List of heads of government of Andorra

The Head of Government of the Principality of Andorra (Catalan: Cap de Govern del Principat d'Andorra), alternatively known as the Prime Minister of Andorra, is the chief executive of the government of Andorra. They are appointed by the General Council.

The position was created in 1982 after constitutional reforms separated the executive and legislative power. Òscar Ribas Reig was elected as the country's first Head of Government on 4 January 1982.[1] The current Head of Government is Antoni Martí, who has been in office since 31 March 2015.

Head of Government of the
Principality of Andorra
Cap de Govern del Principat d'Andorra
Coat of Arms of the high authorities of Andorra
Antoni Martí (2011)
Antoni Martí

since 1 April 2015
AppointerGeneral Council of Andorra
Term lengthFour years, renewable
Inaugural holderÒscar Ribas Reig
Formation8 January 1982

Heads of Government of Andorra (1982–present)

Tenure Political Affiliation Elected
Took Office Left Office
1 Òscar Ribas Reig
(born 1936)
8 January 1982 21 May 1984 Independent 1981
2 Josep Pintat-Solans
21 May 1984 12 January 1990 Independent 1985
(1) Òscar Ribas Reig
(born 1936)
12 January 1990 7 December 1994 National Democratic Group 1989
3 Marc Forné Molné
(born 1946)
7 December 1994 27 May 2005 Liberal Party 1997
4 Albert Pintat
(born 1943)
27 May 2005 5 June 2009 Liberal Party 2005
5 Jaume Bartumeu
(born 1954)
5 June 2009 28 April 2011 Social Democratic Party 2009
Pere López Agràs
(born 1971)
Acting Head of Government
28 April 2011 12 May 2011 Social Democratic Party
6 Antoni Martí
(born 1963)
12 May 2011 23 March 2015 Democrats for Andorra 2011
Gilbert Saboya Sunyé
(born 1966)
Acting Head of Government
23 March 2015 1 April 2015 Democrats for Andorra
(6) Antoni Martí
(born 1963)
1 April 2015 Incumbent Democrats for Andorra 2015

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Andorran permanent representative to the United Nations in New York City

The Andorran Permanent representative to the Headquarters of the United Nations has his residence in New York City is also acreditated as Ambassador to the governments in the United States of America, Canada and the United Mexican States.

Andorra established relations with the United States in February 1995. It was by means of an exchange of letters. The Andorran government requested to establish full diplomatic relations and the Secretary of State reciprocated by appointing our Consul General in Barcelona as representative of the United States to Andorra for diplomatic and consular affairs. In 1998, with the change of U.S. Ambassador in Madrid , it was agreed the U.S. government would accredit the same Ambassador to Andorra .

Co-Princes of Andorra

The Co-Princes of Andorra or the Co-Monarchs of Andorra are jointly the head of state (cap d'estat) of the Principality of Andorra, a landlocked microstate lying in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Founded in 1278 by means of a treaty between the Bishop of Urgell and the French Count of Foix, this unique diarchical arrangement has persisted through medieval times to the 21st century. Currently, the Bishop of Urgell (Joan Enric Vives Sicília) and the President of France (Emmanuel Macron) serve as Andorra's princes, following the transfer of the Count of Foix's claims to the Crown of France and, thence, to the President of France. Each prince appoints a personal representative, the French prince currently being represented by Patrick Strzoda and the Episcopal prince by Josep Maria Mauri.

Gilbert Saboya Sunyé

Gilbert Saboya Sunyé (born 28 July 1966) is an Andorran economist and politician. He is currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Principality of Andorra, since his appointment in 2011. Previously, he was the President of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe from November 9, 2012 until May 16, 2013. From March 23, 2015 until April 1, 2015 he was the acting Prime Minister of Andorra.

List of Co-Princes of Andorra

This is a list of Co-Princes of Andorra. For further information on the origin and development of the unique Andorran monarchial system, together with details concerning the powers and prerogatives of the Andorran co-princes, see the article Co-Princes of Andorra.

List of ambassadors of Andorra to Portugal

The Andorran Ambassador has his residence in Lisbon.

Permanent Representative of Andorra to the United Nations Office at Geneva

The Andorran Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office at Geneva has his residence in Andorra La Vella and is also acredtiatetd as Observer to the World Trade Organization.

Permanent Representative of Andorra to the United Nations Office at Vienna

The Andorran Permanent representative to the United Nations Office at Vienna has his residence in Andorra La Vella and is also acreditated as Ambassador to the governments in Vienna (Austria), San Marino, Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Bucharest (Romania) Budapest (Hungary) and is head of delegation of the Principality of Andorra next to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and representative of Andorra to the Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization.

Prime Ministers of Andorra
Heads of state and government of Europe
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