Moti Masjid (Agra Fort)

The Moti Masjid (translation: Pearl Mosque) in Agra was built by Shah Jahan. During the rule of Shah Jahan the Mughal emperor, numerous architectural wonders were built, the most famous of them being the Taj Mahal. Moti Masjid earned the epithet Pearl Mosque for it shone like a pearl. It is held that this mosque was constructed by Shah Jahan for his members of royal court.

Моти Масджид
19th-century painting of the Moti Masjid by Vasily Vereshchagin


Moti Masjid Agra Fort India plan
Moti Masjid,Agra
Exterior view Moti Masjid, Agra.

It stands on ground that slopes from east to west to the north of Diwan-i-Aam complex in Agra Fort. The courtyard of the Moti Masjid has side arcades and arched recessions and the main sanctuary facade beyond. The sanctuary is roofed with three bulbous domes built of light white marble and stand on the red sandstone walls. There are a series of Hindu-style domed kiosks along the parapet. There are seven bays that are divided into aisles which are supported by piers and lobed arches. The Moti Masjid boasts of extensive white marble facing, a typical stylistic feature of architecture during the reign of Shah Jahan.

This masjid was constructed at a cost of 2 lakh and 60 thousand rupees and took four years to build.

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Coordinates: 27°10′49″N 78°01′18″E / 27.180413°N 78.021742°E

Aali Masjid

Aali Masjid (or Ali Masjid) is a mosque located in the Srinagar city of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Built in 1471 A.D., it is the second largest mosque in the Kashmir Valley after the Jamia Masjid, also located in Srinagar.

Banglewali Mosque

Nizamuddin Markaz Masjid or Banglewali Masjid is a mosque located in Nizamuddin West in South Delhi, India. It is the global center for the Tablighi network and the origin of the Tablighi Jamaat. The Tabligh of India is primarily based here and it is the place of the annual gathering of the Tabligh workers worldwide.It is the birthplace and the headquarters for Tablighi Jammat (An Islamic religious movement based on the principle of the "Work of the Prophets" where the people are accompanied by scholars to come to this pious place, pray and preach the teachings of the Allah and his disciples.

The aim is to revitalize Islam in the lives of Muslims. Its actions are spread across the world.

After every 3 months, a world gathering is held there.

There is a madrasah along with the Markaz

named Kashiful Uloom.


Chempittapally is an old mosque in West Kochi in Kerala State, India. The name "Chempittapally" is derived from the Malayalam word "chemp" (means bronze) and "palli" (means mosque). The roof of this famous mosque was decorated with bronze tiles, hence chempitta pally. The compound has 3 gates; one in west which opens way to Panayapilly, second in south which opens way to Goldenmukku and Kochangadi, and the main gate in the eastern side of compound, which opens way to Angadi, which in turn leads the way to Jew Street and Mattancherry Bazaar towards the north and to Chullickal towards south.

Humayun Mosque

Humanyun Mosque is situated in the village of Kachhpura in Agra on the left bank of River Yamuna.

Jama Masjid, Dildar Nagar

Jama Masjid or Jama Mosque is a 19th-century mosque in Dildarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the oldest mosque in Dildarnagar

Juma Mosque, Pullancheri

Pullancheri Juma Masjid is a local juma masjid of Pullancheri of Manjeri, Kerala state of India.

This masjid was built in the 1920s. There are 5 srambis under this masjid.

This masjid is governed by Hidayathul Islam Sangham Committee. President of Hidayathul Islam Sangham is Sayed Hyderali Shihab Thangal of Panakkad.

Nusrathul Islam Madrasa, Pullancheri is run under this masjid.


Khuthbapalli (Tamil:குத்பாபள்ளி), (French:Couttoubapalli, Cottoubapalli) is an 18th century mosque of Pondicherry. Khutbah literally means the friday sermon given in a mosque. Khuthbapalli means that it is a mosque where Friday Prayers are also held in addition to the regular prayers.

List of mosques in India

This is a list of mosques in India. India has more than 300,000 active mosques a number which is more than most Islamic nations. Population wise India has the second largest Muslim population.


List of mosques in Kerala

This is a list of mosques in Kerala, India.

Mampuram Mosque

The Mampuram Mosque is a famous mosque located in Tirurangadi in the Malappuram District of Kerala, south India. Historically related to the Mappila Lahala of 1921 against the British Government.


Meerapalli (Tamil:மீராபள்ளி), (French:Mirapalli) is the oldest standing mosque of Pondicherry. It was constructed during the first quarter of the 18th century.

Mina Masjid

Mina Masjid or the Heavenly Mosque was built by Shah Jahan between 1631-40 near Diwan-i-Khas in Agra Fort. This small mosque was built, entirely of white marble, by the Mughal king Shah Jahan for his personal use.

Musheerabad Masjid

The Musheerabad Masjid, (also known as Musheerabad Badi Masjid, or Jama Masjid Musheerabad) is a mosque located in the Musheerabad locality of Hyderabad, India. The original portion was constructed by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah, the fourth Sultan of the Qutb Shahi dynasty.

Odathil Palli

Odathil Palli (Odathil Mosque) is a 200-year-old mosque in Thalassery, a city in the state of Kerala, South India. The mosque was built around 1806.

Pearl Mosque

The Pearl Mosque is a name given to several religious structures:

The Moti Masjid (Lahore Fort), located inside the Lahore Fort in Lahore, Pakistan, that was built in 1630-35.

The Moti Masjid (Agra Fort), located in the Agra Fort in Agra, India and was built around 1647-53 by Shah Jahan.

The Moti Masjid (Red Fort), located inside the Red Fort in Delhi, India, that was built in 1659-60 by Aurangzeb.

Shahi Imam

The Shahi Imam is the Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid.

Sher Shah Suri Masjid

Sher Shah Suri Masjid, mosque, Patna,also known as Shershahi, is an example of the Afghan style of architecture.Sher Shah Suri built this mosque in 1540–1545 to commemorate his reign.It is sited in the south-west corner of Purab Darwaza near Dhawalpura.

Sir Syed Masjid

Sir Syed Masjid is located in the heart of Aligarh Muslim University campus. It is located inside Sir Syed Hall. The tomb of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is also enclosed within the walls of the mosque. The design of the mosque resembles the huge Mughal Badshahi Mosque of Lahore.

Tahir Mosque

Tahir Masjid is a Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque located in Payangadi India.

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