Myene language

Myene is a cluster of closely related Bantu varieties spoken in Gabon by about 46,000 people. It is perhaps the most divergent of the Narrow Bantu languages,[4] though Nurse & Philippson (2003) place it in with the Tsogo languages (B.30). The more distinctive varieties are Mpongwe (Pongoué), Galwa (Galloa), and Nkomi.

Native toGabon
RegionOgooue-Maritime Province, Middle Ogooue Province
EthnicityMyene (Mpongwe, Nkomi, Galwa), Bongo Pygmies
Native speakers
45,000 (2007)[1]
  • Mpongwe
  • Galwa
  • Nkomi
Language codes
ISO 639-3mye


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Adyumba people

The Adyumba or Adjumba are an ethnic group in Gabon. They live mainly near Lake Azingo and in the Middle Ogooué River in the west coast of the country. They belong to the Myènè people and also speak the Myènè language of the Bantu languages. Their neighbors include the Mpongwe people (who they were historically considered a clan of) and the Nkomi people. Today most live by fishing, food crops and small businesses.


MYE, Mye or mye may refer to:

Miyakejima Airport, Japan (IATA code MYE)

Myene language, spoken in Gabon (ISO639 code mye)

Mye, a song in the album Wiretap Scars by Sparta


Myene may refer to:

Myene language

Myene, Burma

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