MHz Networks

MHz Networks is an American public broadcaster that specializes in international television programming.

MHz Networks
SloganMany voices. One world.
HeadquartersFalls Church, Virginia
Official website

Washington, D.C., broadcast operations

MHz Networks began as a project of the Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation. The broadcaster's original stations were WNVT in Goldvein, Virginia, and WNVC in Fairfax, Virginia, which served the Washington, D.C., television market. International programming began on WNVC in 1996, branded "World View TV". In 2001, the two stations became known as MHz Networks, with WNVC becoming MHz1 and WNVT becoming MHz2.

In the digital television era, WNVC and WNVT placed a set of twelve international news channels on their two signals. The final set of channels consisted of TRT World, CGTN America, CGTN Documentary, Africa Today TV, France 24, CNC World, Arirang, TeleSUR, Deutsche Welle, and Vietnet. Previous channels included NHK World, BVN, Al Jazeera English, Blue Ocean Network, SABC News International, NTA, Ethiopian Television, RT America, RT Spanish, VTV4, Euronews, CNC World, and TRT Türk.[1] Two months before the end of broadcast operations in Washington, on February 1, 2018, RT America was dropped from WNVC's signal, apparently due to concerns that MHz Networks or CPBC would be required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.[2]

In 2013, Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation spun off the MHz Networks unit and sold the WNVC and WNVT towers. On April 1, 2018, MHz Networks exited the Washington, D.C., market after CPBC sold the stations' channel allocations in the Federal Communications Commission's ongoing spectrum reallocation auction.

MHz WorldView

MHz Worldview
MHz Worldview
LaunchedOctober 19, 2005
Owned byMHz Networks
Picture format480i (SDTV)
SloganOne World. One Channel.
CountryUnited States
See Affiliates
DirecTVChannel 2183
AT&T U-verseChannel 20

MHz Worldview is an independent, American, non-commercial public television network that broadcasts newscasts and other programs from around the world. It is owned and operated by MHz Networks.

MHz Worldview offers international newscasts, foreign dramas, music performances, and diversity programming, in English or with subtitles.

The channel is available as a subchannel on several U.S. public TV stations, and also via DirecTV USA channel 2183 from the Galaxy 3C satellite located at 95° west.


City Station
Akron/Youngstown, Ohio WEAO 49.3/WNEO 45.3
Charleston, Illinois WEIU-TV 51.2
Chicago, Illinois WYCC 20.1
Columbia/Jefferson City, Missouri KMOS-TV 6.3
Denver, Colorado KBDI-TV 12.3
Flint, Michigan WDCQ-TV 19.2
Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Michigan WGVU-TV 35.4/WGVK 52.4
Las Cruces, New Mexico/El Paso, Texas KRWG-TV 22.2
New York City WNDT-CD 17.1/WMBQ-CD 46.1
Orlando, Florida WDSC-TV 15.3
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WPPT 35.1
Plattsburgh, New York/Burlington, Vermont WCFE-TV 57.2
Quad Cities, Illinois/Iowa WQPT-TV 24.2
Pullman/Yakima, Washington KWSU-TV 10.3/KTNW 31.3
Richmond/Charlottesville, Virginia WNVT 23.3/WNVC 41.3
Rochester, Minnesota KSMQ-TV 15.2
Salt Lake City, Utah KUEN 9.2
San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, California KPJK 60.4
Tacoma/Seattle/Centralia, Washington KBTC-TV 28.3/KCKA 15.3
Topeka, Kansas KTWU 11.2


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Africa Today TV (ATTV) is an independent public service and educational channel for the American and African audience that is interested in African & International affairs.

Ainsi soient-ils

Ainsi soient-ils, also known as The Churchmen and Thy Will Be Done in English-speaking countries, is a French television series. In The U.S., the series was shown on MHz Networks.

Asian News International

Asian News International (ANI) is an Indian news agency based in New Delhi that provides multimedia news to 50 bureaus in India and most of South Asia. Coverage includes general news, entertainment, lifestyles, business, politics, science, sports and features. As of 2015 the chairman of the company was Prem Prakash. Sanjiv Prakash was the Editor and CEO of Asian News International.Asian News International was the first news agency in India to syndicate video news. It provides video footage to a large number of Indian news channels and a few international news channels like BBC, CNN and NHK.

Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation

Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that is the group owner of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member Public television stations, ethnic TV stations, and radio stations in Virginia. Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation is based in Richmond, Virginia.

DASH7 Alliance

The DASH7 Alliance (D7A) is a group of companies and universities managing the evolution of the Dash7 Alliance protocol. The goal of the group is to create a complete interoperable RF technology to exchange data for wireless sensor networks and devices at a block scale (300m–1 km).

Initially created with the participation of the US DoD and Lockheed Martin in 2009, the group evolved from RFID military needs (ISO-18000-7 support group role), to an industrial generic requirement. The Dash7 Alliance continued to forge an extensive experience in high reliability 433 MHz networks and extended it to 868/915 MHz.

Unlike other protocols, Dash7 Alliance published layered based protocols to ensure interoperability up to the file exchange layers. A complete Open Source implementation, OSS-7, as well as industrial implementations enabled to create a certification lab and organize regular plugfest.

The DASH7 Alliance was a privately held, 501(c)3 not-for-profit trade association founded in February 2009 and headquartered in San Ramon, California. Since 2015, it is a European NGO based in Brussels, Belgium.

Don Matteo

Don Matteo is an Italian television series that has been airing on Rai 1, Italian national television's first channel, since 2000.


The GG45 (where GG stands for GigaGate, and 45 is to denote the backward compatibility with the 8P8C modular connector – often colloquially called RJ45) is a connector for high-speed Category 7 cable (generally known as Cat 7) LAN cabling developed by Nexans.

The cabling system was standardized in 2001 as IEC 60603-7-7, and then selected as a worldwide Category 7 cabling standard within ISO-11801.

GG45 connectors provide backwards compatibility for standard 8P8C (8P8C) connectors in a Category 6 cable interface (mode 1), where eight conductors are used for Cat 6 (100/250 MHz) operation.

In addition, GG45 has four additional contacts (two in each extreme corner) that interface with new high-speed Cat 7 600 MHz and Cat 7a 1000 MHz networks. Two twisted pairs are connected to these additional contacts, while the other two twisted pairs remain connected to the original 8P8C connector's most distant pins: 1 and 2; and 7 and 8. A Category 6 or 6A plug uses the original contact positions, but a Category 7 or 7A plug instead uses the contacts located in the four corners and has a protrusion that activates a switch within the jack for the alternative contact positions. This reduces crosstalk within the connector that higher speed data is sensitive to. The key advantage is that the GG45 interface therefore has plenty of headroom, combined with the ability to migrate to higher speed service by upgrading to Category 7A patch cords that activate the switch in the jack.

Inspector Montalbano (TV series)

Inspector Montalbano (Italian: Il commissario Montalbano [il kommisˈsaːrjo montalˈbaːno]) is an Italian television series produced and broadcast by RAI since 1999, based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri. The protagonist is commissario (Commissioner) Salvo Montalbano, and the stories are set in the imaginary town of Vigàta, Sicily. In 2012 the series generated a prequel, The Young Montalbano.

La piovra

La Piovra (Italian pronunciation: [la ˈpjɔːvra]; English: The Octopus (referring to "The Mafia") is an Italian television drama miniseries about the Mafia.

Sandro Petraglia wrote the story and Luigi Perelli designed the production. The soundtrack was by Riz Ortolani and later by Ennio Morricone, who also composed music for several sequels.

All ten series were released in Australia on DVD with English subtitles by Aztec International Entertainment, having originally aired on the Special Broadcasting Service television channel. It was also broadcast on MHz Networks in the United States. The first three series were shown in the UK on Channel 4.

The TV drama was successful in the USSR, where it appeared on state TV in 1986 in Albania, in Romania, in Poland and in Bulgaria, where is appeared in the end of the 1980s (in its seventh season, the show featured Bulgarian actor Stefan Danailov). In Portugal was re-cast by RTP Memória.

Nokia 6650 fold

The Nokia 6650 fold (also known as the 6650d) is a Nokia smartphone announced in March 2008, running Symbian OS. It is a Hex-band unit using GSM 850, 900, 1,800, and 1,900 MHz networks and UMTS 850 and 2,100 Mhznetworks (WCDMA/ HSDPA). Also noted as a quad-band clamshell 3G smartphone, it was released in June 2008. It was sold through AT&T Mobility in the U.S. It is AT&T's replacement for the S60-powered N75. It is manufactured in three colors, metallic silver, black, and red.It was never being a global model, and therefore it was being sold exclusively for T-mobile networks. Models were RM-324 for North America and RM-400 for Europe.

Nokia 7700

The Nokia 7700 is a mobile phone produced by Nokia, announced in October 2003 but never released. It was expected to be the first smartphone running the Series 90 GUI on Symbian OS and Nokia's first pen-based device, intending to compete against handsets like Sony Ericsson P800. At announcement Nokia dubbed it a "media device."

Nokia 7710

The Nokia 7710 is a smartphone developed by Nokia and announced on 2 November 2004. It was the first Nokia device with a touchscreen. The 7710 is based on the Nokia 7700 which was never released. It is Nokia's only smartphone to run the Series 90 interface atop Symbian OS v7.0s.

Sagarmatha Television

Not to be confused with : Sagarmatha Television (Nepal)

Sagarmatha Television, is a Nepali television program broadcast from Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the first Nepali television broadcast from Nepal. It was established in 2007.

In United States, Sagarmatha Television is broadcast every Sunday at 12:30 PM on MHZ Networks, followed by Nepal Darshan at 1:00 PM. This program intends to keep people informed of things happening in Nepal and also to display its culture to the multinational communities in America and around the world.

Samsung E250

The Samsung SGH-E250 mobile was introduced in 2006 as an entry level version of the Samsung D900 (The ULTRA edition 12.9) mobile. The E250 has very similar features to the D900, but the screen resolution is roughly half of that of the D900 and the camera is only 0.3MP compared to the D900's 3MP camera.

In 2007, Samsung Electronics also introduced the SGH-E250i, a dual band variant version of the SGH-E250, for GSM 900 and 1800 MHz networks. The Samsung SGH-E250i, which has the same design of the E250, has an 800 mAh battery instead of E250's 750 mAh and features VGA camera, 2.0" display, Bluetooth, MP3 player, and FM radio with recording. But, it has some visual improvements in the software along with background music playback compared to the SGH-E250.

Strictly Global

Strictly Global was an American weekly music-television program, which aired from November 19, 2004, to June 3, 2011. It showcased music videos covering every genre of music from every corner of the globe. The program highlights international artists as well as independent and ethnic American talent. The program was produced by MHz Networks, and was broadcast every Friday night on MHz WorldView.

The Heavy Water War

The Heavy Water War (original title Kampen om tungtvannet and alternative title The Saboteurs (UK) is a six-episode war drama TV miniseries written by Petter S. Rosenlund, produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. It is a Norwegian/Danish/British co-production, directed by Per-Olav Sørensen that tells about the German nuclear weapon project and the heavy water sabotage in Norway to disrupt it during the Second World War, with a particular emphasis on the role of Leif Tronstad.The first two episodes were initially broadcast on NRK1, on 4 January 2015. The opening episodes had 1,259,000 viewers, which was a record for the opening of a drama series in Norway. In Denmark, the initial broadcast was on 4 May 2015 on TV 2 titled Kampen om det tunge vand. In the UK, the miniseries, retitled The Saboteurs, was aired by More4 from 19 June 2015, received a good critical reception. The series was released in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray on 10 August 2015.

In Poland the show premiered on 15 January 2016 on ipla VOD to very good reviews. Viewing rights for France were bought by Entertainment One, for Benelux by Lumière, for Spain by A Contracorriente, for Poland by Kino Swiat and for the Balkans by Stas Media. Viewing rights for the US were bought by MHz Networks, which announced a DVD release date of 8 March 2016.

The Indonesia Channel

The Indonesia Channel is an international English-language TV channel based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The channel is run by an international team of broadcast professionals, acquiring and producing content for global distribution. The programming lineup blends hot entertainment programs with compelling news and talk shows.Launched in June 2014, the network airs news programs, lifestyle programs, talk show programs, food programs, travel programs, sports programs, TV dramas, and films. Among the network's original shows are "Today's Indonesia", "Hot Indonesia", "ASEAN Today", "I-Pop", "Foodiepedia", "The Best of Bali", "Passion for Fashion", and "Yoga Bliss."


WNVT, virtual channel 23.3 (UHF digital channel 42), is an MHz Worldview-affiliated television station licensed to Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia, United States and serving the Richmond metropolitan area. The station's transmitter is located in the Richmond suburb of Bon Air in Chesterfield County. WNVT is operated in a pair with Culpeper-licensed WNVC (virtual channel 41.3, UHF digital channel 46), which serves the Charlottesville area from a transmitter atop Carters Mountain. The two stations are owned by Richmond-based Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Wallander (Swedish TV series)

Wallander (Swedish pronunciation: [valˈlanːdər]) is a Swedish television series adapted from Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander novels, starring Krister Henriksson in the title role. The first season of thirteen films was produced in 2005 and 2006, with one taken directly from a novel and the remainder with new storylines suggested by Mankell. The second season of thirteen films was shown between 2009 and 2010. The stories are set in Ystad, Skåne near the southern tip of Sweden.

The three films Before the Frost (#1), Mastermind (#6), and The Secret (#13) were premiered in cinemas, with the rest first released as direct-to-DVD movies. The first episode of the second series, Hämnden (The Revenge), was released in Swedish cinemas in January 2009; the rest of the series was made for television. A third and final season, containing six 90 minute episodes, aired in 2013 with Charlotta Jonsson replacing the late Johanna Sällström as Linda Wallander. The first episode, adapted from the novel The Troubled Man, was released in cinemas in January 2013.

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