Live in Cuba (Audioslave album)

Live in Cuba is the first live DVD of the American rock supergroup Audioslave, containing footage of the free concert that the band performed in Cuba in front of over 70,000 people. The concert itself is considered to be a historical event, as it marks the second time (following The Fabulous Titans in 1981) in Cuban history that an American rock band has been permitted to perform within the country. The DVD features the show itself, and also a 37-minute documentary based on the band and their time spent in Cuba. According to Chris Cornell (said during the concert), at the time the concert was performed it was the longest one that Audioslave had played.

The setlist consists mainly of songs from the first two Audioslave albums, Audioslave and Out of Exile, however a selection of older songs from the band's previous groups Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine are also featured. The band had previously refused to perform any pre-Audioslave material on their first tour, as they felt it would only damage their attempts to establish themselves as a new band who were independent of their former groups.

While the DVD was released five months after the band's second album Out of Exile, the performance itself was recorded shortly before the album's release and subsequent tour. Because of this, the DVD also documents the first live performances of a number of tracks from this album.

The DVD came in two versions, a "Regular" version consisting of only the DVD, and a "Deluxe Edition" consisting of a DVD and an audio CD of live Sessions@AOL tracks. For unknown reasons, the DVD featured in the Regular Edition also cut three songs from the main concert's setlist without making any clear mention of doing so on the DVD's packaging, to the annoyance of many who purchased this version unaware of these omissions.

The DVD features two versions of the concert, the first being made up of the 18 songs featured on main concert footage and a TV version. The TV version is cut down considerably for time and includes footage of the 15-minute delay before "Set It Off" due to sound problems with the drums. The main concert footage edited out the 15-minute drum delay as seen in the TV version.

Live in Cuba
Audioslave cuba
Video by Audioslave
Released October 11, 2005
Recorded May 6, 2005
Genre Alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge, heavy metal
Length 130:00
Label Interscope, Epic
Producer Rick Rubin, Audioslave, Jack Gulick and Simon Pizey
Audioslave chronology
Live in Cuba

Track listing

  1. "Set It Off"
  2. "Your Time Has Come"
  3. "Like a Stone"
  4. "Spoonman"*
  5. "The Worm"
  6. "Gasoline"
  7. "Heaven's Dead"*
  8. "Doesn't Remind Me"
  9. "Be Yourself"
  10. "Bulls on Parade" / "Sleep Now in the Fire"
  11. "Out of Exile"
  12. "Outshined"
  13. "Shadow on the Sun"*
  14. "Black Hole Sun" (Cornell Acoustic Solo)*
  15. "I Am the Highway"
  16. "Show Me How to Live"
  17. "Cochise"

Note: * indicates tracks exclusive to the Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition AOL Sessions audio CD

  1. "Be Yourself"
  2. "Loud Love"
  3. "Doesn't Remind Me"
  4. "Out of Exile"
  5. "Sleep Now in the Fire"

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