Lists of populated places in the United States

The following is a list of lists of the cities, towns and villages of the United States separated by state, territory or district name.




 American Samoa









 District of Columbia




Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia


























 New Hampshire

 New Jersey

 New Mexico

New York (state) New York

 North Carolina

  North Dakota

 Northern Mariana Islands







 Puerto Rico


 Rhode Island


 South Carolina

 South Dakota








United States Virgin Islands Virgin Islands (U.S.)



Washington (state) Washington

 West Virginia



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List of Midwestern urban areas

Urbanized areas in the United States are defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as contiguous census block groups with a population density of at least 1,000 per square mile (about 400 per square km). Urban areas are delineated without regard to political boundaries. Urban areas with a population of at least 50,000 serve as the core of a metropolitan statistical area.

List of Preserve America Communities

This is a list of United States municipalities, counties, neighborhoods, and tribal communities that have been designated as "Preserve America Communities" under the federal government's Preserve America program. As of 2017, more than 900 communities, representing all 50 states and two U.S. territories, had been so designated.

List of U.S. communities where English is not the majority language spoken at home

The following is a list of communities in the United States where English is not the majority language spoken at home according to data from the 2000 Census.

List of United States urban areas

This is a list of urban areas in the United States as defined by the United States Census Bureau, ordered according to their 2010 census populations. In the table, UA refers to "urbanized area" (urban areas with population over 50,000) and UC refers to "urban cluster" (urban areas with population less than 50,000). The list includes urban areas with a population of at least 50,000.

For the 2010 census, the Census Bureau redefined the classification of urban areas to "a densely settled core of census tracts and/or census blocks that meet minimum population density requirements, along with adjacent territory containing non-residential urban land uses as well as territory with low population density included to link outlying densely settled territory with the densely settled core. To qualify as an urban area, the territory identified according to criteria must encompass at least 2,500 people, at least 1,500 of which reside outside institutional group quarters." These criteria result in several large urban agglomerations that encompass multiple urban areas from the 2000 census. The Census Bureau is currently considering whether to split up the larger agglomerations, but published potential agglomerations in August 2010.

List of cities and unincorporated communities in Oregon

This list of cities and unincorporated communities in the U.S. state of Oregon includes all incorporated cities and many unincorporated communities, arranged in alphabetical order. Unincorporated communities are identified with italic type.

Cities are the only form of municipal government incorporated in Oregon. While villages and hamlets exist in Oregon, they are created by Clackamas County only, and do not resemble municipalities due to the limited nature of their powers and their lack of home-rule charters.This list does not distinguish villages, hamlets, and other forms of local organization in Oregon; they are shown below as unincorporated communities and are shown in italics. In addition, some formerly freestanding communities have been partially or wholly subsumed by neighboring cities or abandoned and turned into ghost towns; these also are represented in italics but are marked an asterisk (*) to distinguish them from unincorporated communities.

List of communities on the Navajo Nation

This is a list of communities on the Navajo Nation, including the checkerboard, arranged alphabetically. Places whose names are an anglicized or misspelled version of the Navajo name have been marked with *. Places whose names are a literal translation of the Navajo name are marked with ‡. Names which appear Navajo but are actually different in Navajo have been marked with x.

List of company towns in the United States

This is a list of company towns in the United States.

Towns listed in bold are still considered company towns today; other entries are former company towns. See the Category:Company towns in the United States for an unannotated list of articles.

List of inner suburbs in the United States

In the United States, inner suburbs (sometimes known as "first-ring" suburbs) are the older, more populous communities of a metropolitan area with histories that significantly predate those of their suburban or exurban counterparts. Most inner suburbs share a common border with the principal city of the metropolitan area and developed along railroad or streetcar lines radiating from the principal city (or at ferry termini, if at water borders).

List of largest cities on the United States West Coast

This list of the largest cities on the United States West Coast includes the largest cities by population within the West Coast states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. Historically, the largest population hubs along the West Coast have been centered along the coastal regions and port cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and Anchorage. The majority of the West Coast's largest cities are located within the state of California, with Los Angeles being the largest.

List of municipalities in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state located in the Northeastern United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, New Jersey is the 11th most populous state with 8,791,936 inhabitants but the 5th smallest by land area spanning 7,354.22 square miles (19,047.3 km2). New Jersey is divided into 21 counties and contains 565 municipalities consisting of five types: 254 boroughs, 52 cities, 15 towns, 241 townships, and 3 villages. The largest municipality by population in New Jersey is Newark with 277,140 residents whereas the smallest is Tavistock with 5 residents.Like most Northeastern states, every square foot of New Jersey is incorporated; every resident lives within the borders of an incorporated municipality.

List of municipalities in South Jersey

A list of municipalities in South Jersey, the southern part of New Jersey associated with Philadelphia, rather than New York. While the borders are controversial, this page includes the following counties: Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem. Area and density is in square miles, and only includes land area.

List of populated places along the Missouri River

This is a list of populated places along the Missouri River in the United States.

List of populated places in the Northern Mariana Islands

This is a list of villages in the Northern Mariana Islands. They include:

On Alamagan:

Alamagan Village (evacuated 2010)On Agrihan:

Agrihan Village (evacuated 1990)On Anatahan:

Anatahan Village (evacuated 1990)On Pagan:

Bandara Village (abandoned)

Marasu (evacuated 1981)

Shomushon (evacuated 1981)On Sarigan:

Sarigan Village (abandoned)On Rota:




SongsongOn Saipan:


As Lito

As Matuis

As Perdido

As Teo

As Terlaje

Capital Hill

Chalan Galaidi

Chalan Kanoa

Chalan Kiya

Chalan Piao



Fina Sisu


Gualo Rai



Kannat Tabla





Navy Hill


Puerto Rico

Sadog Tasi

San Antonio

San Jose

San Roque

San Vicente




TanapagOn Tinian:

Carolinas Heights

Marpo Heights

Marpo Valley

San Jose

Tinian Village

Unai DankuloAll the other islands are uninhabited.

List of populated places in the United States Virgin Islands

This is a list of populated places in the United States Virgin Islands

Sub-districts of Saint Croix:

Anna's Hope


East End




Sion Farm


SouthwestSub-districts of Saint Thomas:

Charlotte Amalie

East End




Water Island

West EndSub-districts of Saint John:


Coral Bay

Cruz Bay

East End

List of settlements in the United States Virgin Islands

List of settlements and estates in the United States Virgin Islands, sorted by island.

List of the most common U.S. place names

This is a list of the most common U.S. place names (cities, towns, villages, boroughs and census-designated places (CDP)), with the number of times that name occurs (in parentheses). Some states have more than one occurrence of the same name. Cities with populations over 100,000 are in bold.

Lists of cities in the United States

The following articles contain lists of cities in the United States of America:

Lists of populated places in the United States - Lists of U.S. cities by state

List of United States cities by area

List of United States cities by population

List of United States cities by population density

List of United States cities by Spanish-speaking population

List of the most common U.S. place names

Municipalities of Puerto Rico

The municipalities of Puerto Rico number seventy-eight incorporated towns and cities. Each municipality is led by a mayor and divided into barrios, though the latter are not vested with any political authority. Every municipality is governed by the Autonomous Municipalities Act of 1991 which establishes that every municipality must have a strong mayor with a municipal legislature. Furthermore, each legislature must be unicameral with its number of members varying according to the municipality's population. And, in contrast to other jurisdictions, both the mayors and the municipal legislators are elected on the same date for the same period of time.

From an urban design perspective, several differences and similarities exist between the municipalities. For instance, municipalities with 50,000 inhabitants or more are considered incorporated cities, while those with fewer than 50,000 are considered incorporated towns. An additional difference between the two is the amount of autonomy each municipality has, with cities provisioning their own services while towns typically depend on nearby cities for certain services. Regardless of this differentiation, all municipalities have a barrio called pueblo proper (English: 'town') which typically hosts that municipality's original Spanish settlement and is also typically that municipality's urban core. Municipalities with large populations, however, may have an urban core that consist of several barrios.

Other differences exist among the municipalities. Economic activity, for example, concentrates on the metropolitan areas surrounding the cities of San Juan, Ponce, Arecibo, Caguas, Mayaguez, Aguadilla, and Humacao, with most towns being commuter towns. Statistically, the municipality with the largest number of inhabitants is San Juan with around 400,000 while Culebra is the smallest with around 1,800. While in terms of territorial extension, Arecibo is the largest with around 125 mi2 and Cataño the smallest with around 4.8 mi2.

Villages of Guam

The United States territory of Guam is divided into nineteen municipalities, called villages. Each village is governed by an elected mayor. Village populations range in size from under 1,000 to over 40,000. As of the 2000 census, the total population of Guam was 154,805. However, the entire island is counted as a single county equivalent by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes.

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