MTV Music (Australia and New Zealand)

MTV Music is a 24-hour Australian and New Zealand subscription music channel which first launched on 3 December 2013.[1]

MTV Music
MTV Music 2017 logo Australia
Launched3 December 2013 (Australia)
1 December 2015 (New Zealand)
Owned byViacom International Media Networks Asia Pacific
Picture format720p HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
New Zealand
Broadcast areaAustralia
New Zealand
ReplacedMTV Hits (Australia)
MTV Hits & MTV Classic (New Zealand)
Sister channel(s)MTV
MTV Classic
MTV Dance
Nick Jr.
(New Zealand)
FoxtelChannel 803
SKY Network TelevisionChannel 022 & 115
FoxtelChannel 803
Vodafone InHome TVChannel 22 & 115
FetchTVChannel 139 (HD)


On 29 October 2013, MTV announced they had been working with Foxtel since early 2013 to offer more diversity on the Foxtel platform, as their two current music dedicated channels – MTV Classic and MTV Hits – fought for the same audience as Foxtel Networks channels MAX and [V] Hits respectively.[2] As such, it was decided that MTV Classic and MTV Hits would cease broadcasting on the Foxtel platform to be replaced by two new MTV channels. The channel to replace MTV Hits was MTV Music, the same name of the number one UK music channel, which will feature pop, rock, urban and alternative music.[2]

On 1 January 2014, MTV Music launched on Australian IPTV provider FetchTV.[3][4]

On 1 December 2015, a localized version of MTV Music launched in New Zealand on Sky Television, replacing both MTV Classic and MTV Hits.[5][6]

On 30 November 2016, MTV Music moved from channel 808 to 803 on the Foxtel platform.[7]

MTV Music 2015

Logo used 3 December 2013 – 4 April 2017

MTV Music 2017 logo Australia

Logo since 5 April 2017


They are automated blocks of hit music videos at all. And similar to MTV Dance, MTV Music only broadcasts three 5-minute commercial breaks each hour.

  • Night Shift
  • #MTVBattle
  • Toasty Tunes
  • MTV On The Go
  • MTV Official Top 30
  • On Demand x20
  • Throwback Tracks
  • Hungry, Hungry Hits
  • Upload of the Week
  • Hot af x10
  • MTV Artists Only
  • MTV Doodles
  • What's New?
  • Must See Vids x10
  • MTV's Most Played x30/x40
  • Homegrown Hits
  • That's So Nineties
  • Official Aria Chart x20/x10/x40
  • Back to...
  • U. S. A. x30
  • 30 Most Downloaded
  • MTV House Party
  • MTV Upload
  • #TFIF
  • MTV Likes
  • 21 Under 21
  • Indie Mixtape
  • MTV Upload Encore
  • A to Zedd on MTV
  • RnB x Hip Hop
  • Legit Hits
  • MTV Asia Hits
  • Can't Get You Out of My Head
  • OK Danceoke
  • 100% Pop Classics

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