List of religious studies scholars

Religious studies is the academic field of multi-disciplinary, secular study of religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions.


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Hugh Worthington

Hugh Worthington (21 June 1752 – 26 July 1813), was a British Arian divine. He was born in Leicester, and studied at the Daventry Academy under Caleb Ashworth. Worthington was a pastor at Salters' Hall, London, from 1782; a trustee of Dr Daniel Williams's foundations, 1785; and was a lecturer on classics and logic from 1786 to 1789. He published sermons and other writings.He died on 26 July 1813, and was buried in Bunhill Fields burial ground.

Lists of lists of people by belief

These are articles that list people of a particular religious or political belief or other worldview.

Naomi Goldenberg

Naomi Ruth Goldenberg (born 1940) is a religious studies professor, in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies at University of Ottawa since 1977. Since then she has been teaching for 41 years in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies. Goldenberg is a member of school of Graduate Studies and Research since 1980. Goldenberg specialties teaching in: religion and popular culture; religion and gender; critical study of religion; politics and religion; religion and psychoanalysis. Goldenberg is a feminist and has joined Women's Movement groups. Goldenberg has applied her feminist ideals to her work as she thought the Women's Movement was going to change myth. That it would uncover the politics hidden in mythologies and she had hoped to see mythologies representing women differently.

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