Mod league

Mod league is a form of rugby league developed by the Australian Rugby League. It was developed to introduce children to rugby league.

Mod league follows on from mini footy; it introduces laws more common to the full international laws of rugby league, whilst also keeping the theme of being an introductory level. It is a necessary bridge between mini footy and the full rigours of international rugby league laws.

Similarities with Mini footy

  • Tackles below the armpits
  • Code of Conduct and safe play code enforced
  • Every player must play a minimum of one unbroken half of football in each match
  • Nationally accredited coaches, referees and first aid officers

Changes to bridge the gap between mini footy to rugby league

  • Kicking (without bombs)
  • 40 minute halves ages 8,7,6
  • Maximum number of players per team on the field at once is 11 at ages 9, 10, 11 and 13 at age 12
  • 6 tackles
Australian Rugby League

The Australian Rugby Football League, more commonly known as the Australian Rugby League (ARL), was the governing body for the sport of rugby league football in Australia. The ARL, as a corporate entity, was handed over to the new Australian Rugby League Commission. at 9:30am on 9 February 2012. Since its inception the ARL administered the Australian national team and represented Australia in international rugby league matters. During the mid-1990s' Super League war the ARL administered the country's first-grade premiership until the National Rugby League was formed. The legal hand-over from ARL to ARL Commission ensured that the game has effectively had the same governing body across Australia, since 1924.

Junior rugby league in England

Rugby league is played at a school level in many schools in the rugby league heartlands of the traditional counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumberland; recently it has been introduced into some schools outside the traditional areas in particular in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. Thirty-three percent of schools across the UK offer rugby league as a school sport.Charlie Bray is the youth league representative on the Community Board.

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According to the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003), there are 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games.

Oxford Falls Grammar School

Oxford Falls Grammar School is a private, co-educational, K-12 non-denominational Christian school in Oxford Falls on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, New South Wales. The school is set on 10 acres (4.0 ha) of landscaped grounds and incorporates a four-stream infants school, three-stream primary school and a triple-stream senior school of around 1,300 students.

The school is a member of Christian Schools Australia, the Christian Schools Sporting Association (CSSA) and is a member of the Combined Independent Schools (CIS).

The current headmaster of Oxford Falls Grammar is Dr Peter Downey, who took up his post in 2017.

Rugby league in Australia

Rugby league football in Australia has been one of the country's most popular sports since it started being played there in 1908. It is the dominant winter football code in the states of New South Wales and Queensland. In 2009, it was the most watched sport on Australian television eclipsing the AFL nationally for the first time with an aggregate audience of 128.5 million viewers. The elite club competition is the National Rugby League (NRL), which features ten teams from New South Wales, three teams from Queensland, and one team each from Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand.

Australia has a rich history of rugby league, first taking up the sport in 1908 alongside people in Britain and New Zealand. The rule changes over the decades have been partly instigated in Australia as well. The country has been dominant over the other rugby league-playing nations for many years, but enjoys a strong rivalry with New Zealand.

Commonly known as "league" or simply "football", and sometimes referred to as "the greatest game of all", it is traditionally seen as a "working man's sport" with its roots in the working class communities of Northern England, compared to rugby union which has its roots in prestigious English public schools. The Australian Rugby League Commission, the sport's governing body in Australia, is working on ways to expand rugby league's popularity across political and social boundaries.

Rugby league in England

Rugby league is played across England but is most popular in Northern England, especially Yorkshire and Lancashire where the game originated. These areas are the heartland of rugby league. The sport is also popular in Cumbria where the amateur game is particularly powerful.

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