The Megalopodidae are a small family of leaf beetles, previously included as a subfamily within the Chrysomelidae. One of its constituent subfamilies, Zeugophorinae, which contains a single genus, has also frequently been treated as a subfamily within Chrysomelidae. The family contains approximately 30 genera worldwide, primarily in the nominate subfamily Megalopodinae, and mostly circumtropical.

Zeugophora subspinosa (Fabricius, 1781) (4669941108)
Zeugophora subspinosa
Scientific classification

Latreille, 1802



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Barticaria caeruleus is a species of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, the only species in the genus Barticaria.


Bothromegalopus gibbosus is a species of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, the only species in the genus Bothromegalopus.


Bruchomima chloropelta is a species of beetle in the family Megalopodidae, the only species in the genus Bruchomima.


Cavognathidae is a family of beetles, in the suborder Polyphaga.


The Chrysomeloidea are an enormous superfamily of beetles, with tens of thousands of species, mostly in the families Cerambycidae (the long-horned beetles) and Chrysomelidae, the leaf beetles.


Clythraxeloma is a genus of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, containing the following species:

Clythraxeloma cyanipennis Kraatz, 1879

Clythraxeloma nigropunctatus (Pic, 1896)

Colobaspis elegans

Colobaspis elegans is a species of beetles in the family Megalopodidae. It is found in Taiwan.


Hobartiidae is a family of beetles, in the suborder Polyphaga.


Kuilua is a genus of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, containing the following species:

Kuilua africana Jacoby, 1894

Kuilua apicicornis Pic, 1930

Kuilua brevior Pic, 1917

Kuilua ertli Weise, 1919

Kuilua loveni Weise, 1926


Macrolopha is a genus of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, containing the following species:

Macrolopha atricornis Pic, 1951

Macrolopha atripennis Pic, 1951

Macrolopha bicoloripennis Pic, 1951

Macrolopha brunneonotata Pic, 1951

Macrolopha cribricollis Pic, 1951

Macrolopha dentipes Weise, 1902

Macrolopha flavofasciata (Pic, 1945)

Macrolopha humeralis Pic, 1951

Macrolopha insignata Pic, 1951

Macrolopha jacobyi Weise, 1902

Macrolopha limbata Pic, 1951

Macrolopha luteofasciota Pic, 1951

Macrolopha luteonotata Pic, 1951

Macrolopha minuta Pic, 1951

Macrolopha obscuricolor Pic, 1951

Macrolopha quadrimaculata Gahan, 1909

Macrolopha rustica Weise, 1902

Macrolopha subfasciata Pic, 1951

Macrolopha subnotata Pic, 1951

Macrolopha transversicollis Pic, 1951

Macrolopha variabilis


The beetle subfamily Megalopodinae is the largest group within the family Megalopodidae. Species in the subfamily are mostly tropical in distribution, and their larvae typically bore inside of plant stems.

It contains the following genera:

Agathomerus Lacordaire, 1845

Antonaria Jacoby & Clavareau, 1905

Barticaria Jacoby & Clavareau, 1905

Bothromegalopus Monros, 1947

Clythraxeloma Kraatz, 1879

Colobaspis Fairmaire, 1894

Homalopterus Perty, 1832

Kuilua Jacoby, 1894

Leucastea Stål, 1855

Macroantonaria Pic, 1951

Macrolopha Weise, 1902

Mastostethus Lacordaire, 1845

Megalopus Fabricius, 1801

Nickimerus Guerin, 1948

Plesioagathomerus Monros, 1945

Poecilomorpha Hope, 1840

Sphondylia Weise, 1902

Temnaspis Lacordaire, 1845


Megalopus is a genus of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, containing the following species:

Megalopus analis Klug, 1824

Megalopus armatus Lacordaire, 1845

Megalopus basalis Jacoby, 1892

Megalopus brasiliensis Jacoby, 1903

Megalopus brevipennis Jacoby, 1903

Megalopus buckleyi Jacoby, 1889

Megalopus elongatus Baly, 1876

Megalopus foveifrons Pic, 1948

Megalopus inscriptus Klug, 1824

Megalopus jacobyi Clavareau, 1905

Megalopus luteosignatus Pic, 1940

Megalopus mexicanus Clavareau, 1905

Megalopus nigrovittatus Jacoby, 1893

Megalopus riolaceo-fasciatus Jacoby, 1888

Megalopus sexvittatus Bates

Megalopus szantoi Papp, 1951

Megalopus thoracica Jacoby, 1903

Megalopus vittaticollis Baly, 1876


Palophaginae is a small beetle subfamily within the family Megalopodidae. It contains four species in three genera:

Genus Cucujopsis Crowson, 1946

Cucujopsis setifer Crowson, 1946

Genus Palophagoides Kuschel in Kuschel & May, 1996

Palophagoides vargasorum Kuschel in Kuschel & May, 1996

Genus Palophagus Kuschel in Kuschel & May, 1990

Palophagus australiensis Kuschel in Kuschel & May, 1990

Palophagus bunyae Kuschel in Kuschel & May, 1990


Perimylopidae is a family of beetles, in the large suborder Polyphaga. It is now called Promecheilidae


Plesioagathomerus is a genus of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, containing the following species:

Plesioagathomerus atrodiscalis Pic, 1947

Plesioagathomerus bilineatus Pic, 1947

Plesioagathomerus canus Monros, 1945

Plesioagathomerus vittatus Monros, 1945


Pterogeniidae is a family of beetles, in the large suborder Polyphaga.


The Synchroidae are a small family of beetles with no vernacular common name, though recent authors have coined the name synchroa bark beetles. The family consists of three extant genera, Mallodrya, Synchroa, and Synchroina, with a total of nine species.


Temnaspis is a genus of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, containing the following species:

Temnaspis arida Westwood, 1864

Temnaspis ashlocki Kimoto & Gressitt, 1979

Temnaspis bengalensis Westwood, 1864

Temnaspis bicoloripennis Pic, 1950

Temnaspis bidentatus Pic, 1922

Temnaspis bifasciata Mohamedsaid, 1999

Temnaspis bonneuili Pic, 1947

Temnaspis brunneipennis Pic, 1926

Temnaspis centromaculata Medvedev & Sprecher-Uebersax, 1997

Temnaspis chrysopyga Westwood, 1864

Temnaspis cumingii Westwood, 1864

Temnaspis discolineata Pic, 1938

Temnaspis diversesignatus Pic, 1955

Temnaspis dohrni Jacoby, 1899

Temnaspis downesi Pic, 1922

Temnaspis elegans Chujo, 1951

Temnaspis flavicornis Jacoby, 1892

Temnaspis humeralis Jacoby, 1890

Temnaspis japonicus Baly, 1873

Temnaspis kuntzeni Reineck, 1923

Temnaspis lugubris Westwood, 1864

Temnaspis luteimembris (Pic, 1951)

Temnaspis maculata Pic, 1926

Temnaspis mouhoti Baly, 1864

Temnaspis nigricollis Jacoby, 1899

Temnaspis nigripennis Jacoby, 1890

Temnaspis nigroplagiata Jacoby, 1892

Temnaspis otrofasciatus (Pic, 1951)

Temnaspis purpureotinctus Medvedev, 2002

Temnaspis quadriplagiata Bryant, 1934

Temnaspis squalidus Allard, 1892

Temnaspis testaceoapicalis Pic, 1955

Temnaspis vietnamensis Medvedev, 1985

Temnaspis westwoodii Baly, 1865


Zeugophora is a genus of beetles in the family Megalopodidae, containing the following species:

Zeugophora abnormis (LeConte, 1850)

Zeugophora africana Bryant

Zeugophora albiseta Reid, 1989

Zeugophora andrewesi Jacoby

Zeugophora annulata (Baly, 1873)

Zeugophora apicalis Motschulsky, 1866

Zeugophora atra Fall, 1926

Zeugophora atropicta Crowson

Zeugophora belokobylskii Lopatin, 1995

Zeugophora bicolor Kraatz, 1879

Zeugophora biguttata Kraatz

Zeugophora bimaculata Kraatz

Zeugophora brancuccii Medvedev, 1993

Zeugophora buonloicus Medvedev, 1985

Zeugophora californica Crotch, 1874

Zeugophora camerunica Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora capensis Bryant

Zeugophora chinensis Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora consanguinea Crotch, 1873

Zeugophora crassicornis Medvedev, 1985

Zeugophora cribrata Chen, 1974

Zeugophora cyanea Chen, 1974

Zeugophora dimorpha Gressitt, 1945

Zeugophora elongata Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora fasciata Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora flavicollis (Marsham, 1802)

Zeugophora flavitarsis Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora flavonotata (Chujo, 1935)

Zeugophora frontalis Suffrian, 1840

Zeugophora gedyei Bechyne, 1958

Zeugophora hanungus Medvedev, 1985

Zeugophora himalayana Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora hozumii Chujo, 1953

Zeugophora humeralis Achard

Zeugophora indica Jacoby

Zeugophora japonica Chujo, 1951

Zeugophora javana Reid, 1992

Zeugophora kirbyi Baly

Zeugophora kwaiensis Weise, 1900

Zeugophora longicornis Westwood

Zeugophora luzonica (Weise, 1922)

Zeugophora maai Kimoto & Gressitt, 1979

Zeugophora madagascariensis Jacoby

Zeugophora medvedevi Lopatin, 2002

Zeugophora multisignata (Pic, 1945)

Zeugophora multnomah Hatch, 1971

Zeugophora murrayi Clark

Zeugophora neomexicana Schaeffer, 1919

Zeugophora nepalica Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora parva Crowson

Zeugophora puberula Crotch, 1873

Zeugophora rufotestacea Kraatz, 1871

Zeugophora scutellaris Suffrian, 1840

Zeugophora setosella Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora subspinosa (Fabricius, 1781)

Zeugophora testaceipes Pic

Zeugophora tetraspilota Medvedev, 1998

Zeugophora trisignata An & Kwon, 2002

Zeugophora turneri Power, 1863

Zeugophora unifasciata Pic, 1917

Zeugophora variabilis Achard

Zeugophora varians Crotch, 1873

Zeugophora varipes Jacoby

Zeugophora viridipes Pic, 1930

Zeugophora vitinea (Oke, 1932)

Zeugophora weisei Reitter

Zeugophora williamsi Reid, 1989

Zeugophora wittmeri Medvedev, 1993

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