Masthead (publishing)

In American usage, a publication's masthead is a printed list, published in a fixed position in each edition, of its owners, departments, officers and address details,[1][2] which in British English usage is known as imprint.[3]

In the UK and many other Commonwealth nations, "the masthead" is a publication's designed title as it appears on the front page;[3] what in American English is known as the nameplate.

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The Umpqua Post

The Umpqua Post is a weekly newspaper serving Reedsport, Oregon, United States and the surrounding area in Douglas and Coos counties. It is owned by Southwestern Oregon Publishing Company,

a subsidiary of Lee Enterprises and is published each Wednesday by The World newspaper in Coos Bay. The paper is distributed in Reedsport and nearby Gardiner, Scottsburg, Elkton, Winchester Bay and Coos Bay. Total circulation each week is 1,528 copies.

The Post was first published on November 4, 1996, by founders Elizabeth Adamo and Nancie Hammond. The paper was purchased by Pulitzer, Inc. in 2004. Ownership shifted to Lee in 2005 with that company's acquisition of Pulitzer.

Toronto Life

Toronto Life is a monthly magazine about entertainment, politics and life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto Life also publishes a number of annual special interest guides about the city, including Real Estate, Stylebook, Eating & Drinking, City Home and Neighbourhoods. Established in 1966, it is now owned by St. Joseph Media since 2002. It has a circulation of 87,929 and readership of 856,000. The magazine is a major winner of the Canadian National Magazine Awards, leading current publications with 110 gold awards including 3 awards for Magazine of the Year in 1985, 1989, and 2007. It is also known for publishing an annual 50 most influential people in Toronto list.

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