List of educational institutions in Sialkot

This is a list of educational institutions located in Sialkot District, Pakistan.

Primary and secondary educational institutions

  • Ad-Dawa School System
  • Aisha Lasani Model School
  • Al Yaqoobia Girls High School, Bharth, Sialkot
  • Ali Academy, Haji Pora
  • Allama Iqbal Public High School, Sialkot Cantt
  • American Grammar School (Boys & Girls), 115-Mehmood Ghaznavi Road, Cantonment Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • American public high school, Sialkot
  • Army Public School, 39 Zafar Ali Road, Sialkot Cantt
  • AT-Taqwa Science School, Khan Mahal Road, Sialkot
  • Azam Science School & College, Defence Road, Sialkot
  • Beaconhouse School System, Said Pur Condal Road
  • Blue Coat School System
  • Bright Future High School, Harrar
  • Cathedral High School No.1, Christian Town, Sialkot
  • City Public High School
  • City School, Iqbal Campus (boys)
  • CSS Model Town
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary Girls High School
  • Crescent Model High School, Abbot Road, Sialkot
  • CTI High School Bara Pathar Sialkot
  • Dar e Arqam Schools Iqbal Campus Adda Pasrurian Sialkot
  • Fauji Foundation Model School Sialkot
  • Future Foundation School, Doburji Mallian Sialkot
  • Garrison School System
  • Government High School Bogray
  • Govt. Pilot Secondary School Sialkot
  • Great Folk Public School
  • Harvard Grammar School, Kutchery Road, Sialkot
  • Hafeez Public High School, Haji Pura Sialkot
  • Ibn-e-Sina High School, Harrar
  • Iqbal Vision International College, Daska Road Mor Sambrial, Sialkot
  • Iqra Foundation School College Road Daska
  • Islamic Vision School And Girls College, Sialkot Village Kanpur [1]
  • John & Scot High School, Harrar
  • K.B.F School
  • Kent Kids Campus, Iqbal Town Defence road, Sialkot
  • Kids Club Grammar School, Nasir Road, Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Knowledge Inn Public Higher Secondary School
  • Lahore Grammar School, Faraz Shaheed Road, Sialkot
  • Knowledge Inn Public Higher Secondary School
  • Leads Grammer School, Paris Road, Sialkot
  • Learning Grammar High School Fazalpura Sambrial
  • Learning Star School System (Dastgeer Br), Eimeen Abad Road, Near New Ghandam Mandi
  • Madrassa Tuz Zahra
  • Merab Kids University
  • Mumtaz Public High School Fatehgarh Road Sialkot
  • National Secondary School, Adda Gunna Kalan, Sialkot
  • New Cantt Public School, Sialkot
  • New Day School, Sialkot Cantt
  • Noble Public High School, Harrar
  • Ocean Ideal School, Muradpur Marala Road Sialkot
  • Prime English and Grammar Public High School Ghallian - Kotli Loharan - Sialkot
  • Prince Public School Kotli Behram, Muhallah Chah Lalarian, Sialkot
  • Public Foundation School, Sambrial
  • Peace Grammar School, Marala Road, Sialkot
  • The Punjab School, New Muslim Town, Kotly Behram Sialkot
  • Queen Mary's High School, Harrar
  • Resource Academia Leading To International School- kalma chowk - Sialkot
  • Royal City Grammar School
  • Sheikh Zaid International School
  • Sialkot public school
  • Sir Sayyed Public High School, Chaprar
  • Sir Syed Public School, New Ghalla Mandi Sialkot
  • The Spirit School Akbar CAMPUS (Boys & Girls), Main Wazirabad Road Randeer Moor, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • St Mary's High School, Harrar
  • Sunrise Public High School Hajipura Sialkot
  • Surosh Public high School Near noul mor Sialkot
  • City Public School Khadam Ali Road, Sialkot

Tertiary and technical educational institutions

Academic institutes

  • A Leading Educational Institution in the Area of Chaprar
  • Quaid e Azam Ideal public School Chaprar, sialkot

IT Institutes

  • CASTECH (College Of Arts Science & Technology)
  • Computer People 2000
  • Softman College
  • Latech Soft Computer Center Street
  • Netcom Institute(NETS)
  • Softec Computer Center
  • Awan Computer Tech
  • Anser Institute
  • Theta Solutions
  • NetRox Tech
  • Ashman Solutions, Hakim Khadim Ali Road
  • Sialkot Institute of Science and technology,Buttter road sialkot
  • Royal Aviation Institute

Technology colleges

  • Govt. Poly Technique Institute, Sialkot. (G.P.I)
  • Govt. College of Technology, Sialkot
  • Royal College of Technology, Sambrial
  • Royal College of Technology, Daska
  • Knowledge Technical & computer Education. Sialkot. (Affiliated With S.D.C. Lahore)
  • Govt Vocational Training Institute Sialkot

Engineering College

  • Islam College of Engineering & Management sciences.
  • School of Engineering, University of Management & Technology, Sialkot Campus
  • Superior Group Of Colleges

Federal Institutes

  • Federal Government Inter College, Sialkot Cant
  • Army Public College, Sialkot Cant
  • FG Boys Public School Sialkot Cant
  • FG Girls Public School Sialkot Cant
  • FG Boys High School Sialkot Cant
  • FG Girls Middle School Sialkot Cant
  • Army Public School Sialkot Cant
  • Rangers Public School, Sialkot Cant
  • Cadet College Sambrial

Men's degree colleges

  • Govt. Murray College, Sialkot.
  • Govt. Allama Iqbal College, Sialkot.
  • Govt. Jinnah Islamia College, Sialkot.
  • Govt. Higher secondary school ghuinke sialkot

International degree Colleges

Brits Education Excellence college Sialkot RaisingCFO Sialkot Pakistan for ACCA and CA

Women's degree colleges

  • Government Allama Iqbal College for Women Sialkot
  • Government APWA College for Women Sialkot

Commerce colleges

  • Allama Iqbal College of Commerce, Sialkot.
  • Apex College of Commerce, Sialkot
  • Comprehensive Punjab College of Commerce, Sialkot.
  • Edutech college
  • Govt. College of Commerce for women, Sialkot
  • Govt. College of Commerce, Sialkot
  • Govt. Institute of Commerce, Sialkot
  • Leadership College for Women, Sialkot.[2]
  • Leadership College of Commerce, Sialkot.[2]
  • Leads College of Commerce & Information Technology, Sialkot
  • Nisa Girls college.
  • Peers' College of Commerce, Sialkot.
  • Punjab college for Women, Sialkot
  • Punjab College Of Commerce
  • Punjab College of Commerce, Sialkot
  • Sialkot College of Commerce, Sialkot.
  • SIIT College of Commerce, Sialkot.
  • Shadab College of Commerce, Abbot Road Sialkot.
  • sims college of commerece.
  • SKANS School of Accountancy[3]
  • Superior College of Science[4]
  • The Standard College Of Business Administration, Sialkot.
  • The Standard College
  • The vision group of colleges sialkot
  • Vision Academy of Commerce & sciences, Sialkot

Medical college

Law college

  • Services Law College, Sialkot
  • Superior Services College For Education, Sialkot
  • Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot.
  • Islam law College
  • Shadab Law College

ali law college

Language training centres

  • ELC-English language club (Kashif Mehmood)
  • The Linguist Institute (Sir Zia)
  • Elc Academy
  • Quaid ELC
  • Computer People 2000

Universities In Sialkot


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