Michel Delpech

Jean-Michel Delpech (26 January 1946 – 2 January 2016), known as Michel Delpech, was a French singer-songwriter and actor.

Michel Delpech
Michel Delpech Cabourg 2012
Michel Delpech in 2012
Background information
Birth nameJean-Michel Delpech
Born26 January 1946
Courbevoie, France
Died2 January 2016 (aged 69)
Puteaux, France
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, actor
Years active1964–2015
LabelsVogue, Disques Festival, Barclay, Tréma, Disques AZ, Universal, Discovery, Arcade, Polydor, Polygram, Magic, Laserlight
Michel Delpech
Michel Delpech in concert at Louviers in October 2006


In 1963, he had his debut release hit "Anatole" on Disques Vogue. In 1964, Delpech met Roland Vincent, and a long singing songwriting partnership ensued[1] with Delpech being signed to Festival French record label.

In 1965, he took part in the music comedy Copains Clopant that had a six-month run and made him very popular, particularly through his interpretation of "Chez Laurette". He was the opening act for Jacques Brel's goodbye concert at the Paris Olympia. In 1967, he collaborated with Johnny Stark. In 1968, he won the "Grand Prix du Disque" award for "Il y a des jours où on ferait mieux de rester au lit".

Then he left Vogue to sign with Barclay Records. At the peak of his success, he recorded "Wight Is Wight" in tribute to the Isle of Wight Festival, a famous rock festival on the Isle of Wight that became his best known song. It sold over one million copies in Europe, and was awarded gold disc status.[2]

'Pour Un Flirt' was a second smash hit. It charted in the French-speaking countries around the globe as well in the Netherlands, and a version in German brought him charts success in West Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An English translation, Flirt, made the Top 20 in the UK.

The early 1970s brought separation from Johnny Stark for two years, and the end of the long collaboration with Roland Vincent, his first-ever writer. He had some new releases but with limited success. In the 1980s, he enjoyed a comeback and released the album Loin d'ici. A compilation album followed in 1989. He continued releasing albums and making concerts. In December 2006, he released an album of duets Michel Delpech and that topped the French Albums Chart for one week (week of 21–27 January 2007). He also engaged on a French tour.

Personal life

  • In 1966, he met Chantal Simon whom he married. Later on the couple divorced, and Delpech suffered depression. He searched for relief in religions, mainly Buddhism and later the Catholic faith.
  • In the 1970s, there were also many rumours about attempted suicides, but he denied these rumours in a later biography.
  • In 1983, he met Geneviève Garnier-Fabre, a French artist and they married in 1985.
  • In 1990, he had a son, Emmanuel. He became a talented guitarist and joined his father in his concerts since 2007.
  • In 2007, Pascal Louvrier wrote a biography about him titled Michel Delpech - Mis à Nu published on Editions Perrin.
  • In 2011, he played the role of Françoit Gouriot in Beloved (French title: Les Bien-aimés)
  • In 2011, he was a guest of honor for the sixth season of Âge tendre et Têtes de bois broadcast in France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Delpech had long been a heavy smoker, going through a pack of cigarettes daily starting at the age of 18 and quitting only after his diagnosis of throat cancer in 2013. [3][4] He died at a hospital in Puteaux, France on 2 January 2016 at the age of 69.[5]



  • 1966: Inventaire 66
  • 1969: Il y a des jours où on ferait mieux de rester au lit
  • 1970: Album
  • 1974: Le chasseur
  • 1975: Quand j'étais chanteur
  • 1979: 5000 kilomètres
  • 1986: Oubliez tout ce que je vous ai dit
  • 1991: Les Voix du Brésil
  • 1997: Le roi de rien
  • 1999: Cadeau de Noël
  • 2004: Comme Vous
  • 2006: Michel Delpech &
  • 2009: Sexa
  • 1990: J'étais un ange
  • 1999: Fan de toi (2 CDs)
  • 2008: Fan de toi (3 CDs)
  • 2008: Les 100 plus belles chansons
  • 2009: Best of
Live albums
  • 1972: Olympia 1972
  • 2005: Ce lundi-là au Bataclan
  • 2007: Live au Grand Rex


Disques Vogue
  • 1964: "Anatole"
  • 1965: "Chez Laurette"
  • 1964 : "Elle se moque de toi"
  • 1965 : "Copains Clopants" (with Chantal Simon)
  • 1965 : "Chez Laurette" (rereleased in 1970 and with Musidisc in 1978)
  • 1965 : "T'en fais pas"
  • 1965 : "Plus d'bac"
  • 1966 : "Marie-toi Marie Jo" (rereleased in 1970)
  • 1966 : "Inventaire 66"
  • 1966 : "Quand on aime comme on s'aime"
  • 1966 : "Le restaurant chinois" (rereleased in 1970)
  • 1967 : "La Femme de l'an 3000"
  • 1967 : "Il faut regarder les étoiles"
  • 1967 : "Pour un coin de Pologne"
  • 1968 : "Poupée cassée"
  • 1968 : "Les p'tits cailloux blancs"
  • 1969 : "Le Mauvais Jardinier"
  • 1969 : "Wight Is Wight"
  • 1969 : "Quand la pluie tombe en été"
  • 1970 : "Chérie-Lise"
  • 1970 : "Un coup de pied dans la montagne"
  • 1971 : "Le blé en herbe"
  • 1971 : "La Vie, La Vie"
  • 1971 : *Pour un flirt
  • 1972 : "Quand un soldat reviens"
  • 1972 : "Même pendant la guerre on chante"
  • 1972 : "Fan de toi"
  • 1972 : "Que Marianne était jolie"
  • 1973 : "Rimbaud chanterait"
  • 1973 : "Les divorcés"
  • 1973 : "Les aveux"
  • 1973 : "Je pense à toi"
  • 1974 : "Je l'attendais"
  • 1974 : "Le chasseur (Les oies sauvages)"
  • 1975 : "Quand j’étais chanteur"
  • 1976 : "Ce lundi-là"
  • 1976 : "Tu me fais planer"
  • 1976 : "La fille avec des baskets"
  • 1977 : "Fais un bébé"
  • 1977 : "Le Loir et Cher"
  • 1978 : "C’est ta chanson" (remake of "Your Song")
  • 1979 : "Trente manières de quitter une fille" (remake of "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover")
  • 1979 : "Je cherche un endroit"
  • 1980 : "Docker"
  • 1981 : "Bombay"
  • 1983 : "Animaux animaux"
  • 1984 : "Loin d'ici"
Pathé-Marconi / EMI / Charles Talar Records
  • 1985 : "Rock en U.R.S.S."
  • 1986 : "J'peux pas dormir"
  • 1986 : "Oubliez tout ce que je vous ai dit"
  • 1987 : "Petite France"
  • 1988 : "Ces mots-là"
  • 1988 : "Fais glisser tes bas... ces mots-là"
  • 1989 : "Pleurer le chanteur"
  • 1990 : "J'étais un ange"
  • 1991 : "Les voix du Brésil"
  • 1992 : "Terre d'amour"


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Beloved (2011 film)

Beloved (French: Les Bien-aimés) is a 2011 French film written and directed by Christophe Honoré, starring Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Ludivine Sagnier, Louis Garrel, Miloš Forman, Paul Schneider, and Michel Delpech. The story is set in the 1960s through the 2000s in Paris, Reims, Montreal, Prague and London. While not a musical, the characters use musical 'narration' and 'dialogues' throughout the film.


Delpech is a surname, and may refer to:

Anthony Delpech (born 1969)

Bertrand Poirot-Delpech (1929–2006)

Francois Seraphin Delpech (1778–1825), French lithographer and printer; worked after Carle Vernet, Charles Remond, Hippolyte Lecomte, Constant Bourgeois and others

Jacques Mathieu Delpech (1777–1832)

Jean-Luc Delpech (born 1979)

Michel Delpech (1946–2016)

Didier Barbelivien

Didier René Henri Barbelivien (born 10 March 1954 in Paris) is a French author, lyricist, songwriter and singer. Beginning in the 1970s, he wrote a number of successful songs for artists such as: Dalida, Johnny Hallyday, Michel Sardou, Daniel Guichard, Claude François, Gilbert Montagné, Sylvie Vartan, Patti Layne, Gilbert Bécaud, Enrico Macias, Demis Roussos, Mireille Mathieu, Hervé Vilard, Michèle Torr, C. Jérôme, Christophe, Julio Iglesias, Sheila, Nicole Croisille, Patricia Kaas, Eric Charden, Jean-Pierre François, Michel Delpech, Philippe Lavil, Elsa, Gérard Lenorman, Ringo, Garou, Corynne Charby, David and Jonathan, and Caroline Legrand among others.

In the 1980s and 1990s, he enjoyed popular success singing his own songs, many of which climbed quickly to the top of the French charts of the era. In the 1990s, he sang several titles with Félix Gray.

He was made Chevalier (Knight) of the Légion d'honneur in 2009.

Flirt! (song)

"Flirt!" is a song and single written by Jonathan King, Michel Delpech and Roland Vincent and performed by King. Released in 1972 it reached 22, on the UK charts, staying there for nine weeks. The song is a cover of a French song, Pour un Flirt, by Delpech and Vincent, to which King added English lyrics.

French pop music

French pop music is pop music sung in the French language. It is usually performed by singers from France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, or any of the other francophone areas of the world. The target audience is the francophone market (primarily France), which is considerably smaller than and largely independent from the mainstream anglophone market.

Gold (album series)

Gold is a series of two-disc compilation albums released by Universal Music Group. Some include tracks licensed from non-Universal labels.

Most, if not all, of the albums share a common layout, with a photograph of the artist below a gold bar, with a gold vertical line near the right hand side, the artist's name on the left of the gold line, and "Gold" on the right. Earlier Gold series compilations had a design based on that of ABBA Gold, such as the compilations for The Carpenters and Etta James.

Most of the earliest CDs in this series were released on the Hip-O imprint.

CDs in this series include, alphabetically by band or artists's full name:

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Gold (Bachman–Turner Overdrive album), a 2005 Bachman-Turner Overdrive compilation

Gold (The Beautiful South album), a 2006 The Beautiful South compilation

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Gold (The Crusaders album), a 2007 The Crusaders compilation

Gold (Roger Daltrey album), a 2006 Roger Daltrey compilation

Gold (Chris De Burgh album), a 2007 Chris De Burgh compilation

Gold (Paco De Lucía album), a 2005 Paco De Lucía compilation reissue of Antología

Gold (Michel Delpech album), a 2006 Michel Delpech compilation

Gold (Neil Diamond album), a 2005 Neil Diamond compilation with no relation to the live album of the same name from 1971

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Gold (Donna Summer album), a 2005 Donna Summer compilation

Gold (Supertramp album), a 2005 Supertramp compilation released in the UK/Europe under the title Retrospectacle – The Supertramp Anthology

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Gold (Zamfir album), a 2006 Zamfir compilationVarious Artists Gold CDs (each contains 2 CDs)

This list was compiled from a personal collection of "Gold" series CDs and may not be complete:

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R & B Gold (Universal Music Australia import – might not be part of the Gold series)

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Marcilhac-sur-Célé is a commune in the Lot department in south-western France. It has many historic buildings, including the ruined 9th century Abbey of St Peter.

Salut les copains (album series)

Salut les copains is a series of albums released through Universal Music France to commemorate the best of music featured in French scene as sponsored by "salut les copain" radio program in France and the French Salut les copains magazine. The tracks include French original singles, French-language covers of known hits as well as European and American hits popular in France. The track list is a representative wide selection of the "Yé-yé" generation of French music.

Tréma (record label)

Tréma was a record and video label founded in 1969 by Jacques Revaux and Régis Talar. The word tréma was an acronym for Talar Revaux Éditions Musicales Associées.

Tréma was initially created to publish the recordings of Michel Sardou, whose parents used to buy meat from the parents of Jacques Revaux, but various other artists also joined it, such as Animo, Richard Anthony, Charles Aznavour, Pierre Billon, Carlos, Dani, Jean-Jacques Debout, Michel Delpech, Dionysos, Frédéric François, Michel Fugain, Pierre Groscolas, Michel Kricorian, Catherine Lara, Enrico Macias, Didier Marouani, K-Reen, Matmatah, Alexandra Roos, Patrick Topaloff, Serge Reggiani, and Hervé Vilard. Liz Mitchell (lead singer of Boney M) also has 3 singles and an album issued by the company in the late 80s, No one will force you(album) and Get on up and dance (promo 12inch single) Marinero (12'inch single promo)& Single Marinero b/w Times a river. Michel Sardou, by himself, made up 80% of the sales of the label.

The label was bought by Universal Music France in 2004.

Voyage (band)

Voyage was a French disco and pop/funk group, consisting of André "Slim" Pezin (guitar/vocals), Marc Chantereau (keyboards/vocals), Pierre-Alain Dahan (drums/vocals) and Sauveur Mallia (bass), together with British lead vocalist Sylvia Mason-James, who sang on the group's first two albums, Voyage (1977) and Let's Fly Away (1978).

For their next two albums, Pierre-Alain Dahan became the lead vocalist on Voyage 3 (1980) and on One Step Higher (1982), and the group's sound changed from disco to pop.

Before Voyage, Pezin, Chantereau, Dahan and Mallia worked together in a band called V.I.P. Connection in 1975 with two disco songs: "Please Love Me Again" and "West Coast Drive", songs known by fans and collectors of early disco music.

They also worked as session musicians or in live performance in France, with artists such as: Manu Dibango, Cerrone, Alec R. Costandinos & the Synchophonic Orchestra, Michel Sardou for Slim Pezin; Michel Legrand, Jean Musy, Cerrone, Bernard Lavilliers for Sauveur Mallia; Léo Ferré, Michel Delpech, Guy Béart or Johnny Hallyday for Marc Chantereau; Nino Ferrer, Jean-Claude Petit and Stéphane Grappelli.

From the late 1960s until the mid 1970s, they were in demand in France, Europe and worldwide, in all styles of music: jazz with Grappelli, French chanson with Ferré, world music and jazz with Dibango, rock with Hallyday, and French pop with Sardou and Delpech.

Their lone Billboard Hot 100 entry was "Souvenirs," which hit No. 41 in 1979. They had more success on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart, where two of their albums, Voyage (1978) and Fly Away (1979), hit number one.

In the UK, the group had three chart singles. A double A-side, "From East To West"/"Scotch Machine" (the latter song retitled "Scots Machine" because the term "Scotch" is no longer used in Scotland) reached No. 13 in 1978, while later that year "Souvenirs" made No. 56. Also popular was the song "Lady America". Their last impact on the charts came in 1979 when "Let's Fly Away" peaked at number thirty-eight.In their home country, France, they were successful in the nightclubs of Paris, and featured on radio and television promoting their songs, but they ranked only three singles, "From East To West" peaked at #20 on May 26, 1978, then "Souvenirs" peaked at No. 53 on January 12, 1979 and "Tahiti - Tahiti" peaked at No. 43 on May 5, 1979. However, the four musicians couldn't replicate their successful French record sales in the United States. In spite of the quality of their albums, their songs, "I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again" in 1980 and "Let's Get Started" in 1982 failed to chart. As disco went on the wane, they turned to making albums with a more funky sound.

After Voyage, the group members worked separately with a number of singers, including Françoise Hardy, Alain Chamfort, Mylène Farmer, Guesch Patti, Jean-Louis Murat. Slim worked on the French movie soundtrack Betty Blue in 1986 and produced a French hit "Caressé Mwen" sung by Marijosé Alie in 1987. Sauveur Mallia worked on several movies soundtracks like Moonstruck with Cher in 1987, Breakfast of Champions with Bruce Willis in 1999, and was involved in other projects with Chantereau and Dahan.

Wight Is Wight

"Wight Is Wight" is a French song by Michel Delpech. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Released in 1969 it became a big hit in France and internationally. The hippy-influenced song mentions Bob Dylan and Donovan as tribute.


"Éthiopie" is a charity song recorded in 1985 by the collective band known under the name 'Chanteurs sans Frontières'. The song achieved a huge success in France, topping the chart for two months and becoming one of the best-selling singles in that country.


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