Mary di Michele

Mary di Michele (born 6 Aug 1949) is an Italian-Canadian poet and author.[1][2] She is a professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec where she teaches in creative writing.[3]

Early life and education

di Michele was born in Lanciano, Italy. She immigrated to Toronto, Ontario with her family in 1955. She obtained an Honours B.A. in English Literature at the University of Toronto in 1972. Later, she completed an M.A. in English and creative writing at the University of Windsor in 1974.


di Michele published her first book of poetry, Tree of August, in 1978. [4] She traveled to Chile in 1987 as part of a literary cultural exchange.[5] In 1990 she became a professor of English at Concordia University.[4]

By 1995 di Michele had written six volumes of poetry. That year she published her first novel, Under My Skin.[6] She continued to write and publish poetry, and in 2005 released a second novel, Tenor of Love.[7][8]

In 2017 di Michele published a book of poetry, Bicycle Thieves.[9][10]

In 2018 her works are held in more than 1400 libraries.[11]


  • Tree of August – 1978
  • Bread and Chocolate – 1980
  • Mimosa and Other Poems – 1981
  • Necessary Sugar – 1984
  • Anything is Possible: A Selection of Eleven Women Poets (editor) – 1984
  • Immune to Gravity – 1986
  • Under My Skin (novel) – 1994
  • Luminous Emergencies – 1990[12]
  • Stranger in You: Selected Poems and New – 1995
  • Debriefing the Rose – 1998
  • Tenor of Love (novel) – 2005


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