Mamelon (dentistry)

A mamelon (from French mamelon, "nipple") is one of three rounded protuberances which are present on the cutting edge of an incisor tooth when it first erupts through the gum. Mamelons are permanent and can’t be removed except by removal of all teeth (requiring dentures).[1] Mamelons are present on permanent central and lateral incisors. Mamelons are easiest to observe on the maxillary central incisors, and appear as three small prominences on the incisal edge of the tooth. Mamelons are ordinarily of no clinical importance. Usually they are worn off early in the life of the tooth. However, when an anterior open bite is present — that is, the anterior teeth are not in contact when the bite is fully closed — mamelons may remain into adulthood.

Mamelons 7y old
Mamelons on the lower central and lateral right incisors of a seven-year-old boy
Mamelon (dentistry)
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Mamelon (from French mamelon, "nipple") may refer to

Mamelon (dentistry), a protrusion on a newly erupted tooth

Mamelon (fort), a hillock fortified by the Russians and captured by the French during the Siege of Sevastopol (1854–1855)

Mamelon (Sikasso), a hill in Sikasso, Mali

Mamelon (volcanology), a hill formed by eruption of "stiff" lava

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