List of The Larry Sanders Show episodes

The HBO television series The Larry Sanders Show, starring Garry Shandling, began on August 15, 1992, and aired its series finale on May 31, 1998. Six seasons were filmed, 90 episodes in total. The complete series is available on Region 1 DVD, released by Shout Factory, and seasons 1 and 2 are available on Region 2, released by Sony/Mediumrare. Various compilations are also available worldwide.

Shortly after Garry Shandling's death, HBO announced it had earlier completed a deal with Shandling to make the series available on their streaming services.[1]

This list is ordered by the episodes' original air dates.

Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
113August 15, 1992November 7, 1992
218June 2, 1993September 29, 1993
317June 22, 1994October 12, 1994
417July 19, 1995November 22, 1995
513November 13, 1996February 26, 1997
612March 15, 1998May 31, 1998


Season 1 (1992)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
11"What Have You Done for Me Lately?"
"The Garden Weasel"
Ken KwapisPeter TolanAugust 15, 1992104
The network presses Larry to do commercials for a garden tool during his show.
22"The Promise"Ken KwapisJoe ToplynAugust 22, 1992105
Larry is unhappy that David Spade is appearing on a rival late-night program.
33"The Spiders Episode"Ken KwapisGarry Shandling & Rosie Shuster and Paul Simms & Peter TolanAugust 29, 1992106
Larry's fear of spiders proves to be a problem for the show.
44"Guest Host"Todd HollandGarry Shandling and Paul SimmsSeptember 5, 1992109
Dana Carvey guest hosts Larry's show, which leads to several problems.
55"The New Producer"Todd HollandStory by : Garry Shandling
Teleplay by : Dick Blasucci & Paul Simms and Howard Gewirtz & Chris Thompson
September 12, 1992111
A substitute producer for Arthur causes the staff of the show to panic.
66"The Flirt Episode"Ken KwapisGarry Shandling and Fred BarronSeptember 19, 1992102
Larry worries over flirting with a female guest on his show.
77"Hank's Contract"Roy LondonPaul SimmsSeptember 26, 1992112
Hank threatens to leave the show until he receives a better contract.
88"Out of the Loop"Ken KwapisMarjorie GrossOctober 3, 1992107
Larry tries to help the staff with their personal problems.
99"The Talk Show Episode"Todd HollandMaya ForbesOctober 10, 1992113
Larry's job as a talk-show host puts his marriage in jeopardy.
1010"Party"Todd HollandMaya ForbesOctober 17, 1992108
A simple invitation to Arthur and his wife for dinner leads to a full-blown staff party.
1111"The Warmth Episode"Ken KwapisPaul SimmsOctober 24, 1992103
Larry wonders if his audience actually likes him.
1212"A Brush With (the Elbow of) Greatness"Ken KwapisStory by : Maya Forbes and Peter Tolan
Teleplay by : Peter Tolan
October 31, 1992110
Larry is accused of inconsiderate behavior at a local supermarket.
1313"The Hey Now Episode"Ken KwapisGarry Shandling and Dennis KleinNovember 7, 1992101
Larry doesn't approve of Hank using the phrase "Hey now!" in public.

Season 2 (1993)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
"The Breakdown"Todd HollandGarry Shandling & Chris Thompson and Paul SimmsJune 2, 1993201
Larry struggles with the thought of another divorce, then Hank and Arthur try to help him when the divorce comes to pass.
163"The List"Roy LondonMaya ForbesJune 9, 1993203
Larry discovers some surprising secrets about his ex-wife Francine.
174"The Stalker"Todd HollandGarry Shandling & Paul SimmsJune 16, 1993204
Larry worries over an obsessed fan stalking him.
185"Larry's Agent"Todd HollandStory by : Victor Levin
Teleplay by : Garry Shandling & Paul Simms and Maya Forbes & Drake Sather
June 23, 1993209
Larry decides to replace his agent with a new up-and-comer.
196"The Hankerciser 200"Dennis ErdmanJohn RiggiJune 30, 1993207
Hank causes trouble with his endorsement of an exercise machine, while Arthur conducts a behind-the-scenes tour of the show for his television class.
207"Life Behind Larry"Todd HollandPeter TolanJuly 7, 1993210
Larry has to choose the host of a new late-night talk show, while Hank goes nuts trying to find the prankster who left a lewd remark on his fan newsletter.
218"Artie's Gone"Todd HollandPaul SimmsJuly 14, 1993206
Arthur gets himself stuck on the road and asks Paula to produce the show in his absence, but Larry isn't informed.
229"Larry Loses Interest"Todd HollandJudd ApatowJuly 21, 1993205
Larry begins to lose interest in his show and consider interest in a potential movie.
2310"Larry's Partner"Todd HollandDrake SatherJuly 28, 1993211
Larry receives an unexpected visit from his old stand-up partner.
2411"Broadcast Nudes"Todd HollandMolly NewmanAugust 4, 1993208
Playboy wants Darlene to pose for them.
2512"Larry's Birthday"Todd HollandMaya ForbesAugust 11, 1993212
A shake-up within the staff interrupts preparations for Larry's surprise birthday party.
2613"Being There"Ken KwapisEmily MarshallAugust 18, 1993213
Larry tries to comprehend Francine's independence, while Hank feels threatened by the new bandleader.
2714"The Performance Artist"Ken KwapisChris Thompson and John Riggi & Drake SatherAugust 25, 1993215
The performance of an avant-garde artist causes trouble for Larry.
2815"Hank's Wedding"Ken KwapisMolly Newman & Judd Apatow & Maya ForbesSeptember 8, 1993214
Hank decides to get married on the show.
2916"Off Camera"Ken KwapisPeter TolanSeptember 15, 1993216
A magazine writer gets a look behind the scenes of The Larry Sanders Show.
3017"The Grand Opening"Paul FlahertyPaul SimmsSeptember 22, 1993217
Hank struggles to open the Look-a-Round Café.
3118"New York or L.A."Todd HollandGarry Shandling & Peter Tolan & Paul SimmsSeptember 29, 1993218
Larry ponders his future when the network is sold.

Season 3 (1994)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
321"Montana"Todd HollandGarry Shandling & Peter Tolan & Paul SimmsJune 22, 1994302
Arthur helps Larry plot his return to the show.
332"You're Having My Baby"Todd HollandMike MartineauJune 29, 1994303
A woman from Montana claims that Larry got her pregnant.
343"Would You Do Me a Favor?"Todd HollandMaya ForbesJuly 6, 1994304
Larry's father comes to visit, while Beverly doesn't feel appreciated.
354"The Gift Episode"Todd HollandGarry Shandling & Paul SimmsJuly 13, 1994301
Paula tries to keep Danny DeVito as a guest on the show.
365"People's Choice"Michael LehmannMolly Newman and Garry Shandling & Paul SimmsJuly 20, 1994307
Larry is not happy that Arthur's been hired to produce the People's Choice Awards.
376"Hank's Night in the Sun"Todd HollandPeter TolanJuly 27, 1994309
Larry gets sick, so Hank is called on to host the show.
387"Office Romance"Alan MyersonMaya ForbesAugust 3, 1994310
The staff of the show is at odds over the romance between Larry and Darlene.
398"The Mr. Sharon Stone Show"Todd HollandGarry Shandling & Peter TolanAugust 10, 1994308
Larry faces problems when he arranges a date with guest Sharon Stone.
409"Headwriter Phil"Todd HollandDrake SatherAugust 17, 1994306
Phil is determined to be the show's head writer.
4110"Like No Business I Know"Todd HollandMike Martineau and Peter TolanAugust 24, 1994311
Tension mounts when Bobcat Goldthwait makes an appearance on the show, while Hank considers a job offer from Regis Philbin.
4211"Larry Loses a Friend"Todd HollandJohn RiggiAugust 31, 1994312
Guest Jon Lovitz attempts to take Darlene on a date.
4312"Doubt of the Benefit"Todd HollandDrake Sather and Garry Shandling & Peter TolanSeptember 7, 1994313
Larry thinks his refusal to host a charity benefit has cost him the chance of getting Rob Reiner on his show.
4413"Hank's Divorce"Todd HollandPaul SimmsSeptember 14, 1994314
Hank faces marital trouble on the first anniversary of his marriage.
4514"The Fourteenth Floor"Todd HollandMaya ForbesSeptember 21, 1994305
Larry pays the price for making fun of the network on his show.
4615"Next Stop...Bottom"Todd HollandStory by : Garry Shandling & Paul Simms and Judd Apatow
Teleplay by : Judd Apatow
September 28, 1994317
Hank hits the skids as a result of his divorce.
4716"Arthur's Crises"Alan MyersonJohn RiggiOctober 5, 1994315
Even though Arthur is having an affair, Larry suspects he's being lured into another job.
4817"End of the Season"Todd HollandStory by : Garry Shandling & Peter Tolan
Teleplay by : Maya Forbes & Paul Simms
October 12, 1994316
Roseanne helps Larry with his addiction to painkillers.

Season 4 (1995)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
491"Roseanne's Return"Todd HollandStory by : Garry Shandling
Teleplay by : Maya Forbes & Steve Levitan
July 19, 1995401
Larry is anxious over an upcoming appearance by Roseanne.
502"Hank's New Assistant"Todd HollandJohn RiggiJuly 26, 1995402
Hank discovers that his new assistant is homosexual, while Larry feels offended by a Dana Carvey impression of him.
513"Arthur After Hours"Todd HollandPeter TolanAugust 2, 1995405
Arthur thinks about quitting the show when he becomes fed up with Larry's power trips.
524"The Bump"Todd HollandStory by : Jeff Cesario
Teleplay by : Judd Apatow & Garry Shandling
August 9, 1995404
Larry tries desperately to schedule Jeff Cesario for an appearance on the show.
535"Jeannie's Visit"Todd HollandJon VittiAugust 16, 1995406
Larry gets a surprise from his ex-wife Jeannie, which reignites old sparks.
546"The P.A."Alan MyersonMaya ForbesAugust 23, 1995407
Artie hires his no-good son for a job on the show.
557"Hank's Sex Tape"Todd HollandJon VittiAugust 30, 1995403
An embarrassing sex tape creates problems for Hank.
568"Nothing Personal"Todd HollandSteve Levitan & Garry ShandlingSeptember 13, 1995409
While Larry is asked to get his friend Jeff Goldblum on the show, he asks his staff to help him get a date with a network publicist.
579"Brother, Can You Spare 1.2 Million?"Todd HollandPeter TolanSeptember 20, 1995410
Larry discovers that his accountant (Paul Willson) has left him broke.
5810"Conflict of Interest"Todd HollandStory by : Judd Apatow & Garry Shandling
Teleplay by : Judd Apatow & Maya Forbes
September 27, 1995411
Paula's romance with Larry's agent creates problems for the show.
5911"I Was a Teenage Lesbian"Michael LehmannPeter TolanOctober 11, 1995412
Paula deals with both a health problem and Brett Butler, with whom she once had an affair.
6012"Larry's Sitcom"Todd HollandStory by : Mark LaVine & Eddie Ring
Teleplay by : John Riggi & Jon Vitti
October 18, 1995413
Larry battles the network over a new sitcom starring Chris Elliott
6113"Larry's Big Idea"Todd HollandLester LewisOctober 25, 1995408
Larry decides to feature the staff on the show.
6214"Beverly and the Prop Job"Todd HollandMaya Forbes & Garry ShandlingNovember 1, 1995414
Beverly's brother's statements about racism on The Larry Sanders Show convince her to look for another job.
6315"0.409"Alan MyersonPeter TolanNovember 8, 1995415
Larry's romance with a teenage intern leads to trouble at work.
6416"Eight"Todd HollandPeter TolanNovember 15, 1995417
Larry struggles to go through the show's eighth anniversary special, despite several crises.
6517"Larry's on Vacation"Todd HollandMaya Forbes & John RiggiNovember 22, 1995416
With Larry off from work, Sandra Bernhard fills in as guest host - and her manager intends to take over the show.

Season 5 (1996–97)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
661"Everybody Loves Larry"Todd HollandJon VittiNovember 13, 1996503

While Larry tries to stop guest host Jon Stewart from gaining a grip on the show, he wonders if David Duchovny is gay.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #39 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.[2]
672"My Name is Asher Kingsley"Todd HollandPeter TolanNovember 20, 1996505
Hank's religious conversion does not sit well with Larry and the network.
683"Where is the Love?"Todd HollandStory by : Garry Shandling and John Markus
Teleplay by : John Markus
November 27, 1996501
Larry comes into conflict with Washington Post critic Tom Shales.
694"Ellen, Or Isn't She?"Alan MyersonStory by : Garry Shandling and Judd Apatow & John Markus
Teleplay by : Judd Apatow & John Markus
December 11, 1996508
Larry is pressured to get Ellen DeGeneres to come out on the show, while the confidential budget divides the staff.
705"The New Writer"Michael LehmannStory by : Becky Hartman Edwards and Garry Shandling
Teleplay by : Becky Hartman Edwards and John Riggi
December 18, 1996507
Phil tries to stay on top of a new female writer, while Hank thinks Kevin Nealon is after his job.
716"The Matchmaker"Todd HollandJohn RiggiJanuary 8, 1997506
Hank tries to stop a rumor that he's gay, while Larry is reluctant to fire an incompetent staff member.
727"Make a Wish"Michael LehmannJon VittiJanuary 15, 1997509
Larry is determined to make a popular magazine's sexiest men list, while customs exposes Hank's cigar smuggling operation.
738"Artie, Angie, Hank and Hercules"John RiggiPeter TolanJanuary 22, 1997511
Arthur can't resist acting on his obsession with Angie Dickinson.
749"The Prank"Michael LangeCarol Leifer & Lester LewisJanuary 29, 1997510
While Larry suspects Lori Loughlin of robbery, Hank woos a single mom and Phil concocts a plan to meet models.
7510"The Book"Alan MyersonMaya ForbesFebruary 5, 1997512
Larry decides to write a memoir about his career.
7611"Pain Equals Funny"Todd HollandJeff CesarioFebruary 12, 1997504
Larry makes Paula a producer without asking Arthur, while Phil's girlfriend affects his work.
7712"The Roast"Alan MyersonStory by : Garry Shandling & Adam Resnick
Teleplay by : Adam Resnick
February 19, 1997513
Arthur talks Larry into being the focus of a celebrity roast.
7813"Larry's New Love"Todd HollandJohn RiggiFebruary 26, 1997502
Larry's co-workers suspect his new girlfriend may have an ulterior motive.

Season 6 (1998)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
791"Another List"Thomas SchlammeGarry Shandling & Adam ResnickMarch 15, 1998603
The network presses Larry after a good show guest hosted by Jon Stewart, while Hank meets a fan who looks just like him.
802"The Beginning of the End"David MirkinPeter Tolan & Garry ShandlingMarch 22, 1998604
Stalled contract negotiations could lead to the end of The Larry Sanders Show.
813"As My Career Lay Dying"Garry ShandlingPeter TolanMarch 29, 1998606
With The Larry Sanders Show coming to an end, the whole staff looks to the future.
824"Pilots and Pens Lost"Alan MyersonPeter TolanApril 5, 1998602
Arthur loses a special gift from Larry, while Phil quits to create his own show.
835"The Interview"Todd HollandStory by : Kell Cahoon & Tom Saunders and Garry Shandling
Teleplay by : Kell Cahoon & Tom Saunders
April 12, 1998607
Larry tries to edit out the revealing parts of an interview, while Mary Lou tries to tell Hank that she hit his car.
846"Adolf Hankler"Garry ShandlingAlex Gregory & Peter HuyckApril 19, 1998605
Guest host Jon Stewart stumbles when he tries to refashion The Larry Sanders Show, while Larry's brother Stan (Wayne Federman) pays a visit.
857"Beverly's Secret"Michael LehmannPeter Tolan & Garry ShandlingApril 26, 1998601
Larry and the staff try to figure out the guest who got Beverly pregnant, while Hank spends a week with a Wisconsin family.
868"I Buried Sid"Garry ShandlingStory by : Garry Shandling and Judd Apatow & Adam Resnick
Teleplay by : Judd Apatow & Adam Resnick
May 3, 1998608
Hank feels his jealous criticism led Larry's longtime cue card man to commit suicide.
879"Just the Perfect Blendship"Melanie MayronPeter Tolan and Kell Cahoon & Tom SaundersMay 10, 1998610
Larry worries that dating Gina Gershon will ruin his friendship with Jeff Goldblum, while Mary Lou agrees to book Wendy as a comic on the show.
8810"Putting the "Gay" Back in Litigation"Judd ApatowRichard Day and Alex Gregory & Peter HuyckMay 17, 1998609
Larry's last week on the show is affected by a sexual harassment suit issued by Brian against Phil for his gay jokes.
"Flip"Todd HollandPeter Tolan & Garry ShandlingMay 31, 1998611
Larry Sanders tapes his last show over his '10-year run', headlined by guests Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Ellen DeGeneres, Carol Burnett, Sean Penn, Clint Black. This show was 1 hour long instead of the usual 30 minutes.


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