NATV Native American Television

NATV: Native American Television is an organization in the United States, providing news, education, and entertainment content to the Native American community. Founded in 1990, the network is run and staffed by Native Americans and is based in Williamsburg, Virginia.

NATV currently has programming online and distribution of select segments, special event coverage and programs available for channels which broadcast through cable and satellite in the US and Canada.


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AIROS Native Radio Network

The AIROS Radio Native-Network is a radio service for Native Americans in the United States, providing authentic Native American music, news, entertainment, interviews and discussions of the current issues that relate to the American Indian population. AIROS is a service of Native American Public Telecommunications, a non-profit organization that supports public media for Native Americans.

Originating from Lincoln, Nebraska, AIROS was founded in 1992. It serves an international distributor of Native American programming through the Public Radio Satellite System. AIROS provides a round-the-clock live internet stream, and can also be heard on 33 Native American stations across the country.

In 2006, AIROS, an acronym for "American Indian Radio on Satellite", had changed their name to the AIROS Native Radio Network for branding purposes, as some AIROS programs can be heard on satellite radio services, such as Sirius and XM.


NATV may mean:

North Allegheny Television, a public-access television cable TV channel near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

NATV Native American Television, an American television channel for Native Americans

English-language broadcast television networks in the United States
Public TV

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