Los Tiempos

Los Tiempos (Spanish: The Time) is a newspaper published in Cochabamba, Bolivia.[1] By 2013, its circulation reached 45,000 copies.[2]

Since October 2017, the newspaper is published in Berliner. Prior to this, the newspaper was a broadsheet.[3]

Los Tiempos
Edificio Los Tiempos
Los Tiempos building in Cochabamba.
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Founder(s) Demetrio Canelas
Founded 16 September 1943
Language Spanish
Headquarters Cochabamba, Bolivia
Circulation National
Website www.lostiempos.com


Los Tiempos was founded on 16 September 1943 by Demetrio Canelas,[2] who had already founded the newspaper La Patria in Oruro in 1919.[4] He was assaulted and practically destroyed by a mob of militants of the Revolutionary Nationalist Movement on 9 November 1953,[5] resuming its publications on 19 July 1967 with the premiere of a rotary offset.[6]

On 17 September 1989, it inaugurated its modern building, and on 4 September 1996, it opened its website.[7]


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