Magnetic Kid

Magnetic Kid (Pol Krinn of the planet Braal) is a fictional comic book superhero in the DC Comics universe. He has the superhuman power of generating and controlling magnetism. He first appeared as a child in Adventure Comics #335 (August 1965), and joined the Legion of Super-Heroes in volume 3, #14 (September 1985). His brother was the Legionnaire Cosmic Boy.

Magnetic Kid
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceAdventure Comics #335 (August 1965)
Created byEdmond Hamilton
John Forte
In-story information
Alter egoPol Krinn
Place of originBraal
Team affiliationsLegion of Super-Heroes
AbilitiesMagnetism manipulation

Fictional character biography

Like all natives of the planet Braal, Pol possessed magnetic powers. He was skilled enough with his powers to become a successful magno-ball player. When his brother Rokk became less involved with the Legion (before retiring for a time) Pol joined the Legion Academy. He followed in his brother's footsteps by adopting a costume that resembled the costume worn by Cosmic Boy when he first joined.

Magnetic Kid joined the Legion along with members Polar Boy, Sensor Girl, Quislet and Tellus. While a member, he refined the use of his magnetic powers to help set himself apart from his brother. Magnetic Kid died during the 'Magic Wars' storyline, sacrificing himself to unlock the Sorcerers' World.

Post Zero Hour

Magnetic Kid was not a member of the Legion after the Zero Hour reboot, although Pol occasionally appeared with other members of Cosmic Boy's family.

Pol appears briefly in the "threeboot" version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, again not as Magnetic Kid.

Post-Infinite Crisis

The events of the Infinite Crisis miniseries have apparently restored a close analogue of the Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Legion to continuity, as seen in "The Lightning Saga" story arc in Justice League of America and Justice Society of America, and in the "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" story arc in Action Comics. However, a series of Legionnaire statues shown in Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #5 did not include Magnetic Kid, and his membership in this version of the team has yet to be confirmed.

Other versions

A villain calling himself Magnetic Kid appeared in Adventure Comics #337 (October 1965). He was a spy from the planet Murra who, along with fellow spies Size Lad and Blackout Boy, joined the Legion in an attempt to find "Plan-R." They were exposed by Brainiac-5.

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Adventure Comics

Adventure Comics is an American comic book series published by DC Comics from 1938 to 1983 and revived from 2009 to 2011. In its first era, the series ran for 503 issues (472 of those after the title changed from New Adventure Comics), making it the fifth-longest-running DC series, behind Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, and Batman. The series was revived in 2009 through a new "#1" issue by artist Clayton Henry and writer Geoff Johns. It returned to its original numbering with #516 (September 2010). The series finally ended with #529 (October 2011) prior to a company-wide revision of DC's superhero comic book line, known as "The New 52".

Braal (DC Comics)

Braal is a fictional planet in the DC Comics universe. It is the homeworld of a race of magnetism manipulators. Its most famous resident is Cosmic Boy, a DC Comics' superhero and founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. It was also home to his brother Pol, who later joined the Legion as Magnetic Kid, and in the post-Zero Hour continuity is the home planet of Dyrk Magz, a.k.a. Magno. Braal was first mentioned in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958).

Cosmic Boy

Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Comics Universe. He is a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and was the original leader in all incarnations of the Legion.

Legion of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino, the Legion is a group of superpowered beings living in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Comics Universe, and first appears in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958).

Initially, the team was closely associated with the original Superboy character (Superman when he was a teenager), and was portrayed as a group of time travelers. Later, the Legion's origin and back story were fleshed out, and the group was given its own monthly comic. Eventually, Superboy was removed from the team altogether and appeared only as an occasional guest star.

The team has undergone two major reboots during its run. The original version was replaced with a new rebooted version following the events of the "Zero Hour" storyline in 1994 and another rebooted team was introduced in 2004. A fourth version of the team, nearly identical to the original version, was introduced in 2007.

Legion of Super-Heroes (1958 team)

The 1958 version of the Legion of Super-Heroes (also called the original or Preboot Legion) is a fictional superhero team in the 31st century of the DC Comics Universe. The team is the first incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and was followed by the 1994 and 2004 rebooted versions. It first appeared in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958) and was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

Legion of Super Heroes (TV series)

Legion of Super Heroes is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation, adapted from the DC Comics series of the same name. It debuted on September 23, 2006, and centers on a young Superman's adventures in the 31st century. Superman is fighting alongside the eponymous group of superheroes. The show was produced by its main designer James Tucker, a co-producer of the Justice League Unlimited series, for the Kids' WB line on The CW network.

The series drew on the rich history of the Legion of Super-Heroes, taking inspiration from stories set during all time periods of the team's nearly 50-year history in comics. Continuity is internally consistent but is not shared with any previous incarnation of the Legion, either animated or in print. The series was cancelled after its second season.

List of Legion of Super-Heroes members

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a superhero team in comic book series published by DC Comics. The team has gone through various iterations, along with two separate reboots. Starting with the founding trio of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl, all versions of the team include teenage superheroes from several planets and alien races. In some versions, the team swells to two dozen or more members, with different sub-groupings, such as the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

List of locations of the DC Universe

Locations in the DC Universe, the shared universe setting of DC Comics.

Night Girl

Night Girl (Lydda Jath) is a fictional character in the 30th century of the DC Universe. She is a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and of the most recent incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She first appeared in Adventure Comics #306 (March 1963).

Polar Boy

Polar Boy is a fictional character from the 30th century of the DC Universe, initially suggested by reader Buddy Lavigne of Northbrook, Illinois in the letters page of Adventure Comics #304, January, 1963.


Shanghalla is a fictional planetoid in the 30th century DC Comics Universe. Its name appears to be a portmanteau of Shangri-La and Valhalla.

Shanghalla is a memorial planetoid for the greatest heroes of the Galaxy. The deceased former members of the Legion of Super-Heroes are buried there alongside other great heroes of the galaxy. The Legion has had a relatively high death toll, especially compared to other comics at the time.

Among those entombed there are:

Ferro Lad - died saving the galaxy from the Sun-Eater. His funeral was the first appearance of Shanghalla.

Invisible Kid - crushed to death in the grip of Validus.

Chemical King - received a lethal dose of radiation preventing a massive nuclear device from starting another world war.

Karate Kid - died fighting Nemesis Kid.

Superboy - (the pocket universe pre-Zero Hour Legion Superboy) - died stopping the Time Trapper from destroying Smallville.

Magnetic Kid - sacrificed himself to open the Archmage's seal on Zerox.

Blok - murdered by Roxxas.

Laurel Gand - died from taking the brunt of a massive Khundish bomb, saving Weber's World.

Triplicate Girl - one of her three bodies was killed by Computo in Adventure Comics #340 (in the pre-Crisis timeline).Additionally, Lightning Lad was interred there for a time after being apparently killed by Zaryan the Conqueror, but he was later revived by the sacrifice of Proty (or replaced by Proty, according to v4 Legion).

Post-Zero Hour it included:

Kid Quantum - died when his stasis belt malfunctioned.

Colossal Boy - died fighting Dr. Regulus.Not only Legionnaires are enshrined on Shanghalla; other great heroes from the galaxy have been interred there as well. Most of these were one-offs which were just names put in by the writer or artist on a tomb in the background of a panel, but on occasion they were mentioned elsewhere. None of these were ever seen in action.

Leeta-87 - tragic hero, defeated countless villains but died when she slipped on a "banyo-fruit peel". This "joke" was revived in the v4 Legion Annual #1 when Ultra Boy discovered his acting ability performing a stage play tragedy based on her life.

Braino of Mrynah - All we know is what his tomb tells us, that he was the "noblest being of all time." In the v4 Legion, Matter-Eater Lad had Polar Boy don a costume of Braino (basically just a giant fake head, similar in appearance to the Coneheads) in an attempt to plead insanity during a court case. Though this attempt failed, it actually did play a role in getting the charges against him dismissed.

Hate Face - the face of a devil, the soul of an angel.

Mog Yagor of Vasmeer - killed by a "space beast".

Nimbok of Vaalor - betrayed and murdered by a sorcerer pretending to be his friend.

Beast Boy of the Heroes of Lallor - not to be confused with Beast Boy of the 21st century DC Universe.The name "Shanghalla" became part of the 30th century lexicon, for example, when facing down Legionnaire Impulse (Kent Shakespeare), The Persuader says, "Give my regards to Shanghalla" as a way of implying he was going to kill him.

Superboy (comic book)

Superboy is the name of several American comic book series published by DC Comics, featuring characters of the same name. The first three titles feature the original Superboy, the legendary hero Superman as a boy. Later series feature the second Superboy, who is a partial clone of the original Superman.

Tellus (comics)

Tellus is a fictional DC Comics superhero and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes featured in the 30th century. Tellus was co-created by writer Paul Levitz and artist Steve Lightle.

The Legion Academy

The Legion Academy is a training school for members of the Legion of Super-heroes. It was created by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan, and has been re-used and revisited by subsequent creators in the many evolving iterations of the Legion that have been published over the decades. The Academy is both a source of supporting characters and subplots for the ongoing Legion titles (which have an established history of searches, competitions and understudies meant to expand the roster), and has also groomed several fan favorite characters for eventual starring roles. Chemical King, Dawnstar, Karate Kid II, Magnetic Kid, Tellus and Timber Wolf are all graduates of the Academy. Training there may be deficient to some degree, however, as Chemical King, Karate Kid II and Magnetic Kid have all died in the line of battle, though as two of those were selfless sacrifices made to save others, they clearly teach heroism quite well.

In recent stories, the Academy has been run by long-term Legionnaires Duplicate Damsel and Bouncing Boy, a married couple who take on quasi-parental roles with the students. Also assisting is Night Girl, a former Substitute Legionnaire and one time lover of Legion leader Cosmic Boy. News that fan-favorite artist Phil Jiminez was contributing art generated early excitement. The most recent cast included a mix of older and new characters including Power Boy, Gravity Kid, Chemical Kid, Variable Lad, Glorith and Dragonwing.

Who Is Sensor Girl?

"Who Is Sensor Girl?" is an American comic book story arc that was published by DC Comics, and was presented in Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3, #14-27 (September 1985 – October 1986). It was written by Paul Levitz, and pencilled primarily by Greg LaRocque, Larry Mahlstedt and Mike DeCarlo. The story arc includes the induction of five new members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, with the identity of one posing a major mystery.

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