List of windmills in Massachusetts

This is a list of traditional windmills in the American state of Massachusetts.


Location Name of mill
and coordinates
Type Built Notes Photograph
Barnstable 1687[1]
Barnstable 1785[2]
Beverly Chipman's Tannery Vertical axis mill 1795[3]
Bourne Joe Jefferson's Mill[1] Smock 1889[4] Moved within Bourne, 1971
Bourne Aptucxet Trading Post Museum Mill[1] Smock 1971 Windmill World Bourne-Aptucxet windmill
Boston Copp's Mill 1632[5] Standing 1659[6]
Boston Copp's Hill Mill Smock Moved to Salem, 1773[7]
Boston Windmill Point 1636[8]
Boston Windmill Point (2nd mill) 1650[9]
Boston Windmill Point (3rd mill) 1650[10] 1822[11]
Boston Windmill Point (4th mill) 1650[12] 1824[13]
Boston Windmill Point (5th mill?) Tower 1833[14]
Boston Widow Tuthill's Mill 1642[15]
Boston South Mill 1643[16] 1644[17]
Boston Windmill Hill 1636[18]
Brewster Ellis Landing Road Mill Smock 1795 Moved within Brewster unknown date[19]
Brewster Smock 1845[20] Moved within Brewster 1890[21]
Brewster Smock 1890[22] Moved within Brewster 1974[23]
Brewster Old Higgins Farm Mill
41°45′08″N 70°07′16″W / 41.75222°N 70.12111°W
Smock 1974[24] Windmill World Old Higgins Farm Windmill, West Brewster MA
Brewster Golf course Windmill World
Brockton 1781[25]
Brockton West Falmouth Mill Smock 1922[26] Burned down, unknown date[27]
Buzzards Bay Beach House Mill Smock Windmill World
Cataumet Red Brook Mill Smock 1853[28] Moved within Cataumet 1850s[29]
Cataumet Red Brook Mill Smock 1850s[30] Moved within Cataumet 1905[31]
Cataumet Red Brook Mill Smock 1905[32]
Cataumet Rothery Mill Smock 1900[33]
Cataumet Rothery Mill (2nd mill) Smock Early 1900s[34]
Chatham Chatham Mill
41°40′34″N 69°57′33″W / 41.67611°N 69.95917°W
1797 Windmill World
Chatham Smock 1820[35] Moved within Chatham 1911[36]
Chatham Sur Mer Mill Smock 1911[37] Windmill World
Chatham Chatham Bars Inn Mill Smock c. 1730[38] Moved to South Orleans 1830[39]
Chatham Benjamin Godfrey Mill, Mill Hill Smock 1797[40] Moved within Chatham 1956[41]
Chatham Benjamin Godfrey Mill Smock 1956[42]
Chatham Dolphin Inn Mill[1] Smock 1980s[43]
Chatham Robert Horne Mill Smock 1920s[44]
Chilmark Elmer Bliss Mill Smock 1938
Dennis Uncle Rufus Howes' Mill
South Mill
Late 18th century[45] Demolished 1874[46]
Dennis Port Reuben Burgess Mill Smock Burned down unknown date, gone by 1885.[47]
East Dennis Hatsel Kelly Mill 1775 Struck by lightning and burnt down 1869.[48]
Eastham 1660[49]
Eastham Kaskaogansett Mill 1682[50]
Eastham Eastham Mill Smock 1793 Moved within Eastham, 1808
Eastham Eastham Mill Smock 1808 Windmill World
East Orleans Old Mill Smock 1800[51] Moved to Sandwich 1819[52]
Edgartown Town Mill[53]
Edgartown (three other mills)[54]
Fairhaven Macomber Mill Smock 1821[55] Moved to Cataumet 1853[56]
Falmouth Old Emmon's Estate Mill Windmill World
Fall River Smock Moved from Warren, Rhode Island. Moved to Portsmouth, Rhode Island at unknown date.[57]
Fall River smock Moved from Bristol, Rhode Island. Moved to Tiverton, Rhode Island at unknown date.[58]
Fall River Littlefield Mill Smock 1815 Moved to Block Island, Rhode Island, unknown date. Gone by 1877[59]
Harwichport SW side of South St Smock 1792[60] Moved to NE side of South St at unknown date[61]
Harwichport NE side of South St Smock Moved to Wychmere Harbor 1890s[62]
Harwichport Wychmere Harbor (north site) Smock 1890s[63] Moved within Wychmere Harbor 1900s[64]
Harwichport Wychmere Harbour (south site) Smock 1900s[65] Moved a short distance (50 feet (15 m)) early 1940s[66]
Harwichport John Smith Mill Smock Early 1940s[67]
Hyannisport Jonathan Young Mill Smock 1897 Moved to Orleans 1983
Windmill World
Hyannisport Landmark House Mill[1][2] Smock 1911[68]
Hyannisport Wright Mill[1] Smock c. 1900[69]
Ipswich Windmill Hill Mill 1667[70]
Marblehead Rhodes Hill Mill 1678[71] 1681[72]
Marblehead Saltworks (two mills) 1804[73] One blown down October 1804
Marblehead Goodwin Mill 1819[74]
Marstons Mills Cape Cod Airfield Mill[1] Smock 1950s[75]
Martha's Vineyard Lothrop Merry's Mill
Tisbury Mill
Smock 1815[76] Moved within Martha's Vineyard 1842
Martha's Vineyard Lothrop Merry's Mill
Tisbury Mill
Smock 1842[77] Moved with Martha's Vineyard 1888
Martha's Vineyard Lothrop Merry's Mill
Tisbury Mill
Smock 1888[78]
Martha's Vineyard Timothy Chase Mill 18th century[79] Collapsed 1818[80]
Martha's Vineyard Tailer Mill Post 1985[81] Moved to Etzikom, Alberta, Canada 1995.[3]
Nantucket Frederick Macy Mill, Mill Hill Post 1723[82] Demolished 7 December 1837[83]
Nantucket Mill Hill (2nd mill) Post 1810[84]
Nantucket Mill Hill (3rd mill) Post 1810[85]
Nantucket Mill Hill (4th mill) Post 1810[86]
Nantucket The Old Mill Smock 1746[4] Nantucket Historical Association Nantucket Windmill - Frank C. Brown, Photographer, 1935
Newbury 1703[87] 1774[88]
Newbury Saltworks c. 1784[89]
Orleans Jonathan Young Mill Smock 1839[90] Moved to Hyannisport 1897.
Windmill World
Orleans Jonathan Young Mill Smock 1983 Windmill World Orleans windmill
Osterville Le Petit Moulin[1] Smock 1950s[91]
Osterville Oyster Harbours Mill[1] Smock 1925[92]
Plymouth Plimoth Mill Smock 1680 Moved to Truro, 1770 Eastham Windmill
Provincetown Salt works (six mills)[93] Windmill World
Sagamore Christmas Tree Shop Mill Smock 1983[94] At the eastern base of the Sagamore Bridge and attached to the Christmas Tree Shop
Salem near the burial ground 1637[95]
Salem 1733[96] 1771[97]
Salem East Street Bark Mill 1794ref name=New/>
Sandwich Heritage Plantation Mill Smock Windmill World
Sandwich Old Mill Smock 1819[98] Moved within Sandwich 1957[99]
Sandwich Old Mill Smock 1957[100]
South Chatham Seth Bearse Mill c. 1850[101]
South Dartmouth Chase Mill Smock 1924
South Dennis Smock 1791[5] Moved to West Dennis
South Orleans Captain Arey's Mill Smock 1830[102] Moved within South Orleans 1870[103]
South Orleans Center Mill
Captain Arey's Mill
Smock 1830[104] Moved to Cataumet 1900[105]
South Orleans East Mill[106]
South Orleans Kenrick's Hill Smock Mid-18th century[107] Moved to Orleans 1839[108]
South Yarmouth Farris Mill Smock 1750s[109] Moved to Indian Town 1782[110]
South Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1866[5] Moved within South Yarmouth, 1875[111]
South Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1875[112] Moved within South Yarmouth 1916[113]
South Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1916[114] Moved to Yarmouth 1953[115] Judah Baker Windmill, Bass River Cape Cod, MA
Swansea Potter's Mill Standing 1931[116]
Truro near the Highland Light 1711[117]
Truro Truro Mill Smock 1770 Moved to Eastham, 1793
Truro Castle Hill Mill Smock[6]
Truro Truro Highlands Mill Smock Early 19th century[118]
Watertown Moved to Boston 1632[119]
Wellfleet David Baker Mill[120]
Wellfleet Thomas Higgins Mill[121]
Wellfleet Freeman's Mill[122]
Wellfleet Samuel Chipman's Mill[123]
Wellfleet Ryder Mill Smock 1838[124] Moved within Wellfleet 1870[125]
Wellfleet Morning Glory Mill Smock 1870[126]
Wellfleet Wellfleet Harbor[1] 1978[127]
West Dennis Kelley's Pond Mill Smock Moved to South Yarmouth 1866[128]
West Falmouth Bowerman Mill Smock 1787[129] Moved to Brockton, 1922[130]
West Harwich Smock Moved to Cataumet early 1900s[131]
West Harwich The Windmill House Mill[1] Smock 1920s[132]
West Yarmouth Farris Mill Smock 1782[133] Moved to Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan 1935[134] Greenfield Mill built on Cape Cod in Massachusetts USA, now at Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan
Yarmouth Sautucket Mill 1661[135]
Yarmouth c. 1687[136]
Yarmouth Judah Baker Mill Smock 1953[137] Windmill World Judah-Baker-windmill South-Yarmouth-MA-US
Yarmouth 1766[138] Moved to East Dennis 1775[139]
unknown location (north side of Cape Cod) Smock Mid-17th century[140] Moved to South Yarmouth 1750s


Known building dates are in bold text. Non-bold text denotes first known date. Iron windpumps are outside the scope of this list unless listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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Aptucxet Trading Post Museum

The Aptucxet Trading Post Museum is a small open-air historical museum in Bourne, Massachusetts. The main attraction is a replica of the 17th-century Aptucxet Trading Post which was built by the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony in order to trade with the Wampanoag Indians and the Dutch. The museum also features a replica of a 19th-century saltworks, the relocated 19th-century Gray Gables Railroad Station, and a wooden smock windmill.

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