List of lighthouses in California

There are several lighthouses in the U.S. state of California, including a few listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lighthouse Friends (California)

Name Image Location Coordinates Year first lit Automated Year deactivated Current Lens Focal Height
Alcatraz Island Light Alcatraz lighthouse San Francisco
(Alcatraz Island)
37°49′34.5″N 122°25′19.8″W / 37.826250°N 122.422167°W 1854 (First)
1909 (Current)
1963 Active DCB-24 214 ft (65 m)
Anacapa Island Light USCGanacapa Anacapa Island 34°00′57″N 119°21′34″W / 34.015827°N 119.359548°W 1912 (First)
1932 (Current)
1967[1] Active DCB-24 277 ft (84 m)
Ano Nuevo Light AnoNuevo2 cg Año Nuevo Island 37°06′30″N 122°20′16″W / 37.1083°N 122.3378°W
(Island coordinates)
1890 (First)
1914 (Last)
Never 1948
(Cut down in 1976)
None Unknown
Ballast Point Light USCGballastpoint San Diego
(Point Loma)
32°41′11.0″N 117°13′57.0″W / 32.686389°N 117.232500°W 1890 Never 1960A
None Unknown
Battery Point Light Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City Crescent City 41°44′39″N 124°12′11″W / 41.744094°N 124.203099°W 1856 1953 Active
(Inactive: 1965-1982)
375mm 77 ft (23 m)
Cape Mendocino Light Cape Mendocino Lighthouse in Shelter Cove Shelter Cove 40°26′23.66″N 124°24′21.71″W / 40.4399056°N 124.4060306°W 1868 1951 1971B
None 422 ft (129 m)
Carquinez Strait Light Carquinez Strait Light Vallejo 38°04′04″N 122°12′50″W / 38.067816°N 122.213832°W 1910 Never 1951
(Replaced by beacon)
None 56 ft (17 m)
East Brother Island Light East Brother Island Light Station-3 Richmond 37°57′48″N 122°26′01″W / 37.963233°N 122.433643°W 1874 1969 Active FA 251 61 ft (19 m)
Farallon Island Light Farallonlths San Francisco
(Farallon Islands)
37°41′56″N 123°00′06″W / 37.698966°N 123.001651°W 1856 1972 Active VRB-25 358 ft (109 m)
Fort Point Light Fort Point Light, U.S. Highway 101, San Francisco (San Francisco County, California) San Francisco 37°48′38″N 122°28′38.4″W / 37.81056°N 122.477333°W 1855 (First)
1864 (Current)
Never 1934
(Replaced by bridge)
None 110 ft (34 m)
Humboldt Harbor Light Eureka
(Humboldt Bay}
40°46′7.1″N 124°13′15.7″W / 40.768639°N 124.221028°W 1856 Never 1892
(Collapsed in 1933)
None 45 ft (14 m)
Lime Point Light USCGlimepoint San Francisco 37°49′32″N 122°28′42″W / 37.825447°N 122.478321°W 1900 1961 Active None 20 ft (6.1 m)
Lions Lighthouse for Sight Lion%27s Lighthouse - Long Beach, CA (24920590396) Long Beach 33°45′37″N 118°11′39″W / 33.7602334°N 118.1941101°W 2000[2] Unknown Unknown Unknown 65.62 ft (20.00 m)[2]
Long Beach Light USCGlongbeachRobot Long Beach
(Port of Long Beach)
33°43′24″N 118°11′13″W / 33.723237°N 118.186821°W 1949 Always Active Unknown 50 ft (15 m)
Los Angeles Harbor Light Angels Gate light crop Los Angeles
(Port of Los Angeles)
33°42′31″N 118°15′06″W / 33.70857°N 118.25160°W 1913 1973 Active DCB-24 73 ft (22 m)
Mare Island Light USCGmareisland nodate 3 300 Vallejo
(Mare Island)
38°04′29″N 122°15′02″W / 38.074834°N 122.250464°W 1873 Never 1917
(Demolished in the 1930s)
None 76 ft (23 m)
Mile Rocks Light Mile Rock Light 02 San Francisco 37°47′34″N 122°30′37″W / 37.792765°N 122.510366°W 1906 1966 Active DCB-24 49 ft (15 m)
Oakland Harbor Light USCGoaklandharbor Oakland 37°46′53″N 122°14′38″W / 37.781335°N 122.243817°W 1890 (First)
1903 (Last)
Never 1966C None Unknown
Parkers' Lighthouse Long Beach 33°45′36″N 118°11′31″W / 33.7598744°N 118.1920629°W Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Piedras Blancas Light Piedras Blancas Light Station 2012.jpeg San Simeon 35°39′56.3″N 121°17′03.6″W / 35.665639°N 121.284333°W 1875 1975 Active VRB-25 142 ft (43 m)
Pigeon Point Light Pigeon Point Lighthouse (2016) Half Moon Bay 37°10′54.3″N 122°23′38.1″W / 37.181750°N 122.393917°W 1872 1974 Active DCB-24 148 ft (45 m)
Point Arena Light Point Arena Lighthouse Point Arena 38°57′17.1″N 123°44′25.8″W / 38.954750°N 123.740500°W 1870 (First)
1908 (Current)
1977 Active DCB-224 155 ft (47 m)
Point Arguello Light USCGpointarguello Lompoc
(Point Arguello)
34°34′37.4″N 120°38′49.9″W / 34.577056°N 120.647194°W 1901 (First)
1934 (Last)
1934 1967D None 124 ft (38 m)
Point Blunt Light USCGpointblunt San Francisco
(Angel Island)
37°51′11.64″N 122°25′9.25″W / 37.8532333°N 122.4192361°W 1915 (First)
1956 (Current)
1976 Active Unknown 60 ft (18 m)
Point Bonita Light Point Bonita Light San Francisco
(Point Bonita)
37°48′56″N 122°31′46″W / 37.815614°N 122.529578°W 1855 (First)
1877 (Current)
1980 Active Second-order Fresnel 124 ft (38 m)
Point Cabrillo Light Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, on an early morning in February Caspar 39°20′54.97″N 123°49′34.02″W / 39.3486028°N 123.8261167°W 1909 1973 Active Third-order Fresnel 81 ft (25 m)
Point Conception Light USCGpointconception1882 Lompoc
(Point Conception)
34°26′55.51″N 120°28′14.71″W / 34.4487528°N 120.4707528°W 1856 (First)
1882 (Current)
1973 Active VRB-25 133 ft (41 m)
Point Diablo Light Point Diablo Light, California San Francisco
(Golden Gate)
37°49′13″N 122°29′58″W / 37.820171°N 122.499423°W 1923 Always Active Unknown Unknown
Point Fermin Light Pointfermin Los Angeles
(San Pedro)
33°42′20″N 118°17′37″W / 33.705420°N 118.293649°W 1874 Never 1942 None 120 ft (37 m)
Point Hueneme Light Point Hueneme Lighthouse Port Hueneme 34°08′43″N 119°12′36″W / 34.145176°N 119.210019°W 1874 (First)
1941 (Current)
1972 Active LED 52 ft (16 m)
Point Knox Light San Francisco N/A 1900 Unknown 1963
None Unknown
Point Loma Light (old) Old Point Loma lighthouse 11 San Diego
(Point Loma)
32°40′19″N 117°14′27″W / 32.671983°N 117.240938°W 1855E Never 1891 Third-order Fresnel
462 ft (141 m)
Point Loma Light (new) Point Loma Lighthouse San Diego
(Point Loma)
32°39′54″N 117°14′33″W / 32.665071°N 117.242621°W 1891 1973 Active VLB-44 88 ft (27 m)
Point Montara Light Point Montara Light (2013) Montara 37°32′11″N 122°31′10″W / 37.536503°N 122.519311°W 1900 (First)
1928 (Current)
1970 Active FA 251 70 ft (21 m)
Point Pinos Light Point Pinos Light during reconstruction (2013) Pacific Grove 36°38′00″N 121°56′02″W / 36.633389°N 121.933783°W 1855 1975 Active Third-order Fresnel 89 ft (27 m)
Point Reyes Light Point Reyes Lighthouse (April 2012) Point Reyes Station
(Point Reyes)
37°59′44″N 123°01′24″W / 37.995621°N 123.023215°W 1870 1975 Active First-order Fresnel 265 ft (81 m)
Point San Luis Light San Luis Obispo Lighthouse, Aerial View 03-2016 Avila Beach 35°09′37″N 120°45′39″W / 35.160362°N 120.760882°W 1890 1974 1975D None 116 ft (35 m)
Point Sur Light Point Sur Light Station %E2%80%93 lantern room from above Carmel-by-the-Sea 36°18′22.79″N 121°54′05.36″W / 36.3063306°N 121.9014889°W 1889 1972 Active DCB-224 270 ft (82 m)
Point Vicente Light Parlos Verdes Light House Aug 2012 Rancho Palos Verdes 33°44′31″N 118°24′39″W / 33.741867°N 118.410738°W 1926 1973 Active Third-order Fresnel 155 ft (47 m)
Punta Gorda Light USCGpuntagorda Fortuna 40°14′58″N 124°21′01″W / 40.249433°N 124.350220°W 1912 Never 1951 None Unknown
Roe Island Light USCGroeisland 1924a 300 Roe Island 38°04′04″N 122°01′41″W / 38.067856°N 122.028166°WCoordinates: 38°04′04″N 122°01′41″W / 38.067856°N 122.028166°W 1891 Never 1945
(Later destroyed)
None 41 ft (12 m)
Rubicon Point Light Rubicon Point Lighthouse 01 South Lake Tahoe 38°59′45″N 120°05′41″W / 38.99583°N 120.09472°W 1919 Never 1921 None 200 ft (61 m)
Santa Barbara Light USCGsantabarbara Santa Barbara 34°23′47″N 119°43′21″W / 34.396320°N 119.722625°W 1856 (First)
1928 (Current)
1928 Active Unknown 142 ft (43 m)
Santa Cruz Light IMG 9846Santa Cruz Lighthouse Santa Cruz 36°57′05.34″N 122°01′36.36″W / 36.9514833°N 122.0267667°W 1870 (First)
1967 (Current)
1941 Active? Unknown 60 ft (18 m)
Santa Cruz Breakwater Light Walton Light Santa Cruz
(Santa Cruz harbor)
36°57′38.5″N 122°00′08.0″W / 36.960694°N 122.002222°W 1964 (First)
2002 (Current)
Always Active Unknown 60 ft (18 m)
Southampton Shoal Light Southampton Shoals LS San Francisco Bay 37°52′54.981″N 122°24′00.837″W / 37.88193917°N 122.40023250°W 1905 Never 1960
(Moved to yacht club)
None Unknown
St. George Reef Light Stgeorgereef Crescent City 41°50′11″N 124°22′33″W / 41.83633°N 124.37587°W 1892 Never Active
(Inactive: 1975-2012)
Unknown 146 ft (45 m)
Sugar Pine Point Light Tahoma 39°03′41″N 120°06′50″W / 39.061266°N 120.113971°W 1921 Never 1985D None Unknown
Table Bluff Light USCGtablebluffWith Table Bluff 40°41′45.02″N 124°16′26.16″W / 40.6958389°N 124.2739333°W 1892 1953 1971 None Unknown
Trinidad Head Light TrinidadLighthouse Trinidad 41°3′7.0″N 124°9′5.2″W / 41.051944°N 124.151444°W 1871 1974 Active 375mm 196 ft (60 m)
Yerba Buena Light USCGyerbabuena2007rosen San Francisco
Yerba Buena Island
37°48′26.27″N 122°21′44.29″W / 37.8072972°N 122.3623028°W 1875 1958 Active Unknown 95 ft (29 m)

Notable Faux Lighthouse

Name Image Location Year built Status Lens used Height
Passamaquoddy Lighthouse
(Used in the 1977 movie Pete's Dragon)
Los Osos[3] 1976 Destroyed after filimg[4] Fresnel Lens
52 ft (16 m)


A.^ Ballast Point Light was moved in 1960 to the bell tower which had served as a fog signal building as the 1890 tower had been declared unsafe. The light shone from the top of the bell tower until 1961 when it was replaced by an offshore light.
B.^ The tower was abandoned in 1971 when the beacon was moved to a nearby modern pole. This light was discontinued in 2013 fifteen years after the old tower was moved to a new spot and restored.
C.^ Parts of the old structure now have separate owners, today an automated beacon is in active service.
D.^ Light moved to a pole.
E.^ Old Point Loma Light was built a few months after the lighthouse at Point Pinos making it the second oldest in the state still standing.


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