Mpuono language

Mpuono, or Mpuun, is a Bantu language spoken by several hundred thousand people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dialects include Mpuono, Mpuun (Mbuun, Kimbuun, Gimbunda).

Native toDR Congo
Native speakers
(165,000 cited 1972)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3zmp
B.84 (ex-B.84a,84b,87)[3]


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Bunda people

The Bunda people or (also Ambuun, Mbuun) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are an ethnic group that mostly live in Idiofa Territory, Kwilu District of Bandundu Province. They speak the Mpuono language, spoken by an estimated 165,000 people as of 1972.

Official language
National languages
(by province)
Sign languages


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