List of schools on the Isle of Wight

This is a list of schools on the Isle of Wight, England.

State-funded schools

Primary schools

Chillerton and Rookley Primary School
Chillerton and Rookley Primary School.
Chale Primary School
Chale Primary School.

There are currently 41 state-maintained primary schools on the Isle of Wight, after Chale Primary School closed in July 2011 following the schools reorganisation - it had a roll of only 20 pupils. Merges also meant that the number of primary schools on the island decreased: St Wilfrids Catholic Primary, St Boniface C of E Primary and St Margarets C of E Primary (all in Ventnor) all closed and reopened as St Francis Catholic and Church of England Primary School on the site of the old Ventnor Middle School in a purpose built, brand new building; St John's C of E Primary (Sandown) and Sandown C of E Primary School merged to become The Bay C of E Primary School, split across both of the former school sites; and East Cowes Primary School and Whippingham Primary School merged to become Queensgate Foundation Primary School on the old Osborne Middle School site. A number of other primary schools also moved to former middle school sites including Gurnard Primary School to the old Solent Middle School site in Cowes, Hunnyhill Primary School to the old Kitbridge Middle School site in Newport, Greenmount Primary to the old Mayfield Middle School site in Ryde, Oakfield C of E Primary School to the old Bishop Lovett Middle School site in Ryde, Bembridge Primary School to the old Forelands Middle School site in Bembridge and Broadlea Primary School to the old Lake Middle School site in Lake. In addition, Haylands Primary School has had a brand new school built on the playing fields of the former Swanmore Middle School in Ryde.[1]

Name Location Roll Website
All Saints Church of England Primary School Freshwater 156
Arreton St Georges Church of England (controlled) Primary School Arreton 174
Barton Primary School and Early Years Centre Newport 129 [1]
Bembridge Church of England Primary School Bembridge 148 [2]
Binstead Primary School Binstead 164 [3]
Brading Church of England (controlled) Primary School Brading 76
Brighstone Church of England (aided) Primary School Brighstone 79
Broadlea Primary School Sandown 181
Carisbrooke Church of England (controlled) Primary School Carisbrooke 232 [4]
Chillerton and Rookley Primary School Chillerton 43 [5]
Cowes Primary School Cowes 277 [6]
Dover Park Primary School Ryde 221
Queensgate Primary School East Cowes 400
Gatten and Lake Primary School Shanklin 159 [7]
Godshill Primary School Godshill 159
Greenmount Primary School Ryde 149
Gurnard Primary School Gurnard 166 [8]
Haylands Primary School Haylands, Ryde 183 [9]
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School East Cowes 140
Hunnyhill Primary School Newport 144 [10]
Love Lane Primary School Cowes 129 [11]
Nettlestone Primary School Seaview 130 [12]
Newchurch Primary School Newchurch 144 [13]
Newport Church of England (aided) Primary School Newport 250 [14]
Nine Acres Primary School Newport 359
Niton Primary School Niton 100
Northwood Primary School Northwood 177 [15]
Oakfield Church of England (aided) Primary School Oakfield 172
Shalfleet Church of England Primary School Ningwood 109 [16]
Shanklin Church of England Primary School Shanklin 163 [17]
St Francis Catholic & C.E Primary School Ventnor 69
St Helens Primary School St Helens 61
St Mary's Catholic Primary School Ryde 143 [18]
St Saviour's Catholic Primary School Totland 111
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School Carisbrooke 76 [19]
Summerfields Primary School Newport 104 [20]
The Bay CofE Primary School Sandown 420
Wootton Primary School Wootton Bridge 134
Wroxall Primary School Wroxall 77
Yarmouth Church of England (aided) Primary School Yarmouth 48

Secondary schools

There are currently seven island secondary schools, all of which also have a sixth form. The sixth forms for Carisbrooke College and Medina College are merged, and are based at the new Island Innovation VI Form Campus, on the site of the former Nodehill Middle School in the centre of Newport.

Name Location Roll Average GCSE A* - C pass rate[2] Website
Carisbrooke College Carisbrooke 1,375 67% [21]
Christ the King College Newport 1576 77.1% [22]
Cowes Enterprise College Cowes 964 58% [23]
Isle of Wight Studio School East Cowes [24]
The Island Free School Ventnor, Isle of Wight [25]
Medina College Newport 1,094 58% [26]
Ryde Academy Ryde 955 49% [27]
Sandown Bay Academy Sandown 1,527 53% [28]

Special and alternative schools

State-maintained special schools on the Isle of Wight include:

  • Medina House School,
  • St George's School,
  • Island Learning Centre (Pupil Referral Unit) [29]

Further education

Isle of Wight College acts as the main provider of vocational further education on the island.

Independent schools

Ryde School main entrance
Ryde School with Upper Chine.

Independent schools on the island include:

There is also St Catherines School, which is a non-maintained special school.

Former schools


Previous middle schools below have now been phased out during the transition to a two-tier education system. Education on the Island has really suffered since this happened and most of the secondary schools are now deemed unsatisfactory or have gone into special measures.

Nodehill Middle School
Nodehill Middle School.
Christ the King College upper campus
The lower campus of Christ the King College (formerly Trinity Church of England Middle School).

There were originally 16 state-maintained middle schools on the Isle of Wight, including two voluntary aided church schools (which were the foundation for the new Christ the King College) and two controlled church schools. In July 2008, the two voluntary aided middle schools (Archbishop King Catholic Middle School and Trinity Church of England Middle School), which are both located on Wellington Road in Carisbrooke, closed and reopened in September of the same year as Christ the King College, and from September 2009, kept on its Year 8 pupils of the previous academic year as Year 9 pupils and started the transition from middle school to secondary school age range. In line with the rest of the Island, September 2009 was the last year in which a Year 5 was admitted to the Christ the King College. Instead, all Year 5 pupils, and then consequently Year 6 pupils, on the island remained in primary schools from September 2010 onwards. Additionally, Kitbridge Middle School became federated with Downside Middle School, and the two schools both became Downside Middle School, but were split across the two separate campuses in Newport; Furrlongs Campus and Kitbridge Campus.[3]

Name Location Roll Website
Archbishop King Roman Catholic (voluntary aided) Middle School Carisbrooke 360
Bishop Lovett Church of England (controlled) Middle School Ryde 394 [30]
Downside Middle School Newport 202 [31]
Forelands Middle School Bembridge 214 [32]
Lake Middle School Shanklin 578 [33]
Mayfield Church of England (voluntary controlled) Middle School Ryde 428 [34]
Nodehill Middle School Newport 641 [35]
Osborne Middle School East Cowes 373 [36]
Sandham Middle School Sandown 550 [37]
Solent Middle School Cowes 383 [38]
Somerton Middle School Cowes 278 [39]
Swanmore Middle School Ryde 268 [40]
Trinity Church of England (voluntary aided) Middle School Carisbrooke 368
Ventnor Middle School Ventnor 436 [41]
West Wight Middle School Freshwater 282 [42]

All middle schools on the island, other than Christ The King College, closed for pupils as of July 21, 2011. Instead of the four years at middle school, children have been given 2 extra years in primary school and then move straight onto secondary school. Children already in middle school transferred straight to the new secondary schools at the start of the next academic year, whether they are in year 6, 7 or 8.

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Education on the Isle of Wight is provided by local education authority-maintained schools on the Isle of Wight, and independent schools. As a rural community, many of these schools are small, with average numbers of pupils lower than in many urban areas. It was decided on 19 March 2008, in a Whole Council Meeting, that the three-tier system would change into a two tier system. A report into the report on the re-organisation with proposals as to which schools would close was published in May 2008. There is also a college on the Isle of Wight and other less formal educational venues.

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