Yesterdays (book)

All Our Yesterdays by Harry Warner, Jr., is a history of science fiction fandom of the 1940s, an essential reference work in the field.It was originally published by Advent in 1969; the members of the World Science Fiction Society voted its author the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer that year. NESFA Press produced a new edition (ISBN 1-886778-13-2) with additional photographs, in 2004, after Warner's death.

Warner also wrote a related series of historical columns called "All Our Yesterdays." He later published a sequel, A Wealth of Fable, covering the 1950s, originally produced in a three-volume mimeographed edition, the first volume issued in 1976, and later expanded into hardcover form (ISBN 0-9633099-0-0) by SCIFI Press in 1992.

Deep Navigation

Deep Navigation is a collection of short stories by Alastair Reynolds. It was published in February 2010 for the 47th annual Boskone Science Fiction Convention where Reynolds was the Guest of Honour. The collection brings together a number of Reynolds short stories both old and new. His first published story, "Nunivak Snowflakes," right up to "Monkey Suit" which is set in the Revelation Space universe. The book contains an introduction by science-fiction author Stephen Baxter. All the stories published in this anthology had been published previously, but several of them had been out of print for several years.


Dickson! is a collection of science fiction stories by American writer Gordon R. Dickson. It was first published by NESFA Press in 1984 and was issued in honor of Dickson's appearance as guest of honor at the 42nd World Science Fiction Convention. Most of the stories originally appeared in the magazines SFWA Bulletin, Astounding, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Science Fiction Stories. The book contains introduction to each story by Sandra Miesel.

Glass and Amber

Glass and Amber is a 1987 collection of short stories and essays by science fiction and fantasy author C. J. Cherryh. The book was published by NESFA Press to commemorate Cherryh’s appearance as the Guest of Honor at Boskone 24, a science fiction convention. Only 1,000 copies were printed, and each is individually numbered on the copyright page. The first 250 numbered copies were autographed by Cherryh and sold in slipcases. Some of these were also signed by Barclay Shaw, the cover artist.

Grand Masters' Choice

Grand Masters' Choice is an anthology of science fiction short stories edited by Andre Norton and Ingrid Zierhut. It was first published as the convention book for Noreascon Three in a limited edition hardcover by NESFA Press in August 1989. The first paperback edition was published by Tor Books in October 1991. The paperback edition credited Norton alone as editor.The book collects eight novellas, novelettes and short stories by the eight science fiction authors then recognized as Grand Master of the field by the Science Fiction Writers of America. The works included were selected by their authors as the best short works written during their careers. The stories were previously published in the magazines The American Legion Magazine, Astounding, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Galaxy, Fantastic, Playboy, and Science Fiction Quarterly, and the anthology Flashing Swords! #2. The book includes an introduction by Robert Bloch.


Lifelode is a 2009 fantasy novel by Jo Walton, published by NESFA Press, with an introduction by Sharyn November.

Moon Dogs

Moon Dogs is a collection of science fiction short stories and essays by Michael Swanwick. It was published by NESFA Press in 2000 to commemorate his appearance as Guest of Honor at Boskone 37. It includes collaborations with Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann.

New England Science Fiction Association

The New England Science Fiction Association, or NESFA, is a science fiction club centered in the New England area. It was founded in 1967, "by fans who wanted to do things in addition to socializing"[1]. NESFA is currently registered as a non-profit literary organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

The organization holds regular meetings (at their dedicated site, the NESFA Clubhouse) of and for members and other interested parties. A weekly meeting is held most Wednesday evenings, for socializing, projects, and miscellaneous business. Two weekend meetings are held every month: a Business Meeting (for administration), and the Other Meeting. The club also publishes a regular newsletter, Instant Message. There are two book groups that meet on a monthly basis, as well as a monthly Game Day, and a monthly Game Night. In addition, there is a monthly Media day. This involves showings of two episodes of an anime series, two TV series episodes and a movie choice. All are science fiction/fantasy related. There is currently a NESFA Short Story Contest, accepting submissions from amateur writers seeking to improve their science fiction/fantasy writing through constructive critical analysis from expert readers, editors, and professional writers.

Once More* with Footnotes

Once More* With Footnotes is a book by Terry Pratchett, published by NESFA Press in 2004 when he was the Guest of Honor for Noreascon Four, the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention. It contains a mixture of short stories, articles, introductions to other books, and speeches, including his first published short story, "The Hades Business".

The initial run is a limited edition hardback, consisting of 2,500 copies. It had two additional printings in hardback and is currently out of print. The book has a notable discrepancy: the front cover gives the title with two asterisks (the result of the cover design.) The title page has no asterisks, the press release and the Publisher's product page have one asterisk.

The title is a reference to the phrase "once more, with feeling" and to Pratchett's frequent use of footnotes in his Discworld series, along with the brief author commentary at the start of each piece; the book itself actually contains very few footnotes. One of NESFA's working titles for the book was "Oh Bugger, by Wossname".All works contained within 'Once More* With Footnotes' were later published in two anthologies, A Blink of the Screen (2012), a collection of short fiction, and A Slip of the Keyboard (2014), a collection of non-fiction.

Roger Zelazny

Roger Joseph Zelazny (May 13, 1937 – June 14, 1995) was an American poet and writer of fantasy and science fiction short stories and novels, best known for The Chronicles of Amber. He won the Nebula award three times (out of 14 nominations) and the Hugo award six times (also out of 14 nominations), including two Hugos for novels: the serialized novel ...And Call Me Conrad (1965), subsequently published under the title This Immortal (1966) and then the novel Lord of Light (1967).


Scribblings is a 1972 collection of writings by science fiction and fantasy author L. Sprague de Camp to celebrate his appearance as Guest of Honor at Boskone IX, a convention sponsored by the New England Science Fiction Association. The Association served as publisher.The book contains short works of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and aphorisms. Among the stories are the complete set of de Camp's four short "Drinkwhiskey Institute" series of tall tales.

Susan Anderson (disambiguation)

Susan Anderson was the first woman to practice medicine in Colorado.

Susan or Sue Anderson may also refer to:

Susan Anderson (psychotherapist), an author of self-help books on failed romantic relationships

Susan Anderson (swimmer)

Sue Anderson, writer for NESFA Press

Sue Anderson, see The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (soundtrack)

The Isolinguals

"The Isolinguals" is a science fiction story, addressing the concept of ancestral memory, by American writer L. Sprague de Camp. It was his first published story. It was first published in the magazine Astounding Stories for September, 1937, and first appeared in book form in the anthology First Flight: Maiden Voyages in Space and Time (Lancer Books, Aug. 1963; reprinted Nov. 1966 and Nov. 1969 (as Now Begins Tomorrow). It later appeared in the anthologies First Voyages (Avon Books, May 1981), Tales in Time (White Wolf Publishing, Apr. 1997), and Wondrous Beginnings (DAW Books, Jan. 2003), as well as the de Camp collection Years in the Making: the Time-Travel Stories of L. Sprague de Camp (NESFA Press, 2005).

The Rediscovery of Man

The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith (ISBN 0-915368-56-0) is a 1993 book containing the complete collected short fiction of American science fiction author Cordwainer Smith. It was edited by James A. Mann and published by NESFA Press.

Most of the stories take place in Smith's future history set in the universe of the Instrumentality of Mankind; the collection is arranged in the chronological order in which the stories take place in the fictional timeline. The collection also contains short stories which do not take place in this universe.

Within the context of the future history, the Rediscovery of Mankind refers to the Instrumentality's re-introduction of chance and unhappiness into the sterile utopia that they had created for humanity. Other than Smith's novel, Norstrilia, which takes place in the same future history, the book collects all of Smith's known science fiction writing.

The Wheels of If

"The Wheels of If" is an alternate history science fiction story by American writer L. Sprague de Camp. It was first published in the magazine Unknown Fantasy Fiction for October, 1940, and first appeared in book form in de Camp's collection The Wheels of If and Other Science Fiction (Shasta, 1940). It later appeared in the paperback edition of the collection published by Berkley Books in 1970, in de Camp's subsequent collections The Virgin & the Wheels (Popular Library, 1976) and Years in the Making: the Time-Travel Stories of L. Sprague de Camp (NESFA Press, 2005), and in the anthology Unknown Worlds: Tales from Beyond (Galahad Books, 1989). It also appeared, together with a sequel by Harry Turtledove, in The Pugnacious Peacemaker/The Wheels of If (Tor Books, 1990) and Down in the Bottomlands and Other Places (Baen Books, 1999). The story has also been translated into German.

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