Martha Goodway

Martha Goodway is an American metallurgist, specializing in archaeometallurgy, the study of traditional techniques of mining, smelting, and working metals; and an expert in the use of metals in historical harpsichords.

Early life and education

Martha Goodway was raised in Roslindale, Massachusetts. She graduated from Roslindale High School in 1952,[1] and earned a bachelor's degree in general engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1957.[2] She was one of only nineteen women to earn degrees at MIT that year.[3]


After college she became interested in conservation science, and studied with William Young at the Objects Conservation and Scientific Research Laboratory in Boston. Through Young's connections, she became a metallurgist at the Conservation Analytical Laboratory of the Smithsonian Institution. In that job, she worked on such diverse historical artifacts as waterproof Greek vessels,[4] Etruscan mirrors,[5] 18th-century wire jewelry from Germany,[6] and the crankcase of the Wright Brothers' first flyer.[7] She was also consulted for comments on the restoration of the Statue of Liberty.[8]

She developed an interest in the use of metals in historical musical instruments, particularly the harpsichord,[9][10] and co-authored a book on the subject in 1987.[11]

Goodway currently holds the title Archaeometallurgist Emeritus at the Smithsonian's Museum Conservation Institute.[12]


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