Mistri caste

The Mistri (or Mistry) are a Hindu caste found in state of Gujarat in India.[1]

Castes known as Mistri

There are two different castes by the same name:

1) Mistri, Mistri Gurjar[1] - which are identified as Mistris, a community originally from Kutch.

2) Mistri-Suthar[1] - which is another name of Suthar community of Gujarat.


The Mistris ( also known as Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas ) are a community of Kutch who migrated into Kutch in the early 7th Century from Rajasthan, to Saurashtra region of Gujarat. In the 12th Century they entered Kutch and established themselves at Dhaneti, later moving on to establish eighteen villages given to them by the then rulers of Kutch.[2]

They are a community of Kshatriya warriors, and a minority Hindu Community of Gujarat. They are artisan and community involved in the building of many of the forts, historical monuments, buildings of the Princely State of Cutch and railway lines and bridges.[3][4][5]

Mistri Suthar

The Suthar community of Gujarat are also called as Mistris or Mistri Suthar.[1] They are a Hindu community belonging to the Vishwakarma group involved largely in carpentry works.

Other Backward Class

The Mistri Gurjar and Mistri Suthar both have been clubbed together and included in Other Backward Class community of Gujarat by Bakshi Panch.[1] Both communities are given OBC Certificate in name of Mistri only.

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