Mount Rowe

Mount Rowe, elevation 1,680 feet (510 m), is a mountain located north of Gunstock Mountain in the Belknap Range, Belknap County, New Hampshire, United States. It has been home to multiple alpine ski operations, including the original Gunstock Mountain Resort single chairlift (now removed), the Belknap Ski Jumps, and the defunct Alpine Ridge/Mt. Rowe ski area.

Mt. Rowe
Mount Rowe as seen from the Gunstock Mountain Resort parking lot
Highest point
Elevation1,680 ft (510 m)
Coordinates43°32′43″N 71°22′41″W / 43.54528°N 71.37806°WCoordinates: 43°32′43″N 71°22′41″W / 43.54528°N 71.37806°W
LocationTown of Gilford, Belknap County,
New Hampshire
Parent rangeBelknap Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Laconia, NH

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Belknap Mountains

The Belknap Mountains are a small mountain range in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in the United States. The range lies in the towns of Gilford, Gilmanton, and Alton in Belknap County. The highest peak, Belknap Mountain, with an elevation of 2,382 feet (726 m) above sea level, is the highest point in Belknap County. Belknap Mountain State Forest covers the central part of the range, including the summit and slopes of Belknap Mountain.

The range extends for approximately 8 miles (13 km) in an arc that begins at New Hampshire Route 11A in Gilford and runs south, then curves east through the northern end of Gilmanton, before ending in the town of Alton, where it overlooks Alton Bay of Lake Winnipesaukee.

The named summits in the range, from northwest to southeast, are Mount Rowe (1,690 ft or 520 m), Gunstock Mountain (2,240 ft or 680 m), Belknap Mountain, Straightback Mountain (1,890 ft or 580 m), and Mount Major (1,786 ft or 544 m). A cluster of several unofficially named summits with elevations ranging from 1,806 to 2,001 feet (550 to 610 m) are on the main crest of the range between Belknap Mountain and Straightback Mountain, surrounding Round Pond, itself located near the crest of the range at 1,652 feet (504 m) above sea level. A secondary ridge extends southwest from Belknap Mountain to the Gilford/Gilmanton line, containing, from north to south, the summits of Piper Mountain (2,044 ft or 623 m) and Whiteface Mountain (1,670 ft or 510 m).The range is entirely in the Merrimack River watershed. The northeast side of the range drains via several small brooks to Lake Winnipesaukee, the outlet of which is the Winnipesaukee River, which drains westward to form the Merrimack. The west side of the range drains via the Gunstock River into Lake Winnipesaukee, and the extreme southwest end of the range, near Whiteface Mountain, drains west via the Tioga River to the Winnipesaukee River. The south side of the range, including Round Pond, drains south via the Suncook River to the Merrimack.

Mount Rowe and Gunstock Mountain form the slopes of Gunstock Mountain Resort, a major ski area for central New Hampshire.

Gunstock Mountain Resort

Gunstock Mountain Resort, originally known as Belknap Mountain Recreation Area, is a sports complex located on Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, New Hampshire. Constructed by the Works Progress Administration, it was completed in 1937 and is owned by Belknap County. Activities include alpine and cross-country skiing, snow tubing, ski jumping, snowshoeing, hiking, and swimming.

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List of mountains in Australia

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List of mountains in Lewis and Clark County, Montana

There are at least 149 named mountains in Lewis and Clark County, Montana.

Allan Mountain, 47°33′42″N 112°48′07″W, el. 7,812 feet (2,381 m)

Anaconda Hill, 47°02′48″N 112°20′13″W, el. 7,149 feet (2,179 m)

Angle Point, 47°55′37″N 113°03′56″W, el. 7,953 feet (2,424 m)

Ayres Peak, 47°25′05″N 113°02′01″W, el. 7,815 feet (2,382 m)

Bald Butte, 46°43′14″N 112°20′32″W, el. 6,995 feet (2,132 m)

Baldy Mountain, 46°54′16″N 112°37′58″W, el. 6,371 feet (1,942 m)

Baldy Mountain, 46°49′51″N 112°07′39″W, el. 6,129 feet (1,868 m)

Bear Den Mountain, 47°13′25″N 112°31′18″W, el. 6,844 feet (2,086 m)

Beartooth Mountain, 46°53′48″N 111°58′16″W, el. 6,033 feet (1,839 m)

Black Butte, 47°31′36″N 112°35′59″W, el. 5,115 feet (1,559 m)

Black Mountain, 46°31′07″N 112°12′41″W, el. 7,136 feet (2,175 m)

Black Mountain, 46°44′20″N 112°31′17″W, el. 8,297 feet (2,529 m)

Black Rock, 47°14′49″N 112°09′20″W, el. 4,767 feet (1,453 m)

Blowout Mountain, 47°11′24″N 112°27′38″W, el. 7,657 feet (2,334 m)

Brewer Hill, 47°04′30″N 111°58′19″W, el. 3,517 feet (1,072 m)

Bunyan Point, 47°23′08″N 112°51′00″W, el. 7,280 feet (2,220 m)

Burn Top Mountain, 47°30′18″N 112°48′28″W, el. 7,474 feet (2,278 m)

Butcher Mountain, 47°04′09″N 112°11′02″W, el. 5,364 feet (1,635 m)

Candle Mountain, 46°53′38″N 111°47′01″W, el. 7,408 feet (2,258 m)

Canyon Point, 47°13′42″N 113°01′11″W, el. 7,533 feet (2,296 m)

Cap Mountain, 46°51′29″N 111°51′42″W, el. 6,722 feet (2,049 m)

Carey Butte, 47°30′17″N 112°27′20″W, el. 4,564 feet (1,391 m)

Caribou Peak, 47°11′18″N 112°34′25″W, el. 8,737 feet (2,663 m)

Cemetery Hill, 46°38′03″N 111°42′23″W, el. 3,812 feet (1,162 m)

Cigarette Rock, 47°21′58″N 112°51′06″W, el. 8,235 feet (2,510 m)

Coburn Mountain, 47°08′40″N 112°01′22″W, el. 5,105 feet (1,556 m)

Colorado Mountain, 46°30′14″N 112°12′30″W, el. 7,218 feet (2,200 m)

Comb Rock, 47°13′50″N 112°10′17″W, el. 4,291 feet (1,308 m)

Concord Mountain, 47°17′29″N 113°00′22″W, el. 6,916 feet (2,108 m)

Copper Butte, 46°47′11″N 112°01′05″W, el. 4,980 feet (1,520 m)

Crater Mountain, 46°55′27″N 112°30′22″W, el. 7,123 feet (2,171 m)

Crown Mountain, 47°22′48″N 112°46′00″W, el. 8,340 feet (2,540 m)

Cyanide Mountain, 47°25′15″N 112°45′38″W, el. 7,825 feet (2,385 m)

Dalton Mountain, 46°50′51″N 112°42′58″W, el. 6,768 feet (2,063 m)

Danaher Mountain, 47°16′02″N 113°02′44″W, el. 8,041 feet (2,451 m)

Deadman Hill, 47°31′53″N 112°57′20″W, el. 7,336 feet (2,236 m)

Denton Mountain, 47°04′17″N 112°16′38″W, el. 6,132 feet (1,869 m)

Devils Tower, 46°47′08″N 111°50′22″W, el. 5,095 feet (1,553 m)

Dreadnaught Hill, 46°40′15″N 112°13′30″W, el. 5,292 feet (1,613 m)

Drumlummon Hill, 46°44′28″N 112°17′37″W, el. 6,302 feet (1,921 m)

Edward Mountain, 46°45′48″N 112°18′42″W, el. 6,716 feet (2,047 m)

Electric Mountain, 47°06′05″N 112°06′15″W, el. 5,279 feet (1,609 m)

Elephant Head, 47°36′46″N 112°50′26″W, el. 5,328 feet (1,624 m)

Elephant Mountain, 47°12′20″N 112°04′57″W, el. 4,587 feet (1,398 m)

Evans Peak, 47°16′17″N 112°52′32″W, el. 8,845 feet (2,696 m)

Fairview Mountain, 47°28′57″N 112°45′02″W, el. 8,241 feet (2,512 m)

Falls Point, 47°13′16″N 112°54′21″W, el. 7,520 feet (2,290 m)

Flint Mountain, 47°20′22″N 112°54′47″W, el. 9,019 feet (2,749 m)

French Bar Mountain, 46°38′24″N 111°44′14″W, el. 4,557 feet (1,389 m)

Galusha Peak, 47°12′25″N 112°47′27″W, el. 8,504 feet (2,592 m)

Gilman Hill, 47°31′48″N 112°22′18″W, el. 4,226 feet (1,288 m)

Gobblers Knob, 47°17′28″N 112°19′12″W, el. 5,059 feet (1,542 m)

Goon Hill, 46°39′09″N 111°43′30″W, el. 4,111 feet (1,253 m)

Granite Butte, 46°51′47″N 112°27′53″W, el. 7,588 feet (2,313 m)

Grassy Hills, 47°16′08″N 112°40′29″W, el. 6,611 feet (2,015 m)

Green Mountain, 47°07′37″N 112°25′28″W, el. 7,444 feet (2,269 m)

Greenhorn Mountain, 46°41′43″N 112°18′47″W, el. 7,510 feet (2,290 m)

Hahn Peak, 47°49′46″N 113°04′09″W, el. 8,291 feet (2,527 m)

Halfmoon Peak, 47°20′58″N 112°48′17″W, el. 8,100 feet (2,500 m)

Haystack Butte, 47°23′56″N 112°32′58″W, el. 6,788 feet (2,069 m)

Hedges Mountain, 46°44′06″N 111°38′52″W, el. 7,103 feet (2,165 m)

Hogback Mountain, 46°49′35″N 111°42′37″W, el. 7,805 feet (2,379 m)

Horse Mountain, 47°20′17″N 112°36′29″W, el. 6,368 feet (1,941 m)

Jackson Peak, 46°57′36″N 111°59′37″W, el. 5,102 feet (1,555 m)

Joes Mountain, 47°08′12″N 112°16′28″W, el. 5,892 feet (1,796 m)

Johnson Mountain, 47°09′40″N 112°16′36″W, el. 5,919 feet (1,804 m)

Junction Mountain, 47°30′57″N 113°07′23″W, el. 8,691 feet (2,649 m)

Kevan Mountain, 47°54′35″N 113°05′25″W, el. 8,323 feet (2,537 m)

Lannigan Mountain, 47°04′15″N 112°12′32″W, el. 5,394 feet (1,644 m)

Lee Mountain, 46°27′57″N 112°16′37″W, el. 7,047 feet (2,148 m)

Lick Mountain, 47°50′57″N 113°01′43″W, el. 7,667 feet (2,337 m)

Limekiln Mountain, 47°07′39″N 112°13′01″W, el. 5,367 feet (1,636 m)

Lone Chief Mountain, 47°19′15″N 112°34′37″W, el. 6,371 feet (1,942 m)

Lone Mountain, 47°06′49″N 112°36′30″W, el. 6,749 feet (2,057 m)

Long Point, 46°56′45″N 112°47′17″W, el. 5,128 feet (1,563 m)

Lookout Mountain, 47°47′31″N 113°01′36″W, el. 8,159 feet (2,487 m)

Luttrell Peak, 46°25′58″N 112°16′50″W, el. 7,723 feet (2,354 m)

McCarty Hill, 47°27′58″N 112°41′14″W, el. 6,165 feet (1,879 m)

Meyer Hill, 47°30′31″N 112°18′35″W, el. 4,163 feet (1,269 m)

Meyers Hill, 46°43′27″N 112°27′31″W, el. 7,129 feet (2,173 m)

Middleman Mountain, 46°48′19″N 111°40′58″W, el. 7,503 feet (2,287 m)

Midnight Hill, 47°03′17″N 112°22′06″W, el. 6,060 feet (1,850 m)

Mitchell Mountain, 46°56′34″N 112°14′30″W, el. 7,021 feet (2,140 m)

Monitor Mountain, 47°13′36″N 112°32′25″W, el. 7,716 feet (2,352 m)

Moonlight Peak, 47°52′35″N 113°01′32″W, el. 8,071 feet (2,460 m)

Moore Hill, 47°05′28″N 112°03′45″W, el. 4,088 feet (1,246 m)

Moors Mountain, 46°53′30″N 111°44′21″W, el. 7,979 feet (2,432 m)

Mount Ascension, 46°34′08″N 112°01′44″W, el. 5,262 feet (1,604 m)

Mount Belmont, 46°44′53″N 112°19′54″W, el. 7,323 feet (2,232 m)

Mount Helena, 46°35′16″N 112°03′55″W, el. 5,433 feet (1,656 m)

Mount Rowe, 47°04′46″N 111°51′50″W, el. 4,997 feet (1,523 m)

Observation Point, 47°20′45″N 112°56′01″W, el. 8,507 feet (2,593 m)

Old Baldy Mountain, 46°24′55″N 112°16′11″W, el. 8,195 feet (2,498 m)

Olson Peak, 47°13′01″N 112°45′43″W, el. 8,825 feet (2,690 m)

Painted Hill, 47°07′52″N 112°12′08″W, el. 5,187 feet (1,581 m)

Patrol Mountain, 47°27′01″N 112°53′32″W, el. 7,936 feet (2,419 m)

Pyramid Peak, 47°11′48″N 112°44′33″W, el. 8,684 feet (2,647 m)

Rabbit Butte, 47°50′53″N 112°58′11″W, el. 6,361 feet (1,939 m)

Rattlesnake Mountain, 46°49′12″N 112°01′25″W, el. 4,934 feet (1,504 m)

Red Butte, 47°35′26″N 113°06′35″W, el. 8,576 feet (2,614 m)

Red Hill, 47°28′27″N 112°47′19″W, el. 7,175 feet (2,187 m)

Red Mountain, 46°27′39″N 112°13′26″W, el. 8,143 feet (2,482 m)

Red Mountain, 47°07′00″N 112°44′19″W, el. 9,403 feet (2,866 m)

Red Mountain, 47°09′46″N 112°26′33″W, el. 7,254 feet (2,211 m)

Red Slide Mountain, 47°20′53″N 112°46′12″W, el. 7,690 feet (2,340 m)

Redhead Peak, 47°44′46″N 113°05′24″W, el. 8,776 feet (2,675 m)

Renshaw Mountain, 47°30′48″N 112°49′55″W, el. 8,261 feet (2,518 m)

Roberts Mountain, 47°05′48″N 112°14′25″W, el. 6,411 feet (1,954 m)

Rogers Mountain, 47°00′14″N 112°11′53″W, el. 6,926 feet (2,111 m)

Roost Hill, 47°30′41″N 112°40′22″W, el. 6,739 feet (2,054 m)

Roundtop Mountain, 46°43′15″N 112°22′12″W, el. 6,916 feet (2,108 m)

Sacajawea Mountain, 46°52′20″N 111°51′54″W, el. 6,522 feet (1,988 m)

Sandy Butte, 47°29′51″N 112°29′04″W, el. 4,613 feet (1,406 m)

Sawtooth Mountain, 46°50′36″N 111°47′57″W, el. 5,909 feet (1,801 m)

Scapegoat Mountain, 47°18′36″N 112°49′45″W, el. 9,186 feet (2,800 m)

Scarlet Mountain, 47°27′58″N 113°00′50″W, el. 8,130 feet (2,480 m)

Scratchgravel Hills, 46°40′35″N 112°05′04″W, el. 5,233 feet (1,595 m)

Sentinel Mountain, 47°23′06″N 113°03′09″W, el. 6,942 feet (2,116 m)

Sheep Mountain, 46°51′29″N 111°45′20″W, el. 7,356 feet (2,242 m)

Sheep Mountain, 47°19′41″N 112°31′02″W, el. 6,686 feet (2,038 m)

Sheep Mountain, 47°38′36″N 112°56′31″W, el. 8,012 feet (2,442 m)

Sheep Sheds, 47°31′22″N 112°47′51″W, el. 7,618 feet (2,322 m)

Signal Mountain, 47°53′58″N 113°02′13″W, el. 8,222 feet (2,506 m)

Silver King Mountain, 47°06′53″N 112°31′41″W, el. 7,775 feet (2,370 m)

Slategoat Mountain, 47°40′28″N 113°00′09″W, el. 8,881 feet (2,707 m)

Steamboat Mountain, 47°17′11″N 112°33′47″W, el. 8,287 feet (2,526 m)

Stemwinder Hill, 46°37′35″N 112°08′38″W, el. 4,580 feet (1,400 m)

Stonewall Mountain, 47°02′36″N 112°42′14″W, el. 8,268 feet (2,520 m)

Stony Point, 46°51′14″N 111°56′53″W, el. 5,528 feet (1,685 m)

Sugar Loaf, 47°31′05″N 112°43′37″W, el. 6,079 feet (1,853 m)

Sugarloaf Mountain, 47°12′58″N 112°24′18″W, el. 6,283 feet (1,915 m)

Sugarloaf Mountain, 47°24′16″N 112°56′45″W, el. 8,642 feet (2,634 m)

Sun Butte, 47°38′06″N 112°51′54″W, el. 5,646 feet (1,721 m)

Sunrise Hill, 47°10′33″N 112°20′34″W, el. 5,600 feet (1,700 m)

Sunset Hill, 47°10′37″N 112°21′20″W, el. 5,791 feet (1,765 m)

Sunset Mountain, 47°05′41″N 112°20′02″W, el. 6,539 feet (1,993 m)

Table Mountain, 47°15′02″N 112°27′01″W, el. 7,132 feet (2,174 m)

The Twin Sisters, 47°06′13″N 111°51′11″W, el. 4,167 feet (1,270 m)

Three Sisters, 47°46′23″N 113°04′58″W, el. 8,894 feet (2,711 m)

Timber Hill, 47°03′05″N 111°49′48″W, el. 5,115 feet (1,559 m)

Toms Peak, 47°01′55″N 112°12′44″W, el. 6,001 feet (1,829 m)

Trident Peaks, 47°20′58″N 112°58′10″W, el. 7,605 feet (2,318 m)

Trinity Hill, 46°46′29″N 112°17′12″W, el. 5,846 feet (1,782 m)

Twin Buttes, 47°15′06″N 112°31′15″W, el. 7,474 feet (2,278 m)

Twin Peaks, 47°29′23″N 113°03′33″W, el. 8,740 feet (2,660 m)

Ursus Hill, 47°22′05″N 113°01′21″W, el. 6,968 feet (2,124 m)

War Eagle Hill, 46°38′18″N 112°12′36″W, el. 5,007 feet (1,526 m)

Willow Mountain, 46°53′41″N 111°50′24″W, el. 7,169 feet (2,185 m)

Wolf Creek Hill, 47°02′05″N 112°07′36″W, el. 3,884 feet (1,184 m)

List of mountains of New Hampshire

List of Mountains in New Hampshire is a general list of mountains in New Hampshire, with elevation. This list includes many mountains in the White Mountains range that covers about a quarter of the state, as well as mountains outside of that range.

Some are included in lists of mountains, such as the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) list of the Hundred Highest peaks of New England, or the subset with elevations of over 4,000 feet (1,200 m) — the "4000 Footers". (Many peaks with sufficient elevation are excluded from the AMC lists because they are not considered to have sufficient topographic prominence. An example is the 5,532-foot (1,686 m) Mount Clay, 1.1-mile (1.8 km) north-northwest along the ridge joining the peak of Mount Washington with that of Mount Jefferson, and rising about 200 feet (61 m) above the general trend of that ridge.)

The Appalachian Trail (AT), a 2,170-mile (3,490 km) National Scenic Trail from Georgia to Maine, runs through New Hampshire, crossing many of the mountain peaks. Several mountains are the sites of major alpine ski resorts.

Mount Nancy

Mount Nancy, formerly Mount Amorisgelu, is a mountain located in Grafton County, New Hampshire, on the eastern boundary of the Pemigewasset Wilderness of the White Mountains. The mountain is the highest point and namesake of the Nancy Range.

Mt. Nancy is flanked to the northeast by Mount Bemis, to the southwest by Mount Anderson, and to the southeast by Duck Pond Mountain. Although Mount Nancy is officially trailless, a visible path climbs to the summit from Norcross Pond. With a summit elevation of 3,926 feet (1,197 m), it is one of the New England Hundred Highest peaks.

The southwest face of Mount Nancy drains into Norcross Brook, thence into the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River, the Merrimack River, and into the Gulf of Maine at Newburyport, Massachusetts. The northwest side of Mt. Nancy drains into Anderson Brook, and thence into Norcross Brook. The northeast and southeast sides of Mt. Nancy drain into Nancy Brook, thence into the Saco River, and into the Gulf of Maine at Saco, Maine.

Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park

The Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park is a protected area in the Australian state of South Australia located in the northern Flinders Ranges, immediately southwest of and adjacent to the Arkaroola Protection Area. They encompass some of the most rugged and spectacular country in South Australia.

Waiwawa River

The Waiwawa River is the longest river on the Coromandel Peninsula, in the Waikato Region of New Zealand's North Island. It flows initially northwest from its sources on the slopes of Mount Rowe before turning northeast to reach the southern end of the Whitianga Harbour.

Belknap Mountains
Ossipee Mountains
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