Minister of Finance (South Africa)

The Minister of Finance is a minister in the Cabinet of South Africa who is the political head of the National Treasury. The Minister of Finance is responsible for the financial management of government affairs, drawing up the budget, and developing economic policy (in cooperation with the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Trade and Industry). The Minister of Finance is also responsible for Statistics South Africa and the South African Revenue Service.

South Africa
Minister of Finance
Flag of South Africa
Nhlanhla Nene

since 27 February 2018
National Treasury
Style The Honourable
Appointer Cyril Ramaphosa
Inaugural holder Henry Charles Hull
Formation 31 May 1910
Deputy Mondli Gungubele
Salary R2,211,937[1]
Website National Treasury

List of Past Ministers

Minister of Finance, 1910-present

Name Portrait Term Party President
(since 1984)
Henry Charles Hull 15 September 1910 1912 SAP Louis Botha
(I) (II)
Jan Smuts Picture of Jan Christiaan Smuts 1912 20 October 1915 SAP
Henry Burton
Smuts Cabinet 1923
20 October 1915 1917 SAP
Thomas Orr 1917 20 March 1920 SAP
Jan Smuts
(takes office after Botha dies)
Henry Burton
Smuts Cabinet 1923
20 March 1920 19 June 1924 SAP Jan Smuts
(I) (II)
N.C. Havenga Havenga 20 June 1924 4 September 1939 NP J.B.M. Hertzog
(I) (II) (III) (IV)
J.F.H. Hofmeyer Hofmeyr 5 September 1939 25 May 1948 UP Jan Smuts
(takes office after Hertzog resignation)
Jan Smuts
N.C. Havenga Havenga 26 May 1948 1954 HNP D.F. Malan
(I) (II)
E.H. Louw Eric Louw.jpeg 1954 1956 HNP
Tom Naudé Tom Naud%C3%A9 1962 1956 15 April 1958 HNP
T.E. Dönges D%C3%B6nges cropped 16 April 1958 1967 NP Strydom
Hendrik Verwoerd
(takes office after Strydom's death)
Hendrik Verwoerd
(I) (II)
Nico Diederichs Nicolaas Diederichs 1967 1975 NP
B.J. Vorster
(takes office after Verwoerd's death)
B.J. Vorster
(I) (II) (III)
Owen Horwood 1975 1984 NP
P.W. Botha
(I) (II)
Barend du Plessis 1984 1992 NP
F.W. de Klerk
Derek Keys Derek Keys 1992 19 September 1994 NP
Nelson Mandela
(Government of National Unity)
Chris Liebenberg Chris Liebenberg 19 September 1994 4 April 1996 None
Trevor Manuel Trevor Manuel, IMF 62PH030922AAH 4 April 1996 10 May 2009 ANC
Thabo Mbeki
(I) (II)
Kgalema Motlanthe
(takes office after Mbeki resigns)
Pravin Gordhan Pravin Gordhan 2015 11 May 2009 25 May 2014 ANC Jacob Zuma
(I) (II)
Nhlanhla Nene 25 May 2014 9 December 2015 ANC
David van Rooyen 9 December 2015 13 December 2015 ANC
Pravin Gordhan Pravin Gordhan 2015 13 December 2015 31 March 2017 ANC
Malusi Gigaba Malusi Gigaba 31 March 2017 27 February 2018 ANC
Nhlanhla Nene 27 February 2018 Present ANC Cyril Ramaphosa


  1. ^ "Determination salaries and allowances of the Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers", Proclamation No. 3 of 2015.

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