List of most distant supernovae

List of most distant supernovae contains selected examples of supernovae so far discovered.

Most distant supernovae

Most distant
Type Name Distance Notes
Supernova SN 1000+0216 z=3.8993 [1]
Type Ia supernova SN UDS10Wil
(SN Wilson)
z=1.914 [2]
Type Ia supernova SN SCP-0401
z=1.71 First observed in 2004, it was not until 2013 that it could be identified as a Type-Ia SN.[3][4]
Type Ia supernova SN 1997ff z=1.7 Its distance was determined in 2001.[5][6][7]
Type Ia supernova Supernova Primo z=1.55 [8]

Most distant supernovae by type

Most distant by type
Type Name Distance Notes
any type
Type I supernova
any type
Type Ia supernova SN UDS10Wil z=1.914 [2]
Type Ib supernova
Type Ic supernova
Type II supernova
any type
Type II-P supernova
Type II-L supernova
Type IIb supernova
Type IIn supernova


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SN UDS10Wil (SN Wilson) is a type Ia supernova, and as of April 2013, the farthest known.

It has a redshift of 1.914, which strongly implies that it exploded when the universe was about a third of its current size. It was discovered with the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3.

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