Morbi or Morvi is a town and a municipality in Morbi district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is situated on the Kathiawar peninsula. In 2011, the town's population was determined to be 194,947.[1] The town of Morbi is situated on the Machhu River, 35 km from the sea and 60 km from Rajkot.

Much of the building heritage and town planning is attributed to the administration of Sir Lakhdhiraji Waghji,[2] who ruled from 1922 to 1948.

Mani Mandir, Morbi
Mani Mandir, Morbi
Morbi is located in Gujarat
Location in Gujarat, India
Coordinates: 22°49′N 70°50′E / 22.82°N 70.83°ECoordinates: 22°49′N 70°50′E / 22.82°N 70.83°E
Country India
 • Total246,008
 • OfficialGujarati, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Area code(s)02822
Vehicle registrationGJ-36


During the British Raj era, Morvi State was one of several princely states governed by the Jadeja dynasty of Rajputs. It was classified as an 11-gun salute state.[3] The Machchhu dam failure or Morbi disaster was a dam-related flood disaster which occurred on 11 August 1979, in India. The Machchu-2 dam, situated on the Machhu river, burst, sending a wall of water through the city.


70% of India's, and 5% of the World's, output of ceramic items are produced in Morbi.[4]


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