Matt Richtel

Matt Richtel (born October 2, 1966 in Los Angeles)[1][2] is an American writer and journalist for The New York Times. He was awarded the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for a series on distracted driving.[3]

Richtel obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley and an MS from the Columbia School of Journalism.[4]

He is the author of A Deadly Wandering, a New York Times-bestselling nonfiction narrative that intertwines the story of a car crash caused by a texting driver with a study of the science of attention. It was named one of the best books of 2014 by The Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, and Amazon, among others.

Richtel also writes fiction and has authored several mystery/thrillers, including Dead on Arrival (William Morrow, 2017), called by the New York Times Book Review "An intellectual thrill ride that tucks searing social critique into the Trojan horse of a save-the-world page-turner." He also wrote Doomsday Equation (2015), The Cloud, and Devil's Plaything. His first book, called Hooked, is about a reporter whose life is turned upside down when he escapes a cafe explosion after a stranger hands him a note in his dead fiancée's handwriting warning him to leave.[5]

He co-created and formerly wrote the syndicated comic Rudy Park under the pen name Theron Heir.[6] Since 2012, the strip is now written by its longtime illustrator Darrin Bell.[7]

In 2010, Richtel wrote,[8] and was interviewed,[9] about the impact on the human brain of living with "a deluge of data" from digital devices.[8] In the interview, he previewed his current investigation into the idea that "[t]here is some thought that the way kids' brains ... and frontal lobes ... are developing" differently from those of their parents and others of older generations. He said he expected to publish his work on this subject in early December.[9]

Matt Richtel
BornOctober 2, 1966 (age 52)
Pen nameTheron Heir
Occupationauthor, journalist, comic strip writer
EducationUniversity of California at Berkeley, BA
Columbia School of Journalism, MS
Notable worksA Deadly Wandering
Rudy Park


Richtel lives in San Francisco with his wife, son and daughter.[9]


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A Deadly Wandering

A Deadly Wandering: A Mystery, a Landmark Investigation, and the Astonishing Science of Attention in the Digital Age is a 2014 book by Matt Richtel. It details the story of Reggie Shaw, a Mormon teenager who killed two scientists in Utah in 2006 while he was texting and driving. Richtel also reports scientific studies on human attention interspersed with the narrative.

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Rudy Park

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A textalyzer is a proposed device that would act as a breathalyzer for text messaging. The device has been promoted as a means of reducing distracted driving. The device would be used by police officers who suspect that a driver has been texting while driving using similar procedures currently in place for drivers suspected of driving under the influence. The device would be connected to the driver's mobile phone and would scan the phone for calls, e-mails, or text messages sent when the driver would have been operating the vehicle.

In 2016, legislation was introduced in the New York Senate to implement the use of textalyzers.

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