List of National Football League playoffs career passing touchdowns leaders

This is a list of National Football League quarterbacks by total postseason passing touchdowns. This list includes all quarterbacks who have thrown for at least 15 playoff TD passes. Bold denotes a ranked active player.

Players with at least 15 TDs

Totals are through end of the 2018-19 season

Tom Brady
Tom Brady, the record holder with 73
QBs who have won a Super Bowl (Since 1967)
QBs who have played in a Super Bowl
Rank Player TD's Year of induction into
Pro Football Hall of Fame
1 Tom Brady 73 Active
2 Joe Montana 45 2000
3 Brett Favre 44 2016
4 Peyton Manning 40 Eligible in 2021.[1]
5 Aaron Rodgers 36 Active
6 Drew Brees 33
7 Dan Marino 32 2005
8 Kurt Warner 31 2017
9 Terry Bradshaw 30 1989
Ben Roethlisberger Active
11 John Elway 27 2004
12 Joe Flacco 25 Active
13 Donovan McNabb 24
Roger Staubach 1985
15 Troy Aikman 23 2006
16 Jim Kelly 21 2002
Russell Wilson Active
18 Matt Ryan 20
Steve Young 2005
20 Daryle Lamonica 19
Ken Stabler 2016
22 Matt Hasselbeck 18 Eligible in 2021[1]
Eli Manning Active
24 Warren Moon 17 2006
25 Bernie Kosar 16
26 Philip Rivers 15 Active
Bart Starr 1977
Danny White

Active players with 9-14 TDs

Thru end of 2018-19 season; numbers in TD passes.

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  1. ^ a b A player cannot be eligible to the Pro Football Hall of Fame unless he had been retired for at least 5 years. Player wasn't eligible for induction upon the start of 2018 season.

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List of National Football League quarterback playoff records

For playoff quarterback touchdown record see List of National Football League playoffs career passing touchdowns leaders.

The first official National Football League (NFL) playoff game was the 1933 NFL Championship Game between the Chicago Bears and New York Giants. A "playoff" game was played in 1932 between the Chicago Bears and Portsmouth Spartans to break a regular season tie, but is recorded in the team record books as a regular season game. Since then there have been a total over 525 NFL playoff games including games from the AFL, but not the AAFC. The following list shows career postseason records for each starting quarterback in the NFL playoffs.

Wins or losses are credited to the quarterback who started the game for each team, even if he was injured or failed to complete the game.

Note: from 1933–1949 some offenses did not employ a quarterback in the modern sense of the position. Listed below are the "primary passers" for those games, the players that passed the ball most in those games. They may not have actually started the game at quarterback. This format allows Hall of Fame quarterbacks like Sid Luckman and Sammy Baugh to maintain credit for their team's playoff records since they were obviously the top passer for their team. The players involved in such games are marked with an asterisk (*).

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