List of Chicago Bears broadcasters

Currently, WBBM NewsRadio 780 airs the Chicago Bears football games with Jeff Joniak doing the play-by-play, along with color commentator Tom Thayer and sideline reporter Zach Zaidman. Over the years, many Bears play-by-play broadcasters have included Jack Brickhouse and Wayne Larrivee. Their current preseason TV announcers on Fox Chicago are Adam Amin or Kyle Brandt (play-by-play), Jim Miller (color commentary) and Lou Canellis (sideline reporter).

Radio announcers

Years Flagship station Play-by-play Color commentator
1933-1936 WGN Bob Elson
1937-1938 WJJD Jimmy Evans
1939-1941 WJJD/WIND Jack Drees
1942-1948 WJJD/WIND Bert Wilson
1949–52 WIND Red Grange
1953-1976 WGN Jack Brickhouse Irv Kupcinet
1970 WNUR-FM Jay Scott Marty Baughman
1977–1984 WBBM Joe McConnell Brad Palmer
1985-1987 WGN Wayne Larrivee Dick Butkus & Jim Hart
1988–1989 WGN Wayne Larrivee Hub Arkush & Jim Hart
1990–1991 WGN Wayne Larrivee Hub Arkush & Gary Fencik
1992–1993 WGN Wayne Larrivee Hub Arkush, Dick Butkus, & Gary Fencik
1994 WGN Wayne Larrivee Hub Arkush & Dick Butkus
1995–1996 WGN Wayne Larrivee Hub Arkush & Dan Hampton
1997–1998 WMAQ Wayne Larrivee Hub Arkush & Tom Thayer
1999 WMAQ Gary Bender Hub Arkush & Tom Thayer
2000 WBBM Gary Bender Hub Arkush & Tom Thayer
2001-2002 WBBM Jeff Joniak Hub Arkush & Tom Thayer
2003-2010 WBBM Jeff Joniak Tom Thayer
2011-present WBBM/WCFS-FM Jeff Joniak Tom Thayer
List of Chicago Bulls broadcasters

Broadcasters for the Chicago Bulls National Basketball Association team.

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