Little River (Exeter, New Hampshire)

The Little River rises in the northeastern corner of Brentwood, New Hampshire, and flows east, quickly entering the town limits of Exeter. The river flows southeast through wetlands and past low hills, passing just west of the downtown part of Exeter. The river flows into the Exeter River at the southern edge of the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy.

Coordinates: 42°58′27″N 70°56′38″W / 42.9743°N 70.9438°W The Little River is a 7.2 mile long (11.6 km)[1] river largely in the town of Exeter in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, in the United States. It is a tributary of the Exeter River, part of the Great Bay/Piscataqua River watershed in the New Hampshire Seacoast region. The river should not be confused with the Little River of Brentwood and Kingston, another Exeter River tributary less than three miles to the west.

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List of rivers of New Hampshire

This is a list of rivers and significant streams in the U.S. state of New Hampshire.

All watercourses named "River" (freshwater or tidal) are listed here, as well as other streams which are either subject to the New Hampshire Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act or are more than 10 miles (16 km) long. New Hampshire rivers and streams qualify for state shoreland protection (and are listed here in bold) if they are fourth-order or larger water bodies, based on the Strahler method of stream order classification.

Little River (New Hampshire)

The Little River in New Hampshire may refer to:

Little River (Ammonoosuc River), a tributary of the Ammonoosuc River

Little River (Big River), a tributary of the Big River

Little River (Brentwood, New Hampshire), a tributary of the Exeter River

Little River (Exeter, New Hampshire), another tributary of the Exeter River

Little River (Lamprey River), a tributary of the Lamprey River

Little River (Merrimack River) in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, a tributary of the Merrimack River

Little River (New Hampshire Atlantic coast), in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire

Gulf of Maine
Long Island Sound


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