Masoud Jafari Jozani

Masoud Djafari Djozani (born 10 December 1948 in Malayer, Iran) (in Persian: مسعود جعفری جوزانی) is a film director, screenwriter and film producer. He received an M.A. in cinema from the San Francisco State University (1977).[1] In his feature films, he generally deals with heroic subjects in the natural environment with a historical and epic tone. Some of his films were awarded local prizes. His 2009 film In the Wind's Eye, the conclusion to his television series Dar Chashm-e Baad, was partially filmed in Los Angeles, making it the first Iranian production to be shot in the United States since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. With a budget of US$12 million, it is also among the most expensive films in Iranian history.[2][3][4][5]

He is the brother of producer Fatolah Jafari-Jozani and the father of actress Sahar Jafari Jozani.

Masoud Jafari Jozani
Masoud Jafari Jozani 1394
Masoud Jafari Jozani in 2015
Born December 10, 1948 (age 69)
Malayer, Hamedan Province, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Alma mater San Francisco State University
Occupation Film director
Years active 1984–present

Some of his films

  • Jadehay sard (1985)
  • The Stony Lion, 1986
  • In the Wind’s Eye, 2009
  • A Man and a Bear, 1992
  • Heart and Dagger, 1994
  • Puberty, 1999

Screen plays

  • Cyrus The Great


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