List of U.S. state birds

Below is a list of U.S. state birds as designated by each state's legislature, as well as the District of Columbia's state bird. The list also contains U.S. territory birds as designated by each territory's legislature. The selection of state birds began in 1927, when the legislatures for Alabama, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, Texas and Wyoming selected their state birds. The last state to choose its bird was Arizona in 1973. Alaska, California, and South Dakota permit hunting of their state birds. Pennsylvania has adopted a "state game bird" but not a state bird, while Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee have designated an additional "state game bird" for the purpose of hunting. The northern cardinal is the state bird of seven states, followed by the western meadowlark as the state bird of six states. Several states have extinct official animals, such as state dinosaurs in addition to state insects, state butterflies, state mammals and state reptiles. The District of Columbia designated a district bird in 1938.[1] Each of the five inhabited territories of the United States has a designated territorial bird (except for American Samoa).


federal district
or territory
State bird
district bird
or territory bird
Binomial nomenclature Photography Year
Alabama Yellowhammer
(state bird)
Colaptes auratus Northern Flicker 1927[2]
Wild turkey
(state game bird)
Meleagris gallopavo Gall-dindi 1980[3]
Alaska Willow ptarmigan Lagopus lagopus Denali National Park Ptarmigan 1955[4]
American Samoa None
(See List of birds of American Samoa)
Arizona Cactus wren Campylorhynchus
Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus 20061226 1973[5]
Arkansas Northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Mimus polyglottos adult 01 cropped 1929[6]
California California quail Callipepla californica California quail 1931[7]
Colorado Lark bunting Calamospiza melanocorys IMG 7043 lark bunting 1931[8]
Connecticut American robin Turdus migratorius Turdus-migratorius-002 1943[9]
Delaware Delaware Blue Hen Gallus gallus 1939[10]
District of Columbia Wood thrush Hylocichla mustelina Hylocichla mustelina (cropped) 1938[1]
Florida Northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Mimus polyglottos adult 02 cropped 1927[11]
Georgia Brown thrasher (state bird) Toxostoma rufum Brown Thrasher-27527-2 1928[12]
Bobwhite quail (state game bird) Colinus virginianus Virginiawachtel 2007-06-16 065 1970[13]
Guam Guam rail (ko'ko') Gallirallus owstoni GuamRail02 ?
Hawaii Hawaiian goose (Nēnē) Branta sandvicensis Branta sandvicensis -WWT Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England-8a 1957[14]
Idaho Mountain bluebird Sialia currucoides Mountain Bluebird 1931[15]
Illinois Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinal 1929[16]
Indiana Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinal 1933[17]
Iowa Eastern goldfinch
also known as the American goldfinch
Spinus tristis Carduelis-tristis-002 1933[18]
Kansas Western meadowlark Sturnella neglecta WesternMeadowlark23 1933[19]
Kentucky Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinal 1942[20]
Louisiana Brown pelican Pelecanus occidentalis Brown pelican - natures pics 1966[21]
Maine Chickadee Not specified in state law Poecile-atricapilla-001 1927[22]
Maryland Baltimore oriole Icterus galbula Icterus-galbula-002 1947[23]
Massachusetts Black-capped chickadee
(state bird)
Poecile atricapilla Black capped chickadee cp 1941[24]
Wild turkey
(state game bird)
Meleagris gallopavo Gall-dindi 1991[25]
Michigan American robin Turdus migratorius American Robin KSC01pp1005 1931[26]
Minnesota Common loon Gavia immer Common Loon head sideways 1961[27]
Mississippi Northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Mimus polyglottos adult 01 cropped 1944[28]
Wood duck
(state waterfowl)
Aix sponsa Brautente Wood Duck Aix sponsa 1974[29]
Missouri Eastern bluebird Sialia sialis EasternbluebirdB9 1927[30]
Bobwhite quail (state game bird) Colinus virginianus Virginiawachtel 2007-06-16 065 2007[31]
Montana Western meadowlark Sturnella neglecta WesternMeadowlark23 1941[32]
Nebraska Western meadowlark Sturnella neglecta WesternMeadowlark23 1929[33]
Nevada Mountain bluebird Sialia currucoides Mountain Bluebird 1967[34]
New Hampshire Purple finch Carpodacus purpureus Purple Finch 1957[35]
New Jersey Eastern goldfinch

also known as the American Goldfinch

Spinus tristis Goldfinch tgo 1935[36]
New Mexico Roadrunner
also known as the greater roadrunner
Geococcyx californianus Geococcyx californianus 1949[37]
New York Eastern bluebird Sialia sialis EasternbluebirdB9 1970[38]
North Carolina Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinal 1943[39]
North Dakota Western meadowlark Sturnella neglecta WesternMeadowlark23 1970[40]
Northern Mariana Islands Mariana fruit-dove Ptilinopus roseicapilla Stavenn Ptilinopus roseicapilla 01 ?
Ohio Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinal 1933[41]
Oklahoma Scissor-tailed flycatcher Tyrannus forficatus Scissortailedfly700 1951[42]
Wild turkey (state game bird) Meleagris gallopavo Gall-dindi 1990[43]
Oregon Western meadowlark Sturnella neglecta WesternMeadowlark23 1927[44]
Pennsylvania Ruffed grouse (state game bird) Bonasa umbellus Bonasa-umbellus-001edit1 1931[45]
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican spindalis Spindalis portoricensis Spindalis portoricensis by Mike's Birds ?
Rhode Island Rhode Island Red Gallus gallus Rhode Island Red 1954[46]
South Carolina Northern mockingbird
(former state bird)
Mimus polyglottos Mimus polyglottos adult 02 cropped 1939 -
Carolina wren Thryothorus ludovicianus Carolina Wren 2 1948[47]
Wild turkey
(state wild game bird)
Meleagris gallopavo Gall-dindi 1976[48]
South Dakota Ring-necked pheasant Phasianus colchicus Phasianus colchicus 2 tom (Lukasz Lukasik) 1943[49]
Tennessee Northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Mimus polyglottos adult 01 cropped 1933[50]
Bobwhite quail
(state wild game bird)
Colinus virginianus Virginiawachtel 2007-06-16 065 1987[51]
Texas Northern mockingbird Mimus polyglottos Mimus polyglottos adult 02 cropped 1927[52]
Utah California gull Larus californicus CaliforniaGull23 1955[53]
Vermont Hermit thrush Catharus guttatus Hermitthrush63 1941[54]
Virgin Islands (U.S.) Bananaquit Coereba flaveola Bananaquits 1970
Virginia Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinal 1950[55]
Washington Willow goldfinch
also known as the American goldfinch
Spinus tristis Carduelis-tristis-001 1951[56]
West Virginia Northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinal 1949[57]
Wisconsin American robin Turdus migratorius American Robin 2006 1949[58]
Wyoming Western meadowlark Sturnella neglecta WesternMeadowlark23 1927[59]


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List of U.S. county birds

This is a list of official birds of United States counties and county-level governments organized by state.

List of amphibians of North America

This is a checklist of American amphibians found north of Mexico, based mainly on publications by the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. The information about range and status of almost all of these species can be found also for example in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species site.* alien species

Conservation status – IUCN Red List of Threatened Species:

EX – extinct, EW – extinct in the wild

CR – critically endangered, EN – endangered, VU – vulnerable

NT – near threatened, LC – least concern

DD – data deficient, NE – not evaluated

(v. 2013.2, the data are current as of March 5, 2014)and Endangered Species Act:

E – endangered, T – threatened

XN, XE – experimental nonessential or essential population

E(S/A), T(S/A) – endangered or threatened due to similarity of appearance

(the data are current as of March 28, 2014)

List of birds of North America

The lists of birds in the light blue box below are divided by biological family. The lists are based on The AOU Check-list of North American Birds of the American Ornithological Society supplemented with checklists from Panama, Greenland, Bermuda and Trinidad and Tobago. It includes the birds of Greenland, Canada, the United States (excluding Hawaii), Mexico, Central America, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Islands including offshore islands of Colombia and Venezuela.

List of mammals of North America

This is a list of North American mammals. It includes all mammals currently found in North America north of Mexico, whether resident or as migrants. A list of Mexican mammals can be found here. This article does not include species found only in captivity. Mammal species which became extinct in the last 10,000 to 13,000 years are also included in this article. Each species is listed, with its binomial name. Most established introduced species occurring across multiple states and provinces are also noted.

Some species are identified as indicated below:

(A) = Accidental: occurrence based on one or a few records, and unlikely to occur regularly

(E) = Extinct: died out between 13,000 years ago and the present

(Ex) = Extirpated: no longer occurs in area of interest, but other populations exist elsewhere

(I) = Introduced: population established solely as result of direct or indirect human intervention; synonymous with non-native and non-indigenousConservation status - IUCN Red List of Threatened Species:

EX - extinct, EW - extinct in the wild

CR - critically endangered, EN - endangered, VU - vulnerable

NT - near threatened, LC - least concern

DD - data deficient, NE - not evaluated

(v. 2013.2, the data is current as of March 5, 2014)and Endangered Species Act:

E - endangered, T - threatened

XN, XE - experimental non essential or essential population

E(S/A), T(S/A) - endangered or threatened due to similarity of appearance

(selected only taxa found in the US, the data is current as of March 28, 2014)

List of national birds

This is a list of national birds. Most species in the list are officially designated. Some species hold only an "unofficial" status.

List of official city birds

The following is an incomplete list of official city birds, organized by country.

List of reptiles of North America

This is a checklist of American reptiles found north from Mexico, based primarily on SSAR publications. It includes all species of the United States and Canada, including recently introduced species such as Chameleons, the Nile monitor, and the Burmese python. Subspecies are listed only in a few cases. The information about range and status of almost all of these species can be found also in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species site.* alien species

Conservation status – IUCN Red List of Threatened Species:

EX – Extinct, EW – Extinct in the wild

CR – Critically endangered, EN – Endangered, VU – Vulnerable

NT – Near threatened, LC – Least concern

DD – Data deficient, NE – Not evaluated

(v. 2013.2, the data is current as of March 5, 2014)and Endangered Species Act:

E – Endangered, T – Threatened

XN, XE – Experimental non-essential or essential population

E(S/A), T(S/A) – Endangered or threatened due to similarity of appearance

(the data is current as of March 28, 2014)

Order: Crocodylia

Family: Alligatoridae


American alligator Alligator mississippiensis LR/lc T(S/A)

Spectacled caiman Caiman crocodilus * LR/lc

Family: Crocodylidae

Subfamily: Crocodylinae


American crocodile Crocodylus acutus VU E (FL: T only)Order: Testudines (Turtles)

Suborder: Cryptodira

Family: Testudinidae Tortoises

Gopher tortoises

Gopher tortoise Gopherus polyphemus VU T

Berlandier’s tortoise Gopherus berlandieri LR/lc

Bolson tortoise Gopherus flavomarginatus VU

Mohave Desert tortoise Gopherus agassizii VU T(AZ south and east of Colorado R.: T(S/A) only)

Sonoran Desert tortoise Gopherus morafkai (formerly in G. agassizii)

Family: Emydidae Pond turtles

Subfamily: Emydinae

Pond turtles

Two species split from former Western pond turtle A. marmorata VU:Northwestern pond turtle Actinemys (marmorata) marmorata

Southwestern pond turtle Actinemys (marmorata) pallidaSpotted turtle Clemmys guttata EN

Wood turtle Glyptemys insculpta EN

Bog turtle Glyptemys muhlenbergii CR T(GA, NC, SC, TN, VA: T(S/A) only)

Blanding's turtle

Blanding’s turtle Emydoidea blandingii EN

Box turtles

Eastern box turtle Terrapene carolina VU

Florida box turtle Terrapene (carolina) bauri

Ornate box turtle Terrapene ornata NT

Subfamily: Deirochelyinae


Pond slider Trachemys scripta LC

Mexican plateau slider Trachemys gaigeae VU

Jamaican slider Trachemys terrapen * VU(species not listed by SSAR)

Painted turtles

Painted turtle Chrysemys picta LC

Southern painted turtle Chrysemys dorsalis (formerly in Chrysemys picta)

Chicken turtles

Chicken turtle Deirochelys reticularia

Map turtles

Barbour’s map turtle Graptemys barbouri VU

Cagle’s map turtle Graptemys caglei EN

Escambia map turtle Graptemys ernsti NT

Yellow-blotched map turtle Graptemys flavimaculata VU T

Northern map turtle Graptemys geographica LC

Pascagoula map turtle Graptemys gibbonsi EN

Pearl river map turtle Graptemys pearlensis EN,(formerly in Graptemys gibbonsi)

Black-knobbed map turtle Graptemys nigrinoda LC

Ringed map turtle Graptemys oculifera VU T

Two species split from the former Ouachita map turtle Graptemys ouachitensis LC:Ouachita map turtle Graptemys (ouachitensis) ouachitensis

Sabine map turtle Graptemys (ouachitensis) sabinensisFalse map turtle Graptemys pseudogeographica LC

Alabama map turtle Graptemys pulchra NT

Texas map turtle Graptemys versa LC

Diamond-backed terrapin

Diamond-backed terrapin Malaclemys terrapin LR/nt

Redbelly turtles and cooters

Alabama red-bellied cooter Pseudemys alabamensis EN E

River cooter Pseudemys concinna LC

Suwannee cooter Pseudemys suwanniensis (formerly in Pseudemys concinna)

Rio Grande cooter Pseudemys gorzugi NT

Florida red-bellied cooter Pseudemys nelsoni LC

Peninsula cooter Pseudemys peninsularis LC

Northern red-bellied cooter Pseudemys rubriventris NT (Plymouth red-bellied turtle P. r. bangsi: E)

Texas cooter Pseudemys texana LC

Family: Cheloniidae

Olive Ridley sea turtle Lepidochelys olivacea VU T

Loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta EN (North Pacific: E, Northwest Atlantic: T)

Kemp's Ridley sea turtle Lepidochelys kempii CR E

Green sea turtle Chelonia mydas EN T(Hawaiian subpopulation: LC, Breeding colony populations in FL: E)

Hawksbill sea turtle Eretmochelys imbricata CR E

Family: Dermochelyidae

Leatherback sea turtle Dermochelys coriacea VU E(East Pacific Ocean subpopulation – i.e. Hawaiian Is.: CR, West Pacific Ocean subpopulation: CR, Northwest Atlantic Ocean subpopulation: LC)

Family: Chelydridae

Snapping turtles

Snapping turtle Chelydra serpentina LC

Alligator snapping turtles

Three species split from the former Alligator snapping turtle Macrochelys temminckii VU:Alligator snapping turtle Macrochelys temminckii

Apalachicola alligator snapping turtle Macrochelys apalachicolae (species not recognized by SSAR)

Suwannee alligator snapping turtle Macrochelys suwanniensis

Family: Kinosternidae

Mud turtles

Arizona mud turtle Kinosternon arizonense LC

Striped mud turtle Kinosternon baurii LC

Yellow mud turtle Kinosternon flavescens LC

Rough-footed mud turtle Kinosternon hirtipes LC

Sonora mud turtle Kinosternon sonoriense NT

Two species split from the former Eastern mud turtle Kinosternon subrubrum LC:Eastern mud turtle Kinosternon subrubrum

Florida mud turtle Kinosternon (subrubrum) steindachneri

Musk turtles

Razor-backed musk turtle Sternotherus carinatus LC

Flattened musk turtle Sternotherus depressus CR T

Loggerhead musk turtle Sternotherus minor LC

Eastern musk turtle Sternotherus odoratus LC

Giant musk turtles

Pacific Coast Giant Musk Turtle Staurotypus salvinii * NT

Family: Trionychidae Softshells

Florida softshell Apalone ferox LC

Smooth softshell Apalone mutica LC

Spiny softshell Apalone spinifera LC

Wattle-necked softshell Palea steindachneri * EN (Hawaii only)

Chinese softshell Pelodiscus sinensis * VU (Hawaii only)Suborder: Pleurodira

Family: Podocnemididae Side-necked turtles

Yellow-spotted Amazon River turtle Podocnemis unifilis * VU(species not listed by SSAR)Order: Squamata (scaled reptiles)

Suborder: Iguania

Family: Agamidae Agamas

Subfamily: Agaminae

Peters’s Rock Agama Agama picticauda *

Indochinese bloodsucker Calotes mystaceus * (species not listed by SSAR anymore)

Variable bloodsucker Calotes versicolor * LC

Subfamily: Leiolepidinae

Butterfly lizard Leiolepis belliana *

Red-banded butterfly lizard Leiolepis rubritaeniata *

Family: Chamaeleonidae Chameleons

Subfamily: Chamaeleoninae

Veiled chameleon Chamaeleo calyptratus * LC

Jackson's chameleon Trioceros jacksonii *

Oustalet's chameleon Furcifer oustaleti * LC

Panther Chameleon Furcifer pardalis * LC

Family: Crotaphytidae Collared and leopard lizards

Collared lizards

Great Basin collared lizard Crotaphytus bicinctores LC

Eastern collared lizard Crotaphytus collaris LC

Sonoran collared lizard Crotaphytus nebrius LC

Reticulate collared lizard Crotaphytus reticulatus VU

Baja California collared lizard Crotaphytus vestigium LC

Leopard lizards

Cope’s leopard lizard Gambelia copeii LC

Blunt-nosed leopard lizard Gambelia sila EN E

Long-nosed leopard lizard Gambelia wislizenii LC

Family: Iguanidae Iguanas

Isla San Esteban spiny-tailed iguana Ctenosaura conspicuosa *

Sonoran spiny-tailed iguana Ctenosaura macrolopha *

Mexican spiny-tailed iguana Ctenosaura pectinata *

Gray's spiny-tailed iguana Ctenosaura similis * LC

Desert iguana Dipsosaurus dorsalis LC

Green iguana Iguana iguana *


Common chuckwalla Sauromalus ater LC

Family: Phrynosomatidae

Zebratail lizards

Zebra-tailed lizard Callisaurus draconoides LC

Greater earless lizards

Greater earless lizard Cophosaurus texanus LC

Earless lizards

Spot-tailed earless lizard Holbrookia lacerata NT

Common lesser earless lizard Holbrookia maculata LCSpeckled earless lizard Holbrookia (maculata) approximans(species not recognized by SSAR)Elegant earless lizard Holbrookia elegans LC (formerly in Holbrookia maculata)

Keeled earless lizard Holbrookia propinqua LC

Rock lizards

Mearns’s rock lizard Petrosaurus mearnsi LC

Horned lizards

Texas horned lizard Phrynosoma cornutum LC

Blainville's horned lizard Phrynosoma blainvillii (formerly in Phrynosoma cornutum)

Pygmy short-horned lizard Phrynosoma douglasii LCBaur’s short-horned lizard Phrynosoma bauri (species not recognized by SSAR)

Great Plains short-horned lizard Phrynosoma brevirostris (species not recognized by SSAR)

San Luis Valley short-horned lizard Phrynosoma diminutum (species not recognized by SSAR)

Desert short-horned lizard Phrynosoma ornatissimum (species not recognized by SSAR)Greater short-horned lizard Phrynosoma hernandesi LC

Desert horned lizard Phrynosoma platyrhinos LC

Goode's horned lizard Phrynosoma goodei (formerly in Phrynosoma platyrhinos)

Flat-tailed horned lizard Phrynosoma mcallii NT

Round-tailed horned lizard Phrynosoma modestum LC

Regal horned lizard Phrynosoma solare LC

Spiny lizards

Dunes sagebrush lizard Sceloporus arenicolus VU

Desert spiny lizard Sceloporus magister LC

Twin-spotted spiny lizard Sceloporus bimaculosus (formerly in Sceloporus magister)

Yellow-backed spiny lizard Sceloporus uniformis (formerly in Sceloporus magister)

Clark's spiny lizard Sceloporus clarkii LC

Eastern fence lizard Sceloporus undulatus LC

Prairie lizard Sceloporus consobrinus (formerly in Sceloporus undulatus)

Southwestern fence lizard Sceloporus cowlesi (formerly in Sceloporus undulatus)

Plateau fence lizard Sceloporus tristichus (formerly in Sceloporus undulatus)

Rough-scaled lizard Sceloporus serrifer LC (species not listed by SSAR)

Blue spiny lizard Sceloporus cyanogenys (formerly in Sceloporus serrifer LC)

Common sagebrush lizard Sceloporus graciosus LCSouthern sagebrush lizard Sceloporus (graciosus) vandenburgianus LC(species not recognized by SSAR)Graphic spiny lizard Sceloporus grammicus LC

Yarrow’s spiny lizard Sceloporus jarrovii LC

Canyon lizard Sceloporus merriami LC

Western fence lizard Sceloporus occidentalis LCIsland fence lizard Sceloporus (occidentalis) becki (species not recognized by SSAR)Texas spiny lizard Sceloporus olivaceus LC

Granite spiny lizard Sceloporus orcutti LC

Crevice spiny lizard Sceloporus poinsettii LC

Slevin's bunchgrass lizard Sceloporus slevini LC

Rose-bellied lizard Sceloporus variabilis LC

Striped plateau lizard Sceloporus virgatus LC

Florida scrub lizard Sceloporus woodi NT

Couch's spiny lizard Sceloporus couchii (species not listed by SSAR)

Ornate spiny lizard Sceloporus ornatus NT (species not listed by SSAR)

Fringe-toed lizards

Coachella fringe-toed lizard Uma inornata EN T

Colorado Desert fringe-toed lizard Uma notata NT

Yuman fringe-toed lizard Uma rufopunctata NT (formerly in Uma notata)

Mohave fringe-toed lizard Uma scoparia LC

Tree and brush lizards

Long-tailed brush lizard Urosaurus graciosus LC

Small-scaled lizard Urosaurus microscutatus (formerly merged with U. nigricaudus LC)

Ornate tree lizard Urosaurus ornatus LC

Side-blotched lizards

Common sideblotched lizard Uta stansburiana LC

Family: Dactyloidae Anoles


Green anole Anolis carolinensis LC

Hispaniolan green anole Anolis chlorocyanus *

Large-headed anole Anolis cybotes *

Knight anole Anolis equestris *

Cuban green anole Anolis porcatus *

Crested anole Anolis cristatellus *

Bark anole Anolis distichus *additional native status is an unresolved issue

Comb anole Anolis ferreus * (species not listed by SSAR anymore)

Jamaican giant anole Anolis garmani *

Brown anole Anolis sagrei *

Saint Vincent's bush anole Anolis trinitatis *

Family: Corytophanidae Casquehead lizards

Brown basilisk Basiliscus vittatus *

Family: Leiocephalidae Curly-tailed lizards

Northern curly-tailed lizard Leiocephalus carinatus * LC

Red-sided curly-tailed lizard Leiocephalus schreibersii * LCSuborder: Gekkota

Family: Gekkonidae geckos

Subfamily: Gekkoninae

Moorish gecko Tarentola mauritanica * LC

Ringed wall gecko Tarentola annularis *

Common house gecko Hemidactylus frenatus * LC

Indo-Pacific house gecko Hemidactylus garnotii *

Wood slave Hemidactylus mabouia *

Sri Lankan spotted house gecko Hemidactylus parvimaculatus *

Asian flat-tailed house gecko Hemidactylus platyurus *

Mediterranean gecko Hemidactylus turcicus * LC

Indo-Pacific tree gecko Hemiphyllodactylus typus * (Hawaii only)

Peninsula leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus nocticolus(Phyllodactylus xanti as P. x. nocticolus + P. x. xanti: LC)Xantus' Leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus xanti LC (species not recognized by SSAR)Reef gecko Sphaerodactylus notatus LC

Ocellated gecko Sphaerodactylus argus *

Ashy gecko Sphaerodactylus elegans *

Gray gecko Sphaerodactylus cinereus VU(species not listed by SSAR)

Bibron's sand gecko Chondrodactylus bibronii * (species not listed by SSAR anymore)

Rough-tailed gecko Cyrtopodion scabrum * LC

Mutilating gecko Gehyra mutilata * (Hawaii only)

Golden gecko Gekko badenii' * DD

Tokay gecko Gekko gecko *

Yellow-headed gecko Gonatodes albogularis *

Mourning gecko Lepidodactylus lugubris *

Madagascan giant day gecko Phelsuma grandis * LC

Orange-spotted day gecko Phelsuma guimbeaui * (Hawaii only)

Gold dust day gecko Phelsuma laticauda * LC

Subfamily: Eublepharinae

Banded geckos

Texas banded gecko Coleonyx brevis LC

Reticulate banded gecko Coleonyx reticulatus LC

Switak's banded gecko Coleonyx switaki LC

Western banded gecko Coleonyx variegatus LCSuborder: Autarchoglossa

Family: Lacertidae Wall or true lizards

Subfamily: Lacertinae

Western green lacerta Lacerta bilineata * LC

Common wall lizard Podarcis muralis * LC

Italian wall lizard Podarcis siculus * LC

Family: Scincidae Skinks

Subfamily: Scincinae

Coal skink Plestiodon anthracinus LC

Mountain skink Plestiodon callicephalus LC

Mole skink Plestiodon egregius LC (Blue-tailed mole skink P. e. lividus: T)

Five-lined skink Plestiodon fasciatus LC

Gilbert’s skink Plestiodon gilberti LC

Southeastern five-lined skink Plestiodon inexpectatus LC

Broad-headed skink Plestiodon laticeps LC

Many-lined skink Plestiodon multivirgatus LC

Great Plains skink Plestiodon obsoletus LC

Prairie skink Plestiodon septentrionalis LC

Western skink Plestiodon skiltonianus LC

Four-lined skink Plestiodon tetragrammus LC

Florida sand skink Plestiodon reynoldsi VU T

Ocellated skink Chalcides ocellatus *

Subfamily: Lygosominae

Brown mabuya Mabuya multifasciata *

Little brown skink Scincella lateralis LC

Pacific snake-eyed skink Cryptoblepharus poecilopleurus * (Hawaii only)

Copper-tailed skink Emoia cyanura * (Hawaii only)

Azure-tailed skink Emoia impar * LC (Hawaii only)

Plague skink Lampropholis delicata * (Hawaii only)

Moth skink Lipinia noctua * (Hawaii only)

African five-lined skink Trachylepis quinquetaeniata *

Family: Anguidae

Subfamily: Anguinae

Glass lizards

Slender glass lizard Ophisaurus attenuatus LC

Island glass lizard Ophisaurus compressus LC

Mimic glass lizard Ophisaurus mimicus LC

Eastern glass lizard Ophisaurus ventralis LC

Subfamily: Gerrhonotinae

Western alligator lizards

Northern alligator lizard Elgaria coerulea LC

Madrean alligator lizard Elgaria kingii LC

Southern alligator lizard Elgaria multicarinata LC

Panamint alligator lizard Elgaria panamintina VU

Eastern alligator lizards

Texas alligator lizard Gerrhonotus infernalis LC

Family: Anniellidae American legless lizards

Legless lizards

Five species split from the former California legless lizard Anniella pulchra LC:Temblor legless lizard Anniella alexanderae

Big Spring legless lizard Anniella campi

Bakersfield legless lizard Anniella grinnelli

Northern legless lizard Anniella pulchra

San Diegan legless lizard Anniella stebbinsi

Family: Helodermatidae Gila monsters

Gila monster

Gila monster Heloderma suspectum NT

Family: Teiidae Tegus or whiptails

Giant ameiva Ameiva ameiva *

Dusky giant ameiva Ameiva praesignis *

Giant spotted whiptail Aspidoscelis (burti) stictogramma (A. burti: LC)

Red-backed whiptail Aspidoscelis xanthonotus (formerly in Aspidoscelis burti)

Chihuahuan spotted whiptail Aspidoscelis exsanguis LC

Common spotted whiptail Aspidoscelis gularis LC

Orange-throated whiptail Aspidoscelis hyperythrus LC

Little striped whiptail Aspidoscelis inornatus LCArizona striped whiptail Aspidoscelis (inoratus) arizonae NT(species not recognized by SSAR)

Little white whiptail Aspidoscelis (inornatus) gypsi VU(species not recognized by SSAR)

Pai striped whiptail Aspidoscelis (inoratus) pai LC(species not recognized by SSAR)Plateau striped whiptail Aspidoscelis velox LC (formerly in Aspidoscelis inornata)

Laredo striped whiptail Aspidoscelis laredoensis LC

Marbled whiptail Aspidoscelis marmoratus

Giant whiptail Aspidoscelis motaguae * LC

Neaves’ whiptail Aspidoscelis neavesi

New Mexico whiptail Aspidoscelis neomexicanus LC

Common checkered whiptail Aspidoscelis tesselatus LC (former Aspidoscelis grahamii)

Gray checkered whiptail Aspidoscelis dixoni NT (species not recognized by SSAR)

Colorado checkered whiptail Aspidoscelis neotesselatus NT (former Aspidoscelis tesselata)

Plateau spotted whiptail Aspidoscelis scalaris LC

six-lined racerunner Aspidoscelis sexlineatus LC

Sonoran spotted whiptail Aspidoscelis sonorae LC

Tiger whiptail Aspidoscelis tigris LC

Desert grassland whiptail Aspidoscelis uniparens LC

Rainbow whiptail Cnemidophorus lemniscatus *

Argentine giant tegu Salvator merianae * LC

Gold tegu Tupinambis teguixin *

Family: Xantusiidae Night lizards

Night lizards

Desert night lizard Xantusia vigilis LC

Arizona night lizard Xantusia arizonae LC (formerly in Xantusia vigilis)

Sierra night lizard Xantusia sierrae (formerly in Xantusia vigilis)

Wiggins' night lizard Xantusia wigginsi (formerly in Xantusia vigilis)

Bezy's night lizard Xantusia bezyi LC

Sandstone night lizard Xantusia gracilis VU

Granite night lizard Xantusia henshawi LC

Island night lizard Xantusia riversiana LC T

Family: Varanidae Monitor lizards

Nile monitor Varanus niloticus *

Savannah monitor Varanus exanthematicus * LC(species not listed by SSAR)

Common water monitor Varanus salvator * LC(species not listed by SSAR)Suborder: Amphisbaenia

Family: Rhineuridae North American worm lizards

Worm lizards

Florida wormlizard Rhineura floridana LCSuborder: Serpentes

Family: Typhlopidae Blind snakes

Brahminy blindsnake Indotyphlops braminus *

Hispaniola worm snake Typhlops pusillus LC (species not listed by SSAR)

Family: Boidae Boas

Subfamily: Erycinae

Rubber and rosy boas

Northern rubber boa Charina bottae LC

Three-lined boa Lichanura trivirgata LC

Rosy boa Lichanura orcutti (formerly in L. trivirgata)

Blind snakes

Southern rubber boa Charina umbratica

Subfamily: Boinae


Boa constrictor Boa constrictor *

Family: Colubridae Colubrids

Subfamily: Colubrinae


North American racer Coluber constrictor LC


Sonoran whipsnake Coluber bilineatus LC

Coachwhip Coluber flagellum LC

Baja California coachwhip Coluber fuliginosus (formerly in Coluber flagellum)

Striped racer Coluber lateralis LC (Alameda striped racer C. l. euryxanthus: T)

Striped Whipsnake Coluber taeniatus LC

Schott’s whipsnake Coluber schotti LC (formerly in Coluber taeniatus)

Desert rat snakes

Baja California ratsnake Bogertophis rosaliae LC

Trans-Pecos ratsnake Bogertophis subocularis LC

Rat snakes and fox snakes

Western ratsnake Pantherophis obsoletus LC

Eastern ratsnake Pantherophis alleghaniensis(formerly in Pantherophis obsoletus)

Gray ratsnake Pantherophis spiloides (formerly in Pantherophis obsoletus)

Baird's ratsnake Pantherophis bairdi LC

Great Plains ratsnake Pantherophis emoryi LC

Western fox snake Pantherophis ramspotti (formerly in Pantherophis vulpinus)

Eastern foxsnake Pantherophis vulpinus LCEastern fox snake Pantherophis (vulpinus) gloydi NT(species not recognized by SSAR)Red cornsnake Pantherophis guttatus LC

Slowinski's cornsnake Pantherophis slowinskii DD(formerly in Pantherophis guttatus)

Glossy snakes

Glossy snake Arizona elegans LC

Scarlet snakes

Scarlet snake Cemophora coccinea LC

Texas scarletsnake Cemophora lineri (formerly C. coccinea lineri)

Sand snakes

Variable sandsnake Chilomeniscus stramineus LC(merged former C. cinctus, C. punctatissimus and C. stramineus)

Shovel-nosed snakes

Mohave shovel-nosed snake Chionactis occipitalis LC

Resplendent desert shovel-nosed snake Chionactis annulata(formerly C. occipitalis annulata)

Sonoran shovel-nosed snake Chionactis palarostris LC

Indigo snakes

Eastern indigo snake Drymarchon couperi LC T

Gulf coast indigo snake Drymarchon kolpobasileus

Central American indigo snake Drymarchon melanurus LC

Speckled racers

Speckled racer Drymobius margaritiferus

Mexican hognose snakes

Tamaulipan hook-nosed snake Ficimia streckeri LC

Plateau hooknose snakes

Chihuahuan hook-nosed snake Gyalopion canum LC

Thornscrub hook-nosed snake Gyalopion quadrangulare LC

Night snakes

Gray-banded kingsnake Lampropeltis alterna LC

Prairie kingsnake Lampropeltis calligaster LC

South Florida mole kingsnake Lampropeltis occipitolineata (formerly L. calligaster occipitolineata)

Northern mole kingsnake Lampropeltis rhombomaculata (formerly L. calligaster rhombomaculata)

Short-tailed snake

Short-tailed kingsnake Lampropeltis extenuata NT


Eastern kingsnake Lampropeltis getula LC

California Kingsnake Lampropeltis californiae (formerly L. getula californiae)

Speckled kingsnake Lampropeltis holbrooki (formerly L. getula holbrooki)

Eastern black kingsnake Lampropeltis nigra (formerly L. getula nigra)

Desert kingsnake Lampropeltis splendida (formerly L. getula splendida)

Florida kingsnake Lampropeltis floridana (formerly L. getula floridana)

Apalachicola kingsnake Lampropeltis meansi (formerly L. getula meansi)

Western black kingsnake Lampropeltis nigrita (formerly in L. getula)

Arizona mountain kingsnake Lampropeltis pyromelana LC

Madrean Mountain kingsnake Lampropeltis (pyromelana) knoblochi

Three species split from the former Milksnake Lampropeltis triangulum:Eastern milksnake Lampropeltis triangulum

Mexican milksnake Lampropeltis (triangulum) annulata

Western milksnake Lampropeltis gentilisScarlet kingsnake Lampropeltis elapsoides (formerly in L. triangulum)

Two species split from the former California mountain kingsnake Lampropeltis zonata LC:California mountain kingsnake Lampropeltis zonata

Coast mountain kingsnake Lampropeltis (zonata) multifasciata

Rough green snake

Rough greensnake Opheodrys aestivus LC

Smooth green snake

Smooth greensnake Opheodrys vernalis LC

Neotropical vine snakes

Brown vinesnake Oxybelis aeneus

Leaf-nosed snakes

Saddled leaf-nosed snake Phyllorhynchus browni LC

Spotted leaf-nosed snake Phyllorhynchus decurtatus LC

Bull, gopher, and pine snakes

Gopher snake Pituophis catenifer LC

Pinesnake Pituophis melanoleucus LC

Louisiana pine snake Pituophis ruthveni EN

Pine wood snake

Pine Woods littersnake Rhadinaea flavilata LC

Long-nosed snake

Long-nosed snake Rhinocheilus lecontei LC

Patch-nosed snakes

Eastern patch-nosed snake Salvadora grahamiae LC

Western patch-nosed snake Salvadora hexalepis LCBig Bend patch-nosed snake Salvadora (hexalepis) deserticola(species not recognized by SSAR)

Mountain ratsnake

Green ratsnake Senticolis triaspis LC

Ground snake

Western groundsnake Sonora semiannulata LC

Black-headed, flat-headed, and crowned snakes

Mexican black-headed snake Tantilla atriceps LC

Southeastern crowned snake Tantilla coronata LC

Trans-Pecos black-headed snake Tantilla cucullata LC (formerly in Tantilla rubra)

Flat-headed snake Tantilla gracilis LC

Smith's black-headed snake Tantilla hobartsmithi LC

Plains black-headed snake Tantilla nigriceps LC

Rim rock crowned snake Tantilla oolitica EN

Western black-headed snake Tantilla planiceps LC

Florida crowned snake Tantilla relicta LC

Chihuahuan black-headed snake Tantilla wilcoxi LC

Yaqui black-headed snake Tantilla yaquia LC

Lyre snakes

Sonoran lyresnake Trimorphodon lambda

California lyresnake Trimorphodon lyrophanes

Texas lyresnake Trimorphodon vilkinsonii LC (formerly in Trimorphodon biscutatus)

Subfamily: Natricinae

Shovel-nosed snakes

Kirtland’s snake Clonophis kirtlandii NT

Water snakes

Saltmarsh snake Nerodia clarkii LC

Gulf saltmarsh watersnake N. c. clarkii

Mangrove saltmarsh watersnake N. c. compressicauda

Atlantic saltmarsh watersnake N. c. taeniata : T

Mississippi green watersnake Nerodia cyclopion LC

Plain-bellied watersnake Nerodia erythrogaster LC(Copper-bellied watersnake N. e. neglecta: T)Southern watersnake Nerodia fasciata LC

Broad-banded watersnake N. f. confluens

Banded watersnake N. f. fasciata

Florida watersnake N. f. pictiventris

Florida green watersnake Nerodia floridana LC

Brazos River watersnake Nerodia harteri NT

Concho watersnake Nerodia paucimaculata NT

Diamond-backed watersnake Nerodia rhombifer LC

Common watersnake Nerodia sipedon LC

Brown watersnake Nerodia taxispilota LC

Crayfish snakes

Graham’s crayfish snake Regina grahamii LC

Queensnake Regina septemvittata LC


Striped swampsnake Liodytes alleni LC

Glossy swampsnake Liodytes rigida LC

Black swampsnake Liodytes pygaea LC

Brown snakes

Dekay's brown snake Storeria dekayi LC

Florida brown snake Storeria victa (formerly in Storeria dekayi)

Red-bellied snake Storeria occipitomaculata LC

Garter snakes

Aquatic gartersnake Thamnophis atratus LC

Short-headed gartersnake Thamnophis brachystoma LC

Butler's gartersnake Thamnophis butleri LC

Sierra gartersnake Thamnophis couchii LC

Black-necked gartersnake Thamnophis cyrtopsis LC

Terrestrial gartersnake Thamnophis elegans LC

Mexican gartersnake Thamnophis eques LC

Giant gartersnake Thamnophis gigas VU T

Two-striped gartersnake Thamnophis hammondii LC

Checkered gartersnake Thamnophis marcianus LC

Northwestern gartersnake Thamnophis ordinoides LC

Western ribbonsnake Thamnophis proximus LC

Plains gartersnake Thamnophis radix LC

Narrow-headed gartersnake Thamnophis rufipunctatus LC

Eastern ribbonsnake Thamnophis saurita LC

Common gartersnake Thamnophis sirtalis LC (San Francisco Gartersnake T. s. tetrataenia: E)

Lined snake

Lined snake Tropidoclonion lineatum LC

Earth snakes

Rough earthsnake Haldea striatula LC

Smooth earthsnake Virginia valeriae LC

Subfamily: Dipsadinae

Sharp-tailed snakes

Forest sharp-tailed snake

Common sharp-tailed snake Contia tenuis LC

Night snakes

Desert nightsnake Hypsiglena chlorophaea (formerly in Hypsiglena torquata LC)

Chihuahuan nightsnake Hypsiglena jani (formerly in Hypsiglena torquata LC)

Coast nightsnake Hypsiglena ochrorhyncha (formerly in Hypsiglena torquata LC)

Cat-eyed snakes

Northern cat-eyed snake Leptodeira septentrionalis (w/o former L. s. polysticta elevated now to species)

Subfamily: Xenodontinae

Worm snakes

Common wormsnake Carphophis amoenus LC

Western wormsnake Carphophis vermis LC

Black-striped snake

Regal black-striped snake Coniophanes imperialis LC

Ringneck snake

Ring-necked snake Diadophis punctatus LC

Mud snake and rainbow snake

Red-bellied mudsnake Farancia abacura LC

Rainbow snake Farancia erytrogramma LC

Hog-nosed snakes

Plains hog-nosed snake Heterodon nasicus LC

Dusty hog-nosed snake Heterodon gloydi (formerly in Heterodon nasicus)

Mexican hog-nosed snake Heterodon kennerlyi (formerly in Heterodon nasicus)

Eastern hog-nosed snake Heterodon platirhinos LC

Southern hog-nosed snake Heterodon simus VU

Family: Viperidae

Subfamily: Crotalinae

Copperhead and cottonmouth

Eastern copperhead Agkistrodon contortrix LC

Broad-banded copperhead Agkistrodon laticinctus (formerly in A. contortrix)

Northern cottonmouth Agkistrodon piscivorus LC

Florida cottonmouth Agkistrodon conanti (formerly in A. piscivorus)


Eastern diamondback rattlesnake Crotalus adamanteus LC

Western diamondback rattlesnake Crotalus atrox LC

Sidewinder Crotalus cerastes LC

Timber rattlesnake Crotalus horridus LC

Rock rattlesnake Crotalus lepidus LC

Panamint rattlesnake Crotalus stephensi (formerly in Crotalus mitchellii)

Southwestern speckled rattlesnake Crotalus pyrrhus (formerly in Crotalus mitchellii)

Two species split from the former Black-tailed rattlesnake Crotalus molossus LC:Western Black-tailed rattlesnake Crotalus molossus

Eastern Black-tailed rattlesnake Crotalus ornatusPrairie rattlesnake Crotalus viridis LC

Western rattlesnake Crotalus oreganus LC (formerly in Crotalus viridis)

Arizona black rattlesnake Crotalus cerberus (formerly in Crotalus viridis)

Twin-spotted rattlesnake Crotalus pricei LC

Red diamond rattlesnake Crotalus ruber LC

Mohave rattlesnake Crotalus scutulatus LC

Tiger rattlesnake Crotalus tigris LC

Ridge-nosed rattlesnake Crotalus willardi LC(New Mexico Ridgenosed Rattlesnake C. w. obscurus': T)

Pigmy rattlesnakes

Two species split from the former Eastern massasauga Sistrurus catenatus LC:Eastern massasauga Sistrurus catenatus

Western massasauga Sistrurus tergeminus,(with subspecies S. t. tergeminus and S. t. edwardsii)Pygmy rattlesnake Sistrurus miliarius LC

Family: Elapidae

Western coral snake

Sonoran coral snake Micruroides euryxanthus LC

Eastern coral snake

Harlequin coral snake Micrurus fulvius LC

Texas coral snake Micrurus tener LC

Subfamily: Hydrophiinae

Pelagic sea snake

Yellow-bellied seasnake Hydrophis platurus LC

Family: Leptotyphlopidae Slender blind snakes

Blind snakesTexas threadsnake Rena dulcis LC

New Mexico threadsnake Rena dissecta LC(formerly in Rena dulcis)

Western threadsnake Rena humilis LCTrans-Pecos blind threadsnake Rena (humilis) segregus(species not recognized by SSAR)

Family: Acrochordidae File snakes

Javanese file snake Acrochordus javanicus * LC

Family: Pythonidae Pythons

Burmese python Python bivittatus * (P. (molurus) bivittatus: VU, introduced to Florida)

Northern African rock python Python sebae *

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