List of New York City Designated Landmarks in the Bronx

This is a list of landmarks designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and located in the borough of the Bronx in New York City.

Historic districts

Landmark name Date designated Location
Bertine Block Historic District April 5, 1994 [1] [2] Mott Haven, Bronx
Clay Avenue Historic District April 5, 1994 [3] [4]
Fieldston Historic District January 10, 2006 [5] [6] Riverdale, Bronx
Longwood Historic District July 8, 1980 [7]; extension: February 8, 1983 [8] [9] Longwood, Bronx
Morris Avenue Historic District July 15, 1986 [10] [11]
Morris High School Historic District December 21, 1982 [12] [13] Morrisania, Bronx
Mott Haven East Historic District April 5, 1994 [14] [15] Mott Haven, Bronx
Mott Haven Historic District July 29, 1969 [16] [17] Mott Haven, Bronx
Perry Avenue Historic District December 15, 2009 [18] [19] Bedford Park, Bronx
Riverdale Historic District October 16, 1990 [20] [21] Riverdale, Bronx

Individual landmarks

Landmark name Image Date designated Location
175 Belden Street House 175 Belden St City Island jeh July 28, 1981 [22] City Island
1857 Anthony Avenue House July 15, 1986 [23]
21 Tier Street House June 20, 2000 [24] City Island
50th Police Precinct Station House (Former) (40th Police Precinct Station House) Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, August 2013 July 15, 1986 [25] Kingsbridge Heights
52nd Police Precinct Station House 52 Pct NYPD jeh June 18, 1974 [26] Norwood
614 Courtlandt Avenue Building February 10, 1987 [27] Melrose
62nd Police Precinct Station House (41st Police Precinct Station House), 1086 Simpson Street Fort Apache Police Precinct, 2007 June 2, 1992 [28] Longwood
Administration Building at East 180th Street (Former New York, Westchester & Boston Railroad, Administration Building) NYWB HQ from BRP south jeh May 11, 1976 [29] Van Nest
Alderbrook House, 4715 Independence Avenue 40°53′44.5″N 73°54′44″W / 40.895694°N 73.91222°W December 14, 2010 [30]
Alumni House (Housing Office), East Fordham Road and 191st Street February 3, 1981 [31] Fordham University
American Bank Note Company Printing Plant Amer Bank Note Tiffany Lafayette jeh February 5, 2008 [32] Hunts Point
American Female Guardian Society (Former) (Home of the Friendless Woody Crest Home), 936 Woodycrest Avenue 40°49′50″N 73°55′46″W / 40.83056°N 73.92944°W March 28, 2000 [33] Highbridge
Andrew Freedman Home Andrew Freedman Home 1125 GC jeh June 2, 1992 [34] Concourse
Anthony Campagna Estate, 640 West 249th Street [35] 40°53′48″N 73°54′39″W / 40.89667°N 73.91083°W November 16, 1993 [36]
Baird (Astor Court), New York Zoological Park (Bronx Zoo) June 20, 2000 [37] [38] [39] Bronx Zoo
Bartow-Pell Mansion Bartow-pell-mansion February 15, 1966 [40] Pelham Bay Park
Bedford Park Congregational Church 40°52′17″N 73°53′0″W / 40.87139°N 73.88333°W June 20, 2000 [41] Bedford Park
Begrisch Hall at Bronx Community College Begrisch Hall, Western Elevation January 8, 2002 [42] Bronx Community College
Samuel H. and Mary T. Booth House, 30 Centre Street November 28, 2017 [43] City Island
Bronx Borough Courthouse Bronx Boro Court House jeh July 28, 1981 [44] Melrose
Bronx County Courthouse Bronx County Court jeh July 13, 1976 [45] Concourse
Bronx Grit Chamber Bronx Grit Chamber north jeh June 8, 1982 [46] Port Morris
Bronx Post Office USPS GC 150 jeh September 14, 1976 [47]
Christ Church Christ Church, Bronx, NY January 11, 1967 [48] Riverdale
College of Mount St. Vincent Administration Building 40°54′49″N 73°54′32″W / 40.91361°N 73.90889°W February 8, 1979 [49] Riverdale
The Conservatory (Palm House and Wings) Ny-botanical-haupt-conservatory October 16, 1973 [50] New York Botanical Garden
Cornelius Baker Hall of Philosophy BxCC Hall of Philosophy jeh February 15, 1966 [51] Bronx Community College
Crotona Play Center 40°50′24″N 73°53′54″W / 40.84000°N 73.89833°W June 26, 2007 [52] Crotona Park
Dollar Savings Bank (Former), 2972 Third Avenue Dollar Savings Bank E147 3d Av Bx jeh January 12, 2010 [53]
Dollar Savings Bank Building (Emigrant Savings Bank), 2516-2530 Grand Concourse 40°51′47.7″N 73°53′45.5″W / 40.863250°N 73.895972°W July 19, 1994 [54]
Edgehill Church of Spuyten Duyvil (United Church of Christ) Edgehill Church jeh November 25, 1980 [55] Spuyten Duyvil
Estey Piano Company Factory Bruckner Lincoln warehouse jeh May 16, 2006 [56] Port Morris, Bronx
Fire House, Hook and Ladder 17 (Engine Company 60), 341 East 143rd Street H&L 17 house 341 E 143rd St Bx jeh June 20, 2000 [57]
Fonthill Castle (College Library), College of Mount St. Vincent 40°54′48″N 73°54′35″W / 40.91333°N 73.90972°W March 15, 1966 [58] Riverdale
Fort Schuyler Schuyler2007south April 19, 1966 [59] Throggs Neck
Gould Memorial Library NYU library2 crop February 15, 1966 [60] Bronx Community College
Greyston Conference Center (William E. Dodge House), 690 West 247th Street William E Dodge House, Bronx NY October 13, 1970 [61]
Greyston (William E. and Sarah T. Hoadley Dodge Jr., Estate) Gatehouse, 4695 Independence Avenue, Riverdale 40°53′41.3″N 73°54′42.3″W / 40.894806°N 73.911750°W March 22, 2011 [62]
H.F. Spaulding House (Coachman's Residence) Henry F. Spaulding Coachman's House, Bronx NY July 28, 1981 [63]
Hadley House, 5122 Post Road June 20, 2000 [64]
Haffen Building, Willis Avenue and 148th Street 40°48′55″N 73°55′7.5″W / 40.81528°N 73.918750°W June 22, 2010 [65] Mott Haven
Hall of Fame Hofsouthjeh February 15, 1966 [66] Bronx Community College
Hall of Languages BxCC Hall of Languages jeh February 15, 1966 [67] Bronx Community College
Herman Ridder Junior High School (Public School 98), 1619 Boston Road 40°50′10.8″N 73°53′26.5″W / 40.836333°N 73.890694°W Boston Rd Suburban La jeh December 11, 1990 [68] Morrisania
High Bridge, Aqueduct, and Pedestrian Walk High Bridge jeh November 10, 1970 [69] Highbridge
High Pumping Station Concourse red shop jeh July 28, 1981 [70] Jerome Park
Kingsbridge Armory (Eighth Regiment Armory) Kingsbridge Armory September 24, 1974 [71] Jerome Park
Loew's Paradise Theater Loews Paradise GC jeh April 15, 1997 [72]
Lorillard Snuff Mill Lorillard-snuff-mill April 19, 1966 [73] New York Botanical Garden
Macomb's Dam Bridge (Central Bridge) and 155th Street Viaduct Macombs Dam Br 153 park jeh January 14, 1992 [74]
Messiah Home for Children, 1777 Andrews Avenue and 177th Street SOUTHEAST (FRONT) ELEVATION - Messiah Home for Children, 1771 Andrews Avenue, Bronx, Bronx County, NY HABS NY,3-BRONX,11-1 June 24, 1997 [75]
New York Botanical Garden Museum (Library) Building, Fountain of Life, and Tulip Tree Allee NYBG HQ west jeh March 24, 2009 [76] New York Botanical Garden
New York Public Library, Morrisania Branch (McKinley Square Branch), 610 East 169th Street 40°49′53″N 73°54′6″W / 40.83139°N 73.90167°W NYPL Bronx Morrisania Library IMG 2780 HLG June 16, 1998 [77] Morrisania
New York Public Library, Hunts Point Branch Hunts Point NYPL 877 Southern Blvd jeh April 14, 2009 [78] Hunts Point
New York Public Library, Woodstock Branch, 761 East 160th Street 40°49′14″N 73°54′16.5″W / 40.82056°N 73.904583°W April 14, 2009 [79]
Noonan Plaza Apartments, 139 West 168th Street 40°50′19″N 73°55′32″W / 40.83861°N 73.92556°W June 22, 2010 [80] Highbridge
Old West Farms Soldier Cemetery, 2103 Bryant Avenue and 180th Street 40°50′37″N 73°52′46″W / 40.84361°N 73.87944°W August 2, 1967 [81] West Farms
Orchard Beach Bathhouse and Promenade June 20, 2006 [82] Pelham Bay Park
Park Plaza Apartments Park Plaza Apts fr Mullaly Park jeh May 12, 1981 [83] Highbridge
Poe Cottage P1020279 February 15, 1966 [84]
Public School 15 Dark Dyre PS15 jeh January 10, 1978 [85] Eastchester
Public School 27, St Ann's Avenue PS27 St Ann 148 jeh September 19, 1995 [86]
Public School 31, 425 Grand Concourse July 15, 1986 [87]
Public School 91 PS91 Highbridge 1257 Ogden jeh August 25, 1981 Highbridge
Rainey Memorial Gates Rainey Memorial Gate (4372257682) January 11, 1967 [88] Bronx Zoo
Riverdale Presbyterian Church Riverdale Presbyterian Church Complex. Bronx NY April 19, 1966 [89]
Robert Colgate House ("Stonehurst") (Nicholas Katzenbach House) Robert Colgate House, Bronx NY October 13, 1970 [90]
Rockefeller Fountain (Bronx Zoo) February 20, 1968 [91] Bronx Zoo
Rose Hill (Fordham University Administration Building) Fordham University 09 August 18, 1970 [92] Fordham University
St. Ann's Church and Graveyard St Anns COE jeh June 9, 1967 [93] Mott Haven
St. John's Church, 3021 Kingsbridge Avenue John RCC 3021 Kingsbridge Av jeh February 19, 1974 [94]
St. John's Residence Hall, Fordham Road and East 179th Street August 18, 1970 [95]
St. James' Episcopal Church St. James Episcopal Church, Bronx, NY November 25, 1980 [96] Fordham
St. Peter's Church, Chapel, and Cemetery, 2500 Westchester Avenue 40°50′19″N 73°50′38″W / 40.83861°N 73.84389°W St. Peter's Church, Chapel and Cemetery Complex IMG 1921 HLG March 23, 1976 [97] Westchester Square
Samuel Pell House, 586 City Island Avenue 40°52′15.4″N 73°47′24.6″W / 40.870944°N 73.790167°W October 29, 2002 [98] City Island
William H. Schofield House, 65 Schofield Street April 12, 2012 [99]
Second Battery Armory 1122 Franklin Avenue 40°49′41″N 73°54′20″W / 40.82806°N 73.90556°W June 2, 1992 [100]
Captain John H. Stafford House (Stafford "Osborn" House) 95 Pell Place 40°50′33″N 73°47′8″W / 40.84250°N 73.78556°W November 28, 2017 [101] City Island
Sunnyslope (Bright Temple A.M.E. Church) Sunnyslope south Bronx 2012-09 jeh July 28, 1981 [102] Hunts Point
Tremont Baptist Church, 324 East Tremont Avenue Tremont Baptist Church by camera phone jeh February 8, 2000 [103] Tremont
Union Reformed Church of Highbridge (Highbridge Community Church), 1272 Ogden Avenue 40°50′22″N 73°55′31″W / 40.83944°N 73.92528°W November 16, 2010 [104] Highbridge
United Workers' Cooperative Colony ("The Coops") 40°51′57″N 73°52′11″W / 40.86583°N 73.86972°W United Workers Cooperatives, 2700-2870 Bronx Park E, Bronx County, New York June 2, 1992 [105]
University Heights Bridge University Heights Bridge from Harlem River jeh September 11, 1984 [106] University Heights
Van Cortlandt Mansion Van-cortland-house-bronx March 15, 1966 [107] Van Cortlandt Park
Van Schaick Free Reading Room/Huntington Free Library and Reading Room Huntington FL main reading room jeh April 5, 1994 [108] Westchester Square
Varian House Valentine-varian-house March 15, 1966 [109] Norwood
Washington Bridge Wash Br Harlem water jeh September 14, 1982 [110] Morris Heights
Wave Hill House Wave Hill entrance June 21, 1966 [111] Riverdale
Williamsbridge Reservoir Keeper's House, 3400 Reservoir Oval 40°52′44.5″N 73°52′32.7″W / 40.879028°N 73.875750°W WilliamsbridgeReservoirHouse February 8, 2000 [112] Norwood

Interior landmarks

Landmark name Image Date designated
Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum Interior May 27, 1975 [113]
Crotona Play Center Bath House Interior, Main Floor Interior June 26, 2007 [114]
Dollar Savings Bank (Emigrant Savings Bank), First Floor Interior July 19, 1994 [115]
Gould Memorial Library, Bronx Community College, City University of New York, Ground Floor Interior August 11, 1981 [116]
Loew's Paradise Theater Interior May 16, 2006 [117]
Morris High School, Ground Floor Interior (Duncan Hall) December 21, 1982 [118]
Van Cortlandt Mansion Interior July 22, 1975 [119]

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52nd Police Precinct Station House and Stable

52nd Police Precinct Station House and Stable is a historic police station located at The Bronx in New York City. It was built 1904-1906 and is a three-story, red brick structure approximately 50 feet by 80 feet in size. It is in the style of a Tuscan villa. It features a 21-foot square clock tower with large polychrome terracotta clock faces on three sides. Also on the property is a former stable, now used as a garage.It was designated a New York City Landmark in 1974 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The architects were Stoughton & Stoughton of Mount Vernon, New York.

Bronx Borough Courthouse

The Bronx Borough Courthouse, commonly referred to as the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, is a U.S. National Historic Place, New York City Landmark, and icon of the borough of the Bronx. The courthouse was built between 1905 and 1914 in Melrose near Boston Road, Third Avenue, St. Anns Avenue, and 161st Street. The 161st Street station of the IRT Third Avenue Elevated train was in front of the courthouse. For two decades it housed the Supreme, Surrogate's, and County Courts of the borough until the larger Bronx County Courthouse was built in 1934. The Bronx Branch of the New York City Criminal Court remained here until 1977 when the city formally sealed the doors.

Bronx County Courthouse

The Bronx County Courthouse, also known as the Mario Merola Building, is a historic courthouse building located in the Concourse and Melrose neighborhoods of the Bronx in New York City. It was designed in 1931 and built between 1931 and 1934. It is a nine-story limestone building on a rusticated granite base in the Art Deco style. It has four identical sides, an interior court, and a frieze designed by noted sculptor Charles Keck. The sculptures on the 161st Street side are by noted sculptor George Holburn Snowden. Two sculptural groups on the Walton Avenue side are by noted sculptor Joseph Kiselewski. The Bronx Museum of the Arts was once located on the main floor.

Fieldston, Bronx

Fieldston is a privately owned affluent neighborhood in the Riverdale section of the northwestern part of the New York City borough of the Bronx. It is bounded by Manhattan College Parkway to the south, Henry Hudson Parkway to the west, 250th Street to the north, and Broadway to the east. It is noted for its rural atmosphere, large houses and abundance of trees. The majority of the neighborhood is included in the Fieldston Historic District, designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2006.The area is home to two of the three prestigious "Hill Schools", the Horace Mann School and the Ethical Culture Fieldston School; the third, Riverdale Country School, lies just outside Fieldston to the north. Manhattan College is located on Manhattan College Parkway, the neighborhood's southern boundary.

High Pumping Station

High Pumping Station is a historic pumping station located in the Bronx, New York City. It was built between 1901 and 1906, and is a rectangular red brick building with a steeply pitched slate covered gable roof. It was built as part of the Jerome Park Reservoir complex.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

Keeper's House at Williamsbridge Reservoir

Keeper's House at Williamsbridge Reservoir is a historic home located in the Borough of the Bronx in New York City. It was built in 1889 as part of the Williamsbridge Reservoir complex. It is a ​2 1⁄2-story, L-shaped stone house. The stones used to build the house were pieces of granite taken from the excavation of the reservoir it was to serve. It is 5,000 square feet (460 m2) in size and has a slate-covered gable roof with a clay tile roof ridge and copper gutters.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. At that time, it was acquired by the Mosholu Preservation Corporation, a non-profit enterprise founded by the Montefiore Medical Center in 1981, intended as a powerful antidote to widespread housing deterioration and abandonment in its surrounding neighborhhood in the Norwood section of the Bronx. The corporation did a major renovation of the building and restored it to the point where it could provide modern conveniences. The house now serves as the corporation's headquarters. It is also the headquarters for the Norwood News.

Lists of New York City landmarks

These are lists of New York City Landmarks designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission:

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Lorillard Snuff Mill

The Lorillard Snuff Mill now known as the Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill, is the oldest existing tobacco manufacturing building in the United States. It was built around 1840 next to the Bronx River to supplement an earlier building of the same function. The schist that makes up its walls was quarried locally. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977 and is located inside the New York Botanical Garden, itself an NHL.

The Lorillard firm was founded by Pierre Abraham Lorillard in 1760. His two sons, Peter and George, took over after he was killed during the American Revolutionary War, and they moved the manufacturing portion of the business to this location in the Bronx in 1792. Peter Lorillard III built a forty-five room mansion, stone cottage and stables nearby. The mansion burned in 1923. The Lorillard company and family left the property in the Bronx in 1870 after relocating their business to Jersey City, NJ. The land was purchased by New York city in 1884 and was transferred to the New York Botanical Gardens in 1915. The Mill was retained by New York City Department of Parks and used for storage and shops until 1937 when it too was transferred to the Botanical Garden along with several other small parcels. The Mill was renovated in 1952-54 and a cafe and patio were installed on the lower side facing the Bronx River, and a meeting room was fashioned from the space that once held snuff-grinding equipment. The building had a $10.5 million restoration in 2010 and is now used for staff offices and a catering facility.

National Register of Historic Places listings in the Bronx

List of Registered Historic Places in Bronx County, New York (Borough of The Bronx):

This is intended to be a complete list of the 73 properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Bronx County, New York. The locations of National Register properties and districts (at least for all showing latitude and longitude coordinates below) may be seen in a map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates". Seven of the properties and districts are further designated National Historic Landmarks.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 21, 2018.

PS 15

Public School 15 is a historic school located at Eastchester in the Bronx, New York City. It was built in 1877 in the Victorian Gothic style. It is an "H" shaped red brick building on a stone foundation. It features a central picturesque bell tower with a steep pyramidal roof topped by a weather vane. It ceased use as a school in the late 1970s and serves as a child care center.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

Paradise Theater (Bronx)

The Paradise Theater, formerly Loew's Paradise Theatre, is a movie palace-type theater located at 2403 Grand Concourse in Bronx, New York. Constructed in 1929 at the height of grand movie theaters, in the later 20th century the building was used also for live entertainment. It was leased in 2012 for use by the World Changers Church International New York, based in Fulton County, Georgia, for founding a local congregation.

Park Plaza Apartments (Bronx, New York)

The Park Plaza Apartments were one of the first and most prominent art deco apartment buildings erected in the Bronx in New York City. The eight-story, polychromatic terra cotta embellished structure at 1005 Jerome Avenue and West 164th Street was designed by Horace Ginsberg and Marvin Fine and completed in 1931. It is an eight-story building divided into five blocks or section, each six bays wide. There are about 200 apartments, ranging from one to five rooms.Officially designated a New York City Landmark in 1981, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, it faced the lushly treed landscape of Macombs Dam Park until 2006, when the 28-acre (110,000 m2) park was condemned for a new Yankee Stadium.

Rainey Memorial Gates

Rainey Memorial Gates is a historic entrance gate located at the north side of the New York Zoological Park in The Bronx, New York, New York. It was built in 1934 and constructed of sculpted bronze in the Art Deco style. It was designed by noted sculptor Paul Manship (1885–1966), who worked on them starting in 1926. It stands as a memorial to noted big game hunter Paul James Rainey (1877–1923). The gates feature stylized animal and plant life including the figure of a seated lion. Low bronze screens flank the gate and connect it to the granite gatekeepers lodges. The gates are topped by 26 ton slabs of granite.It is a New York City designated landmark and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

Riverdale Presbyterian Church Complex

Riverdale Presbyterian Church is a historic Presbyterian church located at 4761-4765 Henry Hudson Parkway in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, New York City. It was designed in 1863 by architect James Renwick, Jr. The church is a fieldstone building in an English-inspired Late Gothic Revival style. It was substantially enlarged in 1936.

The complex also includes a stone manse, the Duff House, also designed by Renwick, and a Stick Style cottage, called the Duff or Gardener's Cottage, built in 1875. In his original design for the Duff House, Renwick combined a mansard roof with gables and dormers in the Gothic Revival style.The complex was designated a New York City landmark in 1966, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.The congregation established the Edgehill Church at Spuyten Duyvil in 1869 as a chapel; it is now an independent church.

St. Ann's Episcopal Church (Bronx)

St. Ann's Church, also known as St. Ann's Church of Morrisania, is a historic Episcopal church in the Mott Haven, the South Bronx, New York City.

St. James' Episcopal Church and Parish House

St. James' Episcopal Church and Parish House is a historic Episcopal church at 2500 Jerome Avenue and 190th Street, in the Fordham section of The Bronx, New York City, New York.

It was founded July 5, 1853, becoming the first Episcopal parish in Fordham. The parish at first met at the Manor Reformed Church on Kingsbridge Road, then on June 11, 1854 acquired an old schoolhouse for use. On October 1, 1854, the Rev. Joshua Weaver became its first rector.

Tremont Baptist Church

Tremont Baptist Church is a historic Baptist church located at The Bronx, New York, New York. The church was built in two phases between 1904 and 1912. It is a one-story building above a raised basement in the Late Gothic Revival style. It is 50 feet tall with a 75 foot tall offset corner tower. It is faced in gray marble, and features buttressed bays, pointed arch door and window openings, a high-pitched gable roof, and stained glass windows.It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

Wave Hill

Wave Hill is a 28-acre (11 ha) estate in the Hudson Hill section of Riverdale, The Bronx, in New York City. Wave Hill currently consists of public horticultural gardens and a cultural center, all situated on the slopes overlooking the Hudson River, with expansive views across the river to the New Jersey Palisades. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the estate includes two houses and a botanical garden. The oldest part of the main house, Wave Hill House, dates back to 1843; Glyndor House dates from 1927 and contains a multi-room art gallery. Perkins Visitor Center, which was originally a garage, contains a gift shop and an information desk.

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, numerous highly notable people resided in Wave Hill, either because they owned it, leased it, or stayed there as guests. In 1960, the estate was given to the City of New York, and Wave Hill is now a cultural center as well as a garden. In addition to visual arts exhibits, paid-ticket concert series take place on some Sunday afternoons in Armor Hall.

William E. Dodge House

William E. Dodge House, also known as Greyston Conference Center, is a historic home located in the Hudson Hill section of Riverdale in the Bronx in New York City. It was built in 1863 and designed by architect James Renwick, Jr. It is a ​2 1⁄2-story masonry structure in the Gothic Revival style. It was built for copper tycoon William E. Dodge, Jr. (1832–1903) as a summer residence and expanded in 1892 as a year-round suburban home. It was formally dedicated on May 27, 1963, as the Greyston Conference Center, of Teachers College, Columbia University.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

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