Lithuanian Sportsperson of the Year

Since 1956, Lithuania honors their greatest athlete of the year. Until 2014 The award's trophy, a bronze archer, has been given to the winners. Since 2014 the award ceremony was changed with new categories added.


Year Winner Sport Gender Team of the Year
1956 Algirdas Šocikas Boxing M
1957 Jonas Pipynė Track and field M
1958 Birutė Kalėdienė Track and field W
1959 Adolfas Varanauskas Track and field M
1960 Antanas Bagdonavičius, Zigmas Jukna Rowing M
1961 Antanas Bagdonavičius, Zigmas Jukna Rowing M
1962 Antanas Vaupšas Track and field M
1963 Adolfas Varanauskas Track and field M
1964 Ričardas Tamulis Boxing M
1965 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1966 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1967 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1968 Danas Pozniakas Boxing M
1969 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1970 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1971 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1972 Modestas Paulauskas Basketball M
1973 Vladas Česiūnas Canoeing M
1974 Vladas Česiūnas Canoeing M
1975 Česlovas Jazerskis Wrestling M
1976 Angelė Rupšienė Basketball W
1977 Vilhelmina Bardauskienė Track and field W
1978 Vilhelmina Bardauskienė Track and field W
1979 Lina Kačiušytė Swimming W
1980 Lina Kačiušytė Swimming W
1981 Robertas Žulpa Swimming M
1982 Vladas Turla Shooting M
1983 Ana Ambrazienė Track and field W
1984 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1985 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1986 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1987 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1988 Gintautas Umaras Track cycling M
1989 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1990 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1991 Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball M
1992 Romas Ubartas Track and field M
1993 Vitalijus Karpačiauskas Boxing M
1994 Raimundas Mažuolis Swimming M
1995 Remigijus Lupeikis Track cycling M
1996 Arvydas Sabonis Basketball M
1997 Raimondas Šiugždinis Sailing M
1998 Diana Žiliūtė Road cycling W
1999 Edita Pučinskaitė Road cycling W
2000 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2001 Rasa Polikevičiūtė Road cycling W
2002 Raimondas Rumšas Road cycling M
2003 Šarūnas Jasikevičius Basketball M
2004 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2005 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2006 Virgilijus Alekna Track and field M
2007 Ramūnas Šiškauskas Basketball M
2008 Edvinas Krungolcas Modern Pentathlon M
2009 Simona Krupeckaitė Track cycling W
2010 Simona Krupeckaitė Track cycling W
2011 Laura Asadauskaitė Modern Pentathlon W
2012 Rūta Meilutytė Swimming W
2013 Rūta Meilutytė Swimming W National Men's Basketball Team
Selection changes
Year Sportsman of the Year Sportswoman of the Year Men's Team of the Year Women's Team of the Year
2014 Jevgenij Šuklin (canoe sprint) Rūta Meilutytė (swimming) National M2x (Ritter/Maščinskas) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Vištartaitė)
2015 Ramūnas Navardauskas (cycling) Laura Asadauskaitė (modern pentathlon) National Men's Basketball Team National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Vištartaitė)
2016 Aurimas Didžbalis (weightlifting) Simona Krupeckaitė (cycling) National M2x (Ritter/Griškonis) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Vištartaitė)
2017 Andrius Gudžius (track and field) Airinė Palšytė (athletics) National M4x (Adomavičius/Maščinskas/Džiaugys/Nemeravičius) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Adomavičiūtė)
2018 Andrius Gudžius (track and field) Rūta Meilutytė (swimming) National M4x (Adomavičius/Maščinskas/Nemeravičius/Ritter) National W2x (Valčiukaitė/Adomavičiūtė)

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Algirdas Šocikas

Algirdas Šocikas (14 May 1928 – 21 November 2012) was a Lithuanian amateur heavyweight boxer who won the European title in 1953 and 1955 and finished fifth at the 1952 Olympics. He won six Soviet (1950–1954, 1956), six Lithuanian (1947–1948, 1951–1953, 1956) and three Baltic championships (1948, 1950, 1952). After retiring in 1957 he worked as a boxing coach in Kaunas and raised the Olympic medalists Ričardas Tamulis and Jonas Čepulis, among others. He died in Kaunas, aged 84, and was buried in Petrašiūnai Cemetery.

Ana Ambrazienė

Ana Ambrazienė (born April 14, 1955) is a retired hurdler from Lithuania. Also known as Anna Kostecka (or Kastetskaya), she was born in Vilnius and is of Polish descent. She represented the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s.

Her personal best in the women's 400 m hurdles was 54.02 at a meet in Moscow on June 11, 1983. That mark was the standing world record for over a year.

Angelė Rupšienė

Angelė Rupšienė (née Jankūnaitė; born 27 June 1952 in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR) is a retired Lithuanian professional basketball player, who most notably played for BC Kibirkštis Vilnius. She won two gold medals in the 1976 Montreal Olympic games and 1980 Moscow Olympic games, three gold medals during European Championship and two gold medals during World Championship, playing for Soviet Union national basketball team.

Danas Pozniakas

Danas Pozniakas (19 October 1939 – 4 February 2005) was a Lithuanian amateur light-heavyweight boxer who won the European title in 1965, 1967 and 1969 and an Olympic gold medal in 1968.

Pozniakas was born in Poland as Dan Pozniak, and in the 1950s moved to Vilnus, Lithuania, where he took up boxing at age 13. He won the Soviet title in 1962 and a European silver medal in 1963, but at the 1964 Olympic trials lost to Aleksei Kiselyov and was not selected. By the next Olympics he was a double European champion and a clear favorite. He decisively won his first three bouts and received the Olympic gold by default, as his opponent Ion Monea had a broken nose from his previous fight and withdrew from the final. Monea lost to Pozniakas in the 1967 and 1969 European championships.Pozniakas became the Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR in 1965 and selected as the Lithuanian Sportsperson of the Year in 1968; in 1969 he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour. He retired around 1969 with a record of 203 wins out of 217 bouts. In 1974 he became an AIBA international referee and later coached the national team of Seychelles in 1983–88. Between 1991 and 1994 he served as president of Lithuanian Boxing Federation. He died of a heart attack in 2005, aged 65. Since 2005, and annual boxing tournament is held in Vilnus in his honor.

Edvinas Krungolcas

Edvinas Krungolcas (born 21 January 1973) is a retired Lithuanian modern pentathlete who won the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

On 21 January 2013 Krungolcas announced the end of his pentathlete career.

Gintautas Umaras

Gintautas Umaras (born 20 May 1963) is a retired track and road racing cyclist from Lithuania, who represented the USSR at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. There he won the gold medal in the men's 4 km individual pursuit and in the men's team pursuit, alongside Viatcheslav Ekimov, Dmitry Nelyubin and Artūras Kasputis. During the Soviet time he trained at Dynamo sports society in Klaipėda.For most of his career, he competed at amateur level. He was a professional road cyclist from 1989 to 1991. Umaras achieved several world records: in 1984 he broke the record in men's 5 km individual pursuit; in 1985, 1986, and 1987 – in men's 4 km individual pursuit; and in 1988 – in men's 4 km team pursuit.Umaras was among the people who helped to establish the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania when Lithuania regained independence from the Soviet Union. He was appointed as one of its vice presidents. Gintautas and his brother Mindaugas run several sport equipment shops in Vilnius and Klaipėda.

Jonas Pipynė

Jonas Pipynė (30 November 1935 in Biržai – 23 September 1997 in Vilnius) was a Lithuanian track and field runner and skier.

In 1957, he was named the Lithuanian Sportsman of the Year. In 1954 Pipynė won gold medal in national cross country skiing championships. Sixteen times he won gold medals in Lithuanian Athletics Championships. He reached national Lithuanian running records 32 times in 1500 m, 800 m, 1000 m, 2000 m, 5000 m, mile, 4x800, 4x1500, 4x400 events and four times achieved Soviet Union record in 1500 m run. 5 times in a row 1956–1959 became Soviet Union champion. Pipynė represented Soviet Union in the 1956 Summer Olympics.

Laura Asadauskaitė

Laura Asadauskaitė-Zadneprovskienė (born 28 February 1984 in Vilnius) is a female Lithuanian modern pentathlete. She won the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and achieved an Olympic record score. Asadauskaitė also competed in two other Olympics, 2008 in Beijing and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, and has been European and World Champion in pentathlon.

In 2009 Asadauskaitė married modern pentathlete Andrejus Zadneprovskis, a former world champion who won two Olympic medals. The following year she gave birth to a daughter. She is a graduate of Mykolas Romeris University, majoring in Administration and European Union Policy.

Lina Kačiušytė

Lina Kačiušytė (born 1 January 1963 in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR) is a Lithuanian swimmer who competed for the Soviet Union, winner of a gold medal in 200 m breaststroke with the Olympic record time of 2:29:54 at the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Milda Valčiukaitė

Milda Valčiukaitė (born 24 May 1994) is a Lithuanian national representative rower, an Olympian and dual world champion. She is the reigning world champion in the women's double scull winning her title with Ieva Adomavičiūtė at the 2018 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv. She won gold medals at the 2013 World Rowing Championships and the 2013 European Rowing Championships and was a bronze medalist at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Valčiukaitė is coached by Tomas Valčiukas, and was a two time world junior champion with Ieva Adomavičiūtė. In 2013, Valčiukaitė started to compete with Donata Vištartaitė. She currently studies Business Information management in Vilnius University.

Raimondas Rumšas

Raimondas Rumšas (born 14 January 1972) is a Lithuanian former professional road bicycle racer. He came third in the 2002 Tour de France but was implicated in a doping scandal.

Raimondas Šiugždinis

Raimondas Šiugždinis (born October 8, 1967) is an dinghy sailor from Lithuania. World and Europe champion in 1997. One of the founders of RS-280 class.

Raimundas Mažuolis

Raimundas Mažuolis (born 9 March 1972 in Vilnius) is a former freestyle swimmer from Lithuania.He competed in the 100 metre freestyle at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, finishing second in the B final in a time of 50.13 seconds. Mažuolis also competed at the 1988 Summer Olympics and at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, where he carried the flag for his newly independent nation at the opening ceremony.

Ramūnas Navardauskas

Ramūnas Navardauskas (born 30 January 1988) is a Lithuanian professional road racing cyclist, who currently rides for UCI Professional Continental team Delko–Marseille Provence.

Rasa Polikevičiūtė

Rasa Polikevičiūtė (born September 25, 1970 in Panevėžys) is a Lithuanian cycle racer. She was one of the first in a long line of Lithuanian cyclists who, together, established Lithuania as one of the powerhouses of women's cycle racing in the 1990s and beyond. One of her Lithuanian cycling contemporaries is her identical twin, Jolanta Polikevičiūtė.

She began cycling at age 13 under the influence of her childhood athletic coach and made her professional debut in 1990. Her top results in the years to come would include an overall victory at the 1997 Women's Challenge and a victory in the 2001 World Road Race Championships.

Along the way, she mastered several languages - besides her native Lithuanian, she also speaks Russian, Italian, and French.

Robertas Žulpa

Robertas Žulpa (born 20 March 1960 in Vilnius) is a former Lithuanian swimmer who competed for the Soviet Union during his professional career.

Žulpa trained at VSS Žalgiris in Vilnius, becoming the Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR in 1980. He won a gold medal in 200 m breaststroke with a time of 2:15.85 at the 1980 Summer Olympics.

In 1988, Žulpa emigrated to Italy where he started to coach swimming to 11-year-old boys. Later, he became Italian–Russian translator for various companies. Žulpa currently spends much of his time in his native Lithuania working as a Lithuanian–Italian translator.

Rolandas Maščinskas

Rolandas Maščinskas (born 6 August 1992) is a Lithuanian rower. At the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics he won the gold medal in the single sculls event. Maščinskas become the first Lithuanian champion and the first medalist in the Youth Olympics.

Simona Krupeckaitė

Simona Krupeckaitė (born 13 December 1982) is a Lithuanian professional track cyclist. She is the 2009 500 m Time Trial World Champion and World Record holder at 33.296s, and the 2010 Keirin World Champion. She also won the 2009, 2010 and 2016 Lithuanian Sportsman of the Year award. In 2010 Krupeckaitė reached one more world record. This time she achieved 10.793 s record at Flying 200 m time trial event.

Vladas Turla

Vladas Turla (born 22 February 1953) is a Lithuanian former sport shooter who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1980 Summer Olympics and finished 4th.

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