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Multimedia Entertainment (formerly Avco Program Sales) was an American television production/distribution company originally formed in 1968.


The firm was launched as Avco Program Sales in 1968 as a television production/distribution company owned by the Cincinnati-based Avco Corporation. Another company called Avco Embassy Television (which was sold to Norman Lear and Jerry Perenchio in 1982 and folded into Embassy Telecommunications) was originally responsible for television distribution of the Embassy Pictures film library. In addition, Avco Program Sales concentrated on its own in-house productions. One of its first programs was The Phil Donahue Show in 1970.

In 1976, Multimedia Inc., a Greenville, South Carolina-based newspaper publisher and broadcaster, purchased the production and syndication rights to The Phil Donahue Show and the regionally distributed Bob Braun Show from Avco, which was breaking up its media interests. Multimedia also acquired WLWT in Cincinnati, Avco's flagship station, and initially based its syndication division there. For the next two decades Multimedia Entertainment specialized in audience-participation daytime talk shows with Donahue as its flagship program.

In 1981, Multimedia acquired Show Biz Inc., syndicator of country music television programs such as Pop! Goes the Country.[1] The company later used Multimedia's St. Louis flagship station KSDK as launching pad for The Sally Jessy Raphael Show in 1983, and WLWT as the original base for The Jerry Springer Show in 1991. Multimedia Entertainment also created short-lived TV vehicles for conservative talk radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and Dennis Prager. During this period, Bob Turner, New York Congressman, served as the company's CEO.

On September 17, 1991, Multimedia acquired assets of Carolco's television distribution unit Orbis Communications. Included were first-run syndication rights to The Joker's Wild and John Davidson's hosted version of The $100,000 Pyramid and TV movies.[2]

Multimedia Entertainment was included in the sale of Multimedia to the Gannett Company in 1995. Gannett then sold its production/syndication arm to Universal Television in 1996 and a year later it was folded into Universal Television Enterprises in February.[3] In 1998, Universal Television including the USA Networks were sold to Barry Diller and became part of Studios USA.

The rights to the Multimedia Entertainment name were retained by Gannett, and were transferred to Tegna after Gannett split into two companies in 2015; it is now used for the Tegna subsidiary that holds the license for WGRZ in Buffalo, New York (which Gannett had acquired in a swap for WLWT in 1997, shortly after the Multimedia acquisition), while KARE, KPNX, KUSA, KTVD, WTLV, and WJXX operate as Multimedia Holdings Corporation.

Tegna, Multimedia's successor, re-entered the syndication business in 2017 with the series Daily Blast Live and Sister Circle.

Syndicated programs

This is a listing of programs which were either produced or distributed by Multimedia Entertainment:

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A.D. Vision

A.D. Vision (known simply as ADV and also referred to as ADV Films) is an American multimedia entertainment studio that served as the largest American and British anime distributor in the late 20th to early 21st centuries. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ADV Films was formed in 1992 by video game fan John Ledford and anime fans Matt Greenfield and David Williams. The company spent the next 17 years in the fields of home video production and distribution, broadcast television, theatrical film distribution, merchandising, original productions, magazine and comic book publishing. In 2002, most of ADV Films' back catalog were used to program its new channel, the Anime Network.

For over 15 years, ADV released successful anime titles. Among them are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Robotech, RahXephon, Full Metal Panic, Azumanga Daioh, Elfen Lied, Gantz, Red Garden and Le Chevalier D'Eon. The company maintained offices in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to North America, ADV Films distributed their home media releases in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. With declining fortunes in the mid-2000s due to low sales, ADV collapsed and eventually liquidated their assets in 2009. Section23 Films, Sentai Filmworks, AEsir Holdings, Valkyrie Media Partners and Seraphim Digital; which became subsidiaries of AEsir Media. Ledford, Greenfield and Williams continue to work for these companies as mentors and creative consultants and most of ADV's back catalog were re-licensed by Discotek Media, Media Blasters, Sentai Filmworks, Maiden Japan, NIS America, Nozomi Entertainment, Viz Media, Ponycan USA, Aniplex of America and Funimation. As of 2019, in addition to owning the rights to the ADV Films brand name, Sentai Filmworks now distributes later releases such as Mezzo DSA on DVD, Kino's Journey on DVD and SD Blu-ray and Elfen Lied on DVD and Blu-ray.

Astro Shaw

Astro Shaw Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian film production company, and is one of the leading producers, along with Tayangan Unggul.

BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) annually hosted the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards for multimedia entertainment between 1998 and 2003.

In 2003 BAFTA announced the award would be split into two separate ceremonies - BAFTA Interactive Awards and BAFTA Games Awards - to take place in February the following year.The 2004 ceremonies were held on the 1st and 2 March 2005, after which the Interactive Awards were quietly retired, leaving only the Games Awards to return in October 2006.

Broadway Video

Broadway Video is an American multimedia entertainment studio founded by Lorne Michaels, creator of the sketch comedy TV series Saturday Night Live and producer of other television programs and movies.

Central Park Media

Central Park Media was an American multimedia entertainment company based in New York City, New York, that was active in the distribution of East Asian cinema, television series, anime, manga and manhwa titles in North America prior to its bankruptcy in 2009. It was headquartered in the 250 West 57th Street building in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Commodore CDTV

The CDTV (from Commodore Dynamic Total Vision, later treated as a backronym for Compact Disc Television) is a home multimedia entertainment and video game console – convertible into a full-fledged personal computer by the addition of optional peripherals – developed by Commodore International and launched in April 1991.

Da Pump

Da Pump (ダパンプ, Da Panpu) is a Japanese boy band made up of lead vocalist, Issa Hentona and MCs Ken Okumoto, Yukinari Tamaki and Shinobu Miyara. The band formed as students at Okinawa Actors School in 1996. They made their debut on the Avex Trax subsidiary avex tune under the guidance of producer Akio Togashi on June 11, 1997, with "Feelin' Good -It's Paradise". As one of the few male bands unassociated with Johnny's Entertainment, they were the first to gain major popularity reaching their peak in 2001 with the release of Da Best of Da Pump.

On April 7, 2006, Shinobu formally left the band following a hiatus due to a drunk driving incident in 2005. The band went on an unofficial hiatus at the end of 2006. On December 18, 2008, it was announced that Yukinari was leaving the band and that Ken and Issa were actively looking for his replacement. Within hours, their management company announced a brand new Da Pump with seven new members and a new concept as a multimedia entertainment group. The band will start their official comeback on July 15, 2009, with the new single, "Summer Rider" and a tour in the fall. It was announced on December 5, 2009, that Ken Okumoto had left Da Pump to pursue a solo career, leaving Issa the only original member left. Da Pump now consists of Issa, Daichi, Kenzo, Tomo, Kimi, Yori, and U-Yeah.

Da Pump made their comeback in May 2018 with the hit single, "U.S.A.", a song originally written by Italian singer Joe Yellow.


FEVA TV (acronym for First Entertainment Voice of Africa) is a Canadian English language exempt Category B specialty channel owned by Wells Multimedia Entertainment Inc. FEVA TV broadcasts general entertainment programming aimed at those who appreciate Black and African entertainment. Programming categories include movies, music, comedies, dramas, documentaries, and talk shows. FEVA TV was founded by Robert Onianwah and Dr. Idahosa Wells Okunbo.

Game Network

Game Network was a European online game and television network company. It was initially owned by Digital Bros. group, but was later sold to Cellcast Group. Game Network was, during its broadcast, the only television channel in Europe dedicated to covering multimedia entertainment, and generally focused on video games.

Home theater PC

A home theater PC (HTPC) or media center computer is a convergent device that combines some or all the capabilities of a personal computer with a software application that supports video, photo, audio playback, and sometimes video recording functionality. In recent years, other types of consumer electronics, including gaming systems and dedicated media devices, have crossed over to manage video and music content. The term "media center" also refers to specialized application software designed to run on standard personal computers.HTPC and other convergent devices integrate components of a home theater into a unit co-located with a home entertainment system. An HTPC system typically has a remote control and the software interface normally has a 10-foot (3 m) user interface design so that it can be comfortably viewed at typical television viewing distances. An HTPC can be purchased pre-configured with the required hardware and software needed to add video programming or music to the PC. Enthusiasts can also piece together a system out of discrete components as part of a software-based HTPC.Since 2007, digital media player and smart TV software has been incorporated into consumer electronics through software or hardware changes including video game consoles, Blu-ray players, networked media players, televisions, and set-top boxes. The increased availability of specialized devices, coupled with paid and free digital online content, now offer alternatives to multipurpose (and more costly) personal computers.

Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association

The Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association (IEMA) was a United States-based non-profit organization dedicated to serving the business interests of leading retailers that sell Interactive entertainment software (including video games, multimedia entertainment, peripherals and other software). Member companies of the IEMA collectively accounted for approximately seventy-five percent of the $10 billion annual interactive entertainment business in the United States. The association was established in 1997 by Hal Halpin, its president and founder, and counts among its member companies the largest retailers of games including Walmart, Target Corporation, Blockbuster Entertainment and Circuit City. The IEMA also sponsored an important annual trade show in the promotion of the business of the video game industry called the "Executive Summit".

In April 2006, the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association merged with the Video Software Dealers Association to form the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA).


Medibuntu (Multimedia, Entertainment & Distractions In Ubuntu) was a community-maintained repository of Debian packages that could not be included in the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons.

Reasons for non-inclusion include copyright, license or patent restrictions, or geographical variations in legislation, such as:

patentability of software, algorithms, formats and other abstract creation

legal restrictions on freedom of speech or communication

restrictions on the use of certain types of technology, such as cryptography

legal restrictions on imports of software technology, requiring for example specific permissions

offense which packages may cause to users that would make them unsuitable for Ubuntu's universe repositoryMuch free software and non-free software is affected by such restrictions somewhere in the world, thus preventing its inclusion into Ubuntu. Medibuntu packaged and distributed such software. Downloading, using, distributing or otherwise dealing with software from Medibuntu was possibly illegal depending on the user's jurisdiction/region. Examples of software in Medibuntu were Acrobat Reader, non-free codecs, Google Earth, and RealPlayer.

Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound Group is a multimedia entertainment business based in London with a nightclub, shared workspace and private members club, worldwide events operation, music publishing business and fitness studio.

James Palumbo is the co-founder and former Chairman and CEO of the Group. He handed over the day-to-day running of the business to Lohan Presencer in 2008. In 2018, Presencer became chairman.

Multimedia (media company)

Multimedia, Inc. was a media company that owned 10 daily newspapers, three weekly newspapers, two radio stations, five television stations, and a cable television system division. The company was headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

NBCUniversal Television Distribution (NUTD) is the television distribution arm of the NBCUniversal Television Group in the United States, and is a subsidiary of Comcast. Its predecessors include NBC Enterprises, Universal Domestic Television, MCA TV, Avco Embassy Television, Multimedia Entertainment, PolyGram Television, and Studios USA Television.

The company distributes television series produced by NBC (after 1973), Universal Television, Multimedia Entertainment, Studios USA, Revue Studios, PolyGram Television and Universal Media Studios. The division distributes the film libraries of Universal Pictures, the 1929-1949 Paramount Pictures library (owned by its subsidiary EMKA, Ltd.), all April 1996-99 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment films (as well as PolyGram Television), USA Films, Focus Features and DreamWorks Animation films.

The name was changed to reflect the NBCUniversal brand between September 13, 2004 and January 31, 2011. NUTD is considered the third broadcast syndication arm of NBC, with NBC Enterprises being the second and NBC Films (now part of CBS Television Distribution) as the first, dating back to Spring 1953. NUTD is also considered the sixth broadcast syndication arm of Universal Television with MCA TV as the first, Universal Television Enterprises as the second, Studios USA Television Distribution as the third, Universal Domestic Television as the fourth, and Universal Television Distribution as the fifth.

Pacific Title Archives

Pacific Title Archives is an American company founded in 1935 by Pacific Title & Art Studio as a film storage and archiving company.Pacific Title & Art was sold in 2007 for US$23 million, after which it "ran into hard times." The 90-year-old company went into receivership and was expected to be liquidated.However, according to the company website, "Pacific Title Archives is currently providing service to the motion picture film, television, recording and multimedia entertainment industries. The preservation, care and protection of important video, audio, motion picture film, records, digital media and other media assets remain their primary function and concern."In 2014 Gawk Incorporated signed a letter of intent with PTA. It is to source and distribute content through Gawk's online global distribution program.

Sweethearts (American game show)

Sweethearts is an American television game show which aired from September 12, 1988 to September 8, 1989. It was based on the 1987 British series of the same name. The show was syndicated throughout the United States by Multimedia Entertainment.

Charles Nelson Reilly was the host. Richard Kline guest-hosted.

Third Wire

Third Wire Productions Inc. is a C corporation based in Austin, Texas, United States; it is an independent software development company founded in 1999 to create multimedia entertainment, such as amateur flight simulators and strategy video games.

Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood is a privately held multimedia entertainment company founded in Los Angeles, California, by R. J. Williams.

The company licenses the “Young Hollywood” trademark domestically and internationally for a range of consumer products and services. In addition, they own a television network and are one of the world's largest producers and distributors of celebrity content in the digital space. Their content has received over 2 billion views.

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